I'd head to Metro Radio Arena and catch up but... a quick Google search tells me that it's not in Newcastle, Australia... so I shall be staying home. Planes are expensive...
@Quid: Eeee-yup! I'm with you, mate. Usually it's just "Dad" instead of "my Dad"... although if it's someone ELSE's Dad, then it's "Your Dad" or "Name's Dad".
Back in.... where? Gah! Backstory averted? So close...
Hey! It's the ghost girl!

I thought that guy just behind the ghost girl was pretty interesting, then I saw the other one with scythe wings!

@True_Darius Whoever hired you for model making is lucky.
@LilBruno: Welcome back!

*snrk* Poor Sydney. So pumped up and nothing to do. All revved up and nowhere to go.
Sooo.... Light went out. Bulb blew? Or maybe... out of juice? Is 'something' taking all the electricity? Maybe the hamsters just got freaked and ran away? (Hmm... flashbacks to early anime episode where the Poké Center used Pokémon to generate electricity)
I can sympathise with you, Atty. I don't smoke, never have... the Asthma I have means it'd be pretty stupid for me to take up smoking. But yeah, I can sympathise with ya.
@Xylas_Incarnum: I didn't notice that at first, but yeah... It looks a lot like the skull has rotated to face Steve and the eye sockets are looking up at him.

Joff has always been fantastic at showing expressions & emotion without faces (Bobby's mask, Steve's hood) but this caught me a bit off guard.
Rereading because I started looking for a particular page... about 200 pages earlier than my bookmarks....

I like how his eyes are looking up at the scythe.
So... I haven't checked all of them, but a number of pages between #61 and this one here are missing. The image just doesn't show.
Perhaps its on my end... but I don't know for certain.
@HaikenEdge: It has been a while since I've needed something this much!
Hahaha. He could have waited until she'd finished monologuing, surely!
Seems someone is about to get exorcised. Don't mess with the booze. (woo! micro/mini arc!... maybe)
I've been exclaiming to my friends "Oooh! Sydney's Pokémon Adventure updated!" each time my RSS feed shows a new message. I think I'm enjoying the comic. :)
Well, we all knew children were evil...
So does anyone know the proper terminology for a breach of this kind? If the island was a ship, it'd be a hull breach... but uhh... Pretty sure that boarding vessel is.. Wait no, I'm jumping to conclusions, this is obviously how she meets her future second-in-command and is obviously NOT her cousin's attempt to use outsiders to bring down the current regime in order to save her.

Oh and Welcome Back a second time.
February 1st, 2017
@Faewild: That makes a lot of sense.
January 31st, 2017
Is Alika taunting that berry trout? She's going to get eaten, isn't she...
Curveball! This Gymleader actually hates the dude who had all the Eevees and doesn't want to turn in Atty!
Yeah, he'd never be that lucky. Guy is probably screwed.
January 28th, 2017
@Epic Chibi: I'm imagining this now. It is good.