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I do so hope that they still give it a go!
Eh, Steve will be fine. Not the first time he's been hit with a bolt from the blue.
I wonder what happens if someone is doing something (physical or chemical) that provides a "high" and is due for Collection... and the person yells out something about "ascending to heaven"? Catapult?
I was a bit slow to leave a supportive comment on the last "latest comic" but... Well, anyway, I'm here. Ol' faithful, the reader.
RSS feeds are a wonderful thing, you came back, I came back, it's like a big get-together!
Just remember, Joff, even if I don't comment... I'll be checking now and then just in case there's something new here. You're awesome and you shouldn't sell yourself short. (dunno about selling yourself long, you should check the fine print there)
I love the attitude she put on as she made her escape from this new foe, very high class.
EDIT: Just to be clear, I love the amusement I got from seeing the attitude/personality shift that was used to "gracefully exit" a situation that wasn't really going anywhere.
That might be a bit too much confidence...
Wasn't she trying to hide from "team rocket" before?
urghh... Heels...
I guess they suit her, since she's evil?
Hmmm... Maybe there's something to that! New conspiracy theory: A character's footwear (or lack thereof) is directly related to and symbolic of their personality, disposition and attitude.

The regular grunt has boring looking boots. Boots because he does the grunt jobs and boring because he's not special. The evil admin has evil heels. Our main character has bare feet to show her lack of duplicity and her innocent straightforward attitude. ...... I may have to reread a heap in the future, to try to test this out. So far it holds too much water. xD
I love the expressions here. Especially the ones on the Pokémon.
After everything Steve has been through, I suppose that, that knife is still exciting... just not _as_ exciting as it "used to" be.
Only realised due to the comments, that the "Z" was a sleeping sound effect rather than an "electric pokeball release zap" sound effect. Had to scroll back up to work out what I'd missed, only then did I realise that it was a tail and not a visual effect.
I guess that guy knows what the story is... but regardless, I'd probably be taking the same approach to advice. It just seems so _good_.
As an Australian, I find myself more concerned about the _size_ of that Magpie egg.
January 15th, 2019
The loveliest gift. I know I collected it a bit late but I still very much appreciate it.
January 15th, 2019
That... seems ... less fine.
January 15th, 2019
Well then, I'm sure that doesn't bode ill for someone who can't move and happens to be in the water.... I'm sure.... yes..... totally........... It'll all be fine!
Ooh! Maybe this guy is in cahoots!
Maybe we'll even find out who they are!... or get the run-around for a few more pages (metaphorical, although a literal one isn't out of the question considering one was just interrupted).
Happy New Year from Australia.
Just revisiting the page and now I'm wondering (since I didn't notice it the first time)... what is the purple ooze running down the wall and pooled on the floor? Maybe it's not even ooze, maybe it's some kind of powdered mineral? Whatever it is, I really should have noticed it sooner, it stands out as being different.
Kids these days. They never watch where they're going.