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I know you've more or less said that you're winding up the comic... but when I eventually win lotto, I'm going to need to commission about a dozen comic pages of Saveiliss Elhamuth. No idea what else will be in the comics, or what she'll be doing or saying, but... very interesting (and easy on the eyes) character.
Home sweet home. Also, maybe next year I'll do myself a favour and just cosplay as Steve. Nice to see another page, Joff. Brings a smile to my (very) weary face.
Snapped up! Also checked the folder on my computer and realised I'm missing 2015 (honestly don't know why, but it makes me sad) so got that too.
Edit: Also, woo! More of the Eldarii Fateseer (at least it looks like that's her?).
Well, _my_ day just got a bit better.
Thanks Joff!
(back to lurking now)
As an Aussie, I approve.
Poor Steve... still, he'll probably be alright, with all the experience he's garnered up 'til now.
That is a very grumpy (determined? wait, no, Gritty!) looking Geodude.
I wonder if Brock needs to be fitted with some prescription glasses. He seems to have an eyesight problem.
No apologies needed <glances at other comment> from either of you.
... Yeah, I guess it sorta does get a bit dark in panel two... but then we have Panel Three with IMMINENT JUSTICE!

Also, you just KNOW that those puppies are going to be adopted by the staff somewhere back in 'the office'.
Looks like they're having a great time.
Also, that Pidgey is great!
Seems like Bobby has been experimenting again.
I'd head to Metro Radio Arena and catch up but... a quick Google search tells me that it's not in Newcastle, Australia... so I shall be staying home. Planes are expensive...
@Quid: Eeee-yup! I'm with you, mate. Usually it's just "Dad" instead of "my Dad"... although if it's someone ELSE's Dad, then it's "Your Dad" or "Name's Dad".
Back in.... where? Gah! Backstory averted? So close...
Hey! It's the ghost girl!

I thought that guy just behind the ghost girl was pretty interesting, then I saw the other one with scythe wings!

@True_Darius Whoever hired you for model making is lucky.
@LilBruno: Welcome back!

*snrk* Poor Sydney. So pumped up and nothing to do. All revved up and nowhere to go.
Sooo.... Light went out. Bulb blew? Or maybe... out of juice? Is 'something' taking all the electricity? Maybe the hamsters just got freaked and ran away? (Hmm... flashbacks to early anime episode where the Poké Center used Pokémon to generate electricity)
I can sympathise with you, Atty. I don't smoke, never have... the Asthma I have means it'd be pretty stupid for me to take up smoking. But yeah, I can sympathise with ya.
@Xylas_Incarnum: I didn't notice that at first, but yeah... It looks a lot like the skull has rotated to face Steve and the eye sockets are looking up at him.

Joff has always been fantastic at showing expressions & emotion without faces (Bobby's mask, Steve's hood) but this caught me a bit off guard.
Rereading because I started looking for a particular page... about 200 pages earlier than my bookmarks....

I like how his eyes are looking up at the scythe.