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I somehow missed that on the previous page, it showed two people... So I thought the first kid was named Giorgie. Well, a quick smash of the "Previous Page" button helped me out today! Still... I don't remember kids like them, not that I should be surprised by that... I never did play Yellow, that was my sibling's game.
Dang... I might be almost jealous of the Sergeant...
Please excuse me while I marvel at how expressive their faces are. You've always done so well with that.
I know it's a different name but I couldn't help but think of the song Georgy Girl by The Seekers... Of course, this means I had to find my copy and have a listen... I guess I'll move on to Lemon Tree next.
@LilBruno: A pokemon parody webcomic. The main character is a walking disaster area, somewhat similar to Wally Ulysses McDoogle.
Oh geez...
I'm having Mokepon flashbacks. Please don't scar me like that.
Ahh... The delayed introduction! I'd missed/forgotten that by now.

Also, good call on only having your original characters in (at least for hefty amounts of screen-time).
It is at this point, that I suspect someone is going to die from a "falling star" soon...
Love the detail of Spike & Edgar both looking to see what Brock is giving to Sydney.
I still can't work out who the glowy winged one is.
Congrats on your first badge, Sydney! Now just remember, this one was always going to be easy.
Not so cuddly now...
For some reason I had Rawhide playing in my head when I read this.
Well, that was a riveting binge-read to catch up. Your art has definitely improved over the years, too (and it was good to begin with).
Haha! That Tackle was great!
Looks like Sydney is using a fairly standard good strategy here.
In Australia, we even use Fire to solve Fire. So yeah, it's pretty versatile.
Hmm... Is it likely that you'll ever have a Cast page? Even if it just contains a picture & name for each character?
That... usually stings a bit. I guess this might be new to Edgar, who seemed to be on top of things in the forest.

I like the presentation/interpretation of Sand Attack. As a gamer, I tend to dodge if I'm blinded in combat, but stopping to go "ARGHH SAND IN MY EYES" makes a lot of sense too.
I am now reinterpreting the scene in the movie The Secret Garden, where the shutters/boards are pulled off that kid's bedroom window and he dramatically overreacts and rolls around on the floor yelling "The spores! I can't breathe! The spores are killing me!"
I'm glad Ureir survived that.