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I draw, read, write and stuff so I thought hey I like this site... I draw traditional.. Maybe it could work, but I'm pretty much here for the lgbtq comics and how awesome everyone is here XD and Im pretty lazy when it comes to a deadline...people would hate me, Im sure my wattpad followers do :s which I can't know inspiration doesn't just fall from the sky and hit ya in the head.... Minus the apple and newton..such...anyways yeah...bye?
Me XD I totally relate lol <3 it's nice to be rereading this again I love this comic
September 20th, 2018
Woo boi <3
Mikael looks ALOT like my boyfriend Michael...and... I sometimes call him Mika XD
oh my goodness updates <3 love this comic so much thank you
@AphroditeB%W: ahh Im so sorry that I didnt see that :( but thank you so much for letting me know XD Im so excited to read more of your work and Im so happy to hear that he does thank you again for replying.
I was kinda sorta wondering if we'd be seeing more of Bat-Boy sometime soon, of course sometime in the future but....hes just friggin adorable to me
Bat-man is so cute ^-^ your making me want to draw human-hybrids again lol to add, I have an adorable prowling kitten on me as I write this, but question if people turn into whats around them (Im around cats currently) but Iowa is filled with cattle and chickens and stuff is it whats directly in front of you that turns you into that specific animal or just the majority or both?
XD ahh this is amazing, cant wait to learn more about their world and the characters. I already love how its going so far.
Saw the description and Immediately
Fuck yes was my reaction, I once made a fan character for ever after high since they never show the man in the mirror...and hes part of the fairy tale least thats how far Ive gotten...not sure if they brought it up recently in the show and all, but in my fanstuffs for the character Im writing, His grandfather is the man in the mirror from legend, and he can go and spy on people in between dimensions in the mirror world since there are mirrors and reflective surfaces in monster high and ever after and its been stated that Cupid or other monsters like her have visited MH or are living in that world those dimensions are acknowledging each other right? and they never really talk about it which I think is sorta weird...though I guess a "kids" show can only go so far with things unfortunately. sorry for the rant but Im excited to see where this goes ^-^ thanks for creating this.
I cant wait for more ^-^ the art is so cute and I really like the characters so far.
Find out in the next season on Vampire Watch, criminal vampires on the streets somehow get away with everything...well sometimes...that's why were here to make the world a better place by taking those criminal vampires and making them work in today's society cleaning up the streets under strict supervision to make the world a better and safer place (lol Im not sure what Im doing but this comment somehow turned into a sitcom ad sorry)
I mean Kingdomgirl94 isnt wrong for why he didnt use his real name in the first place lol, either an old picture or just something more to the truth like hey I just was dolled up for that photo I mean everyone does try to look good for photos anyway
I love him lol
Noone might awnser this but I always wondered since the first page even came out, are their going to be or are there physical copies of this comic and/or merchandise of these characters out and about? I was just wondering? Because My heart loves them very much (Ive just been in and out and life is pretty busy so I havent had time to fully pay attention so any replys to inform would be very much appreciated, :3 thank you)
lord have merc
@shadowpen: lol same!!! omg beware heart break abandon ship abandon ship
Ive been reading this ever since the first page came out or close too it cant remember since its been forever but I was so excited for this comic I knew itd soar the art is fantastic and the writing is so witty and sexy its just yum everything is just yum cant explain this further, also previous to answer previous survey Iowa lol lots of cattle here and ranches as well lol but I live in the city. Hope everyones doing well
Aww hes so cute when hes excited XD
@S.S. Princess: im yelling timber!!!
;) poison ivy