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The loveliest gift. I know I collected it a bit late but I still very much appreciate it.
That... seems ... less fine.
Well then, I'm sure that doesn't bode ill for someone who can't move and happens to be in the water.... I'm sure.... yes..... totally........... It'll all be fine!
Ooh! Maybe this guy is in cahoots!
Maybe we'll even find out who they are!... or get the run-around for a few more pages (metaphorical, although a literal one isn't out of the question considering one was just interrupted).
Happy New Year from Australia.
Just revisiting the page and now I'm wondering (since I didn't notice it the first time)... what is the purple ooze running down the wall and pooled on the floor? Maybe it's not even ooze, maybe it's some kind of powdered mineral? Whatever it is, I really should have noticed it sooner, it stands out as being different.
Kids these days. They never watch where they're going.
Thanks for all the comics, Joff!

Hope everyone has a great day.
This seems rather fitting, for a Page 100 page (congrats by the way).
It is just the essence of cave routes. Having said that... I have, on occasion, decided to go through Rock Tunnel without a Pokémon that knows Flash. It's not too bad an experience if done right... can only imagine how horrible it'd be in person, though.
The Paras! They're ignoring the Paras! CATCH THEM YOU FOOLS! THey're RaRE!!1!
I wonder if they're government workers/agents... They could be carrying out an ecological survey of the cave system or something.
And now someone will ask why there are handprints/fingerprints, in the dust on the front of the truck. Good going Sydney, you just got some poor Grunt in trouble with the driver or boss! Geez, so inconsiderate!
I love panels 2 & 5.
Beautiful! A good laugh before this old person's afternoon nap.
I get the feeling she cares about him a tiiiiny bit less than he cares about her. Just some kid that talks to someone she knows and annoys her.
Good thing those ninjas gave Steve all that practice with running while wearing sandals.
I love the "we've got nothing to worry about". Goes with the confidence, flow of conversation and of course... it's also a pretty natural thing to believe from an in-world perspective.
@LilBruno: So what you're saying, is that she needs to get Watson a blue & green polka-dot scarf?
I don't know how it took me so long but I have just noticed that Sydney and Watson have the same colour scheme. Mainly yellow with a bit of brown and some red at the top.
Sweet juggling skills.