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Gotta go faaaast! Except she doesn't do it to be way past cool, it's just to survive. Meanwhile, Faye seems to be in shock, which kinda sucks if a slasher wants to rip you to shreds, like he did to your BFF. What happens next? Stay tuned to see!

Also, I'd like to drop a line to say how much I appreciate YOU, reader! Thanks a lot for sparing some time of your day to follow this very comic, hope it's worth it!
@Chickeneverland: Let's say Jolly wasn't the most likeable in the cast anyway... lol
Jolly got axed! Now who's gonna clean up the mess when the Crusader is done? Anyway, sorry for the super delayed page, I had trouble with the PC AND didn't know exactly how to do this scene. Stay tuned, more blood next page!
@Chickeneverland: Yeah, flirty girl vs. slasher is one helluva mismatched "fite"... lol
Sunny won't go down without a "fite"! Who would imagine that she's go from panty soiling to fighting irish in so little time!? Stay tuned, somebody DIES next page!
@Chickeneverland: If the Crusader knew what she was doing just prior to the chase, he'd be extra pissed. lol
Well, Sunny had to leg it! She is surviving quite a bit for a flirty girl in a slasher comic, but two people are dying this chapter, so... stay tuned to see what happens!
@Chickeneverland: If those kills get delayed to Chapter 4, you will get a full refund for sure. But I must say that stuff will get real on this comic very fast now.
Well, how do you like the Crusader redesign? I tried making it look better, hopefully I did it alright. Stay tuned, when I said 2 people would die this chapter, I meant it!
@Chickeneverland: That is exactly what I do when I see this kind of stuff in RL. Believe it or not, it's based on true events!
Well, that was something... At least we know why Sooz has her daddy issues. It's almost like her life is straight outta Papa Roach songs, lol. Next update will be Chapter 3's cover, and we will find out soon whether Sunny survives or not! Stay tuned, and thanks for sticking by.
@Chickeneverland: Well, Sooz like to RP Friday the 13th in bed, so it's par for the course for her.
Well, that is one fucked up plan! Sooz isn't really good at this sanity thing, and apparently, she has some daddy issues. What happens next? Find out next page! Also, Chapter 3 is coming up, so stay tuned.
@Chickeneverland: Not so fast, not so fast... lol
This is a little extra comic in between chapters. Hold on, we'll know if Sunny gets slashed soon enough! Stay tuned!
@Chickeneverland: That is a big "if"! Considering that her composure isn't the best, this is not a very easy situation to deal with...
Dang, I've been sick the entire week! When I was at a button soccer competition, I ate some fucked up candy, and it was almost the end of me! Never trusting that club's cantina again...

Well, Sunny has a point! Too bad this isn't an intellectual contest (or a movie), but a slasher comic! I kinda had to do this cliffhanger to set the next chapter. It'll be 100% more bloody, and a LOT of the plot will be revealed. Stay tuned for intermission extras, as we will start Chapter 3 really soon! Also, thanks for visiting the site, it means a LOT to me. I hope you like reading the comic as much as I like drawing it. Stay tuned!
It's on! The Crusader is out for blood, and Sunny is on his to-do list. Given the track record of flirty girls on slasher movies, she's pretty much... fucked, in a bad way. Will she meet an untimely demise, or some sort of trope-breaking miracle will save her butt? Stay tuned and find out!
@Chickeneverland: True! Sunny is redefining the expression "get rich or die trying"...