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That... usually stings a bit. I guess this might be new to Edgar, who seemed to be on top of things in the forest.

I like the presentation/interpretation of Sand Attack. As a gamer, I tend to dodge if I'm blinded in combat, but stopping to go "ARGHH SAND IN MY EYES" makes a lot of sense too.
I am now reinterpreting the scene in the movie The Secret Garden, where the shutters/boards are pulled off that kid's bedroom window and he dramatically overreacts and rolls around on the floor yelling "The spores! I can't breathe! The spores are killing me!"
I'm glad Ureir survived that.
I can't remember... have we found out what this guy is? Puffin? Penguin? Toucan? Something else...?

Heh... Steve really doesn't change when it comes to professional pride.
Just wanna say that I'm a reader from quite a while back (maybe 2015 judging by the dates on my RSS reader) and that I'm still interested in being a reader. So it's cool that you're updating again. (Yeah, I was a bit slow to comment.)
January 24th, 2018
@S (Guest)
I think in Eatatau universe they just serve as a repository for the souls of the dead. Not a shield.
Blah... That thing was such a chore back in gen one.
@man in black: Less deaths, less paperwork!
I kinda pity that Geodude.
Hmmm... can't say I blame ya Steve.

Happy New Year to all.
It's probably just me, but that Hypno looks a lot less scary when they're trying to be.
Woo! New page!
@True_Darius And they're gorgeous every week, too!
I'm both a lurker and a batch reader, but I am aware that the odd comment is a cheap way to pay for more awesome comics. I've been known to leave an "oh, yeah, I'm here, nothing to say, busy reading" when it gets quiet. Usually though? I'm the quiet one.
@Anon#3547: Yeah but the stones currently aren't working.
I know you've more or less said that you're winding up the comic... but when I eventually win lotto, I'm going to need to commission about a dozen comic pages of Saveiliss Elhamuth. No idea what else will be in the comics, or what she'll be doing or saying, but... very interesting (and easy on the eyes) character.
Home sweet home. Also, maybe next year I'll do myself a favour and just cosplay as Steve. Nice to see another page, Joff. Brings a smile to my (very) weary face.
Snapped up! Also checked the folder on my computer and realised I'm missing 2015 (honestly don't know why, but it makes me sad) so got that too.
Edit: Also, woo! More of the Eldarii Fateseer (at least it looks like that's her?).
Well, _my_ day just got a bit better.
Thanks Joff!
(back to lurking now)
As an Aussie, I approve.
Poor Steve... still, he'll probably be alright, with all the experience he's garnered up 'til now.