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Good thing those ninjas gave Steve all that practice with running while wearing sandals.
I love the "we've got nothing to worry about". Goes with the confidence, flow of conversation and of course... it's also a pretty natural thing to believe from an in-world perspective.
@LilBruno: So what you're saying, is that she needs to get Watson a blue & green polka-dot scarf?
I don't know how it took me so long but I have just noticed that Sydney and Watson have the same colour scheme. Mainly yellow with a bit of brown and some red at the top.
Sweet juggling skills.
August 13th, 2018
Thanks for the post (though I recall seeing this info somewhere).
You're awesome.
RSS feeds take very little effort for readers, so I'll stick around.
I'll see your cool self over at Magience.

~ that person who sometimes comments
That Growlithe, comforting its human. So good.
I love that slow realisation of just who he's correcting.
I have a lot of favourite quotes... but... perhaps this one (couldn't give you a source right now).

"Pedestrians only have right of way, until they try to prove it."
I somehow missed that on the previous page, it showed two people... So I thought the first kid was named Giorgie. Well, a quick smash of the "Previous Page" button helped me out today! Still... I don't remember kids like them, not that I should be surprised by that... I never did play Yellow, that was my sibling's game.
Dang... I might be almost jealous of the Sergeant...
Please excuse me while I marvel at how expressive their faces are. You've always done so well with that.
I know it's a different name but I couldn't help but think of the song Georgy Girl by The Seekers... Of course, this means I had to find my copy and have a listen... I guess I'll move on to Lemon Tree next.
@LilBruno: A pokemon parody webcomic. The main character is a walking disaster area, somewhat similar to Wally Ulysses McDoogle.
Oh geez...
I'm having Mokepon flashbacks. Please don't scar me like that.
Ahh... The delayed introduction! I'd missed/forgotten that by now.

Also, good call on only having your original characters in (at least for hefty amounts of screen-time).
It is at this point, that I suspect someone is going to die from a "falling star" soon...
Love the detail of Spike & Edgar both looking to see what Brock is giving to Sydney.
I still can't work out who the glowy winged one is.
Congrats on your first badge, Sydney! Now just remember, this one was always going to be easy.