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I draw, read, write and stuff so I thought hey I like this site... I draw traditional.. Maybe it could work, but I'm pretty much here for the lgbtq comics and how awesome everyone is here XD and Im pretty lazy when it comes to a deadline...people would hate me, Im sure my wattpad followers do :s which I can't know inspiration doesn't just fall from the sky and hit ya in the head.... Minus the apple and newton..such...anyways yeah...bye?
Aww hes so cute when hes excited XD
@S.S. Princess: im yelling timber!!!
;) poison ivy
I really loved it thorough out every beautifully detailed and heartfelt page I hope you continue making this masterpiece :) thank you
@Rukuyu: omy guard exactly what I was thinking xD
Its good to come back to this masterpiece after a break from binging on here for so long
I'm really loving this yus the claws are so cute everything looks adorable xD ...but I'm sad that there's so much hurt going on...racism is disgusting xc the reality can always be disgusting...sadly...but this is still an addicting lovable read :)
@natta0202: duh duh duh duh ohuoh oh oooh NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAAAH NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAAAAAh lol
Aww... No... TAT poor he sad
Oh shit there's kimrick....
Lol "how to draw anime" on a book in the bg
@Scorpio730: xD I guess so...its just nice to see an update from this comic. period. XD
DAYUM ....THIS EARLY??? I didn't think hed ask that right off the about unexpected
I'm so excited to see some progress in their relationship x3 its ....I'm so looking forward to everything all the bickering and side character stuff xD
This is so nice :)
Test page probably no significance to story plot?
@NoGravelForMe: same....I can feel when the feels are coming....its like the sound of an incoming waterfall
You have no idea....such a shitty emotional day today...god bless your comic..getting me through these tough merciless times...
I like Al's outfit on this page xD