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Hey you lovely comic artists and writers out there, my name is Charlot, originally I'm from Denmark, but moved away years ago. I currently live in London where I study Illustration (bachelor degree).
Art has been my passion since I was very young, I enjoy drawing comics, fashion, characters, and still life.
I want to use Smackjeeves as a way to get my comics out there and get to know other comic/graphic novel artist. But above that I want to learn from you guys. I hope you'll enjoy my comics, and I'm always up for chatting so ping me if you like ;)
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@alkaplan: you're very welcome and thanks for the share on twitter :) my hope is that a lot of people will see it and read all these lovely webcomics because they really deserve the attention!
I had a feeling it was going to lead to this, awk Quin u never changed, what will Damien think :'( Also I've I don't think I've commented until now but I've always wanted to say that I really enjoy your work, your writing skills, panelling and character developments are just beyond me. One day I'll definitely need to own this story in a physical book. On a different note I wanted to say that I recently wrote an article about diverse webcomics and I just had to include yours. If you would ever like to read it then here's the link :) Keep up the amazing work!
You always do such amazing perspectives, absolutely love the last panel. I never get tired of looking at your comic, it feels really dynamic and seriously those hands like!!. Other than that I've enjoyed this chapter a lot. Real happy to see some more character/relationship development!
Heeyyy Welcome back, How funny I was actually talking to my younger sis about this comic yesterday and now it's updated :) happy to see u didn't give up on the story
Arrghhhh this is such good news, I never forgot about your comic, so excited to see u are working on it again. I've already given the new site a fav :D
September 27th, 2016
Can I just say this this page is so beautiful!!
Omg I need to get those books!! Please do let us kno when some will be available online, they look gorgeous!!
I really appreciate the fact that Jamie is considering Aiden's feelings. I feel like this isn't portrayed enough in comics. Even if Aiden is attracted somewhat to Jamie it can still be a scary thing when u are not used to that feeling/or when you don't know what it means, so Jamie thinking about it just shows that just cuz u like someone doesn't mean you have the right to be forceful (even if that person likes u as well) So thank you u so much for showing that side of Jamie's character. So far I really enjoy this story and I can't wait to read more :)
Beautiful story, very symbolic, thank you for sharing it
Lol I haven't posted in years, but just wanted to say thank you so much for making this, it has really helped my understanding of autism :) would be great if it would possible to share this? Will you post it somewhere else as well?
January 20th, 2016
Absolutely love the work you are putting into this, the pacing, coloring and typographic all looks amazing, and the emotions of the characters are expressed so well. Can't wait to see what happens next with Gwen
wauw what a lovely transition, you really nailed the scene change :D and can I just said I love those hands! beautifully drawn as always
I've heard that using the hard back of your arm is a good way to protect yourself, but I bet it hurts like hell! anyw good to see u update again, curious to see what will happen next
Arrrgg it's been ages since I last commented, I'm sooo sorry!!! but I've always follow every update like a stalker lol.
Damn this update was really great, I've wanted to get some closure on this issue for a while, and I really like how you've left that till the end, it ties up the story nicely, or maybe not so nice as we have Ruthie all in tears awww, but at the same time, this is a really important moment for her, to have kept all that stuff inside, it must have been so frustrating. But now that it's finally out I think she'll be able to move on easier. I'm also happy that Blake has sort of grown up, he's no longer running away, but actually taking it like an adult, and of course he'll never be able to heal those wounds. Deep down it seems he knows that as well, and all he can really do is hear her out. So I really like the fact he's not trying to hush her or hug her. It just wouldn't be alright :) I can really tell that this bit must have been hard to write, it's full of painful emotions, but I think you've really nailed the behavior, well I mean in the end when you write from your own experiences it can never go too wrong, but I have to say you are great storyteller Sarah, I'll definitely be following your future projects closely. Just real bummed that this comic is coming to an end, I might even cry :'(
This page is soo beautiful, I love all the hand gestures, and the lovely radiance on the cups in the last 2 pages! every page just keeps getting better :)
December 4th, 2013
I'm really surprised to see Ewan empathizing with Gerry, but I think it's really sweet, I wonder where this will take their relationship to.
LOL this is hilarious but adorable at the same time. All those confusing feelings really mess u up :)

I can totally see where Jason is coming from, and I wonder how Sheri feels about this, I mean does he know !? I'm so curious to see how this will play out XD your writing skills and character development is simply amazing :')
September 27th, 2013
HAHAH yea I gathered it must have been OCD, he looked so nervous aww :) interesting characters, his sudden change in expression surprised me :)
Definitely Ruthie and Sasha, but its so hard, I like blake too! haha all ur characters are amazing, and Congratulation, I'm so happy for you. You really deserve it hugs!
OMG this page is so scary, its so intense, it really describes the empty vast jessica must be feeling. I feel so bad, there are so many people who suffer in similar ways and it's like they never had a choice from the beginning, I really hope Jessica overcomes this stage in her life, she sounds so miserable. I really can't wait to see where you are taking this story. Also I really love the way you drew this page, it's got so much feel!