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I like making comics, that's all I got to say now...
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Things are starting to get out of hand to Suzannah, as Sookie will inevitably tell on Sunny what's going on, breaking her illusion that there's nothing more to fear. Meanwhile, Dikey lives a double whammy of terror, as both the slasher and the woodland critters scare her to no end. But... where's Andrei? And Sooz? And Coop? Stay tuned to find out!
Sheesh! After a LOT of time, here we come with another page! Work, health and drama kept me from working on Notamoovi. I wish life was less complicated and messed up...Sorry for keeping you waiting.

As for the page, a clueless Sunny is right beside her nemesis and unwittingly foils her plot to molest and kill Sookie, who gets to live, at least for a few more moments... What happens next? Stay tuned to this very channel to find out!
Sorry for the VERY long wait! Sadly, I was (actually, still am) suffering with some really weird illness that has been putting me in quite some pain... I'm being tested for all sorts of stuff, and waiting for the results to come, soI know aht the heck is wrong with me...

As for the comic, Suzannah is trying to bullshit her way to the survivors! Poor Sunny thinks she got a friend to help, but she's in for a big surprise, and a very grizzly one! What happens next? Stay tuned to find out!
Sorry for the long wait! I've been sick AND overworked for the last few weeks, leaving me in a bad spot. This comic we see that Sunny IS the stereotypical slasher movie bimbo, with an attention span of about two minutes... Will she be able to survive the next two? Stay tuned to find out!
@Yondu: Hi there! I'm glad you enjoyed both the nudity and the characters, lol. I aim for a decent combination of the two, as those oldie slasher movies used to be, in that golden time before the politically correct culture took over and spoiled the fun. ^_^"
Ha! Now we know The Goth's name is Sookie, well, if Sunny is to be trusted... What we don't know yet is whether Sookie will be around much longer. Also, what's going on out of the frame? Stay tuned to find out!
While Sunny had seen a lot during her life, it seems that her most recent finding got her both puzzled and terrified. What was it? Stay tuned to find out!
First of all, sorry for the lack of updates! I've been having too much work to do, as well as commissions that kept me beyond busy. However, as those are close to an end right now, I already started to makea little buffer of a few pages, so the updates to Notamoovi go back to being regular, as they were before...

As for the page, we got the good ol' split. Everyone goes in different directions to make it easier for the slasher. Aren't those victims very considerate? So helpful... Who gets hacked first? Stay tuned to find out!
Apparently our campers, out of all places, headed towards the worst direction possible, as all good horror movie victims should. Heck, they could even hear what seems like The Goth getting gored, murdered, obliterated, dahmerized or all of the above! What happens next? Will we even learn The Goth's name? Stay tuned to find out, as things will get 100% extra premium freaky.
Sheesh! I've had a LOT of work to do lately... Still do, but managed to squeeze out a page for Notamoovi, and hopefully a memorable one.

It seems that there's still some bad blood between Sunny and Andrei after the whole affair. Andrei wanted to fuck, Sunny wanted romantic dinners at candle light (probably pepperoni pizza)... Only one got what he wanted, sadly. Will they last long enough to settle their issues? Stay tuned to find out!
The campers finally are out in the open, in their attempt to find a way out of their nightmare... Will they get out in one piece? Or at least in less than 17 pieces? Stay tuned to find out!

Oh, did you know I'm streaming my drawing process? I go online almost daily, late at night if you're in the Americas, and during daytime if you're in Australia or something.
Sooz does NOT forgive, Sooz does NOT forget. She can be quite mean when she wants to... Maybe this runs on the family?

Anyway, I skipped one update due to having some commissions to make, plus work related stuff. However, to make it up to ya, this week we will have two pages being uploaded here. The other one will most likely be online this thursday. Stay tuned to know what will happen!

Also, if youre interested, this very artist is now livestreaming the process of making Notamoovi pages, as well as some rare shit too. Watch me, almost daily and at late hours at
@The Letter M: The admin there made changes to my site without my permission, so I decided to stick to Smackjeeves and The Duck.
Have a nice holiday season! I hope you Christmas is the best pne you ever had, and the next year is full of success and accomplishments to each and every single one of you!
In Sunny's defense, she went through some really frightening moments. Well, whoever rescues them (if they ever do get rescued at all) will get a pretty nice show in return, lol.

Merry Christmas for you all! As always, stay tuned for more! I'll have major announcements to make shortly.
Hi there! I've been away because I got ill for the last few days (still recovering)... Anyway, on this page, we find out that Suzannah is even more of a fucked up person than expected. Censored for your sanity! What happens next? stay tuned to find out!
I wonder if I should do a full comic and make it availiable on Patreon for, like $2 or something. Would that be of any interest to anyone? It would feature Sunny's (mis)adventures from before she was part of our cast.

Changing gears, I also have a twitter now, . If you like my stuff, please consider throwing a couple bucks at me through Patreon. . If you like, find me at Newgrounds too!
Suzannah seems to be a little less angry, but also more murderous... The Goth might be in trouble, and is on the verge of becoming the first cast member to die before having their name revealed. Also, thank me later for the clever positioning of the dagger on the last panel. while an uncensored version of the page existed at some point, I thought it was too much, even for Notamoovi standards, lol.

Changing gears, I also have a twitter now, . If you like my stuff, please consider throwing a couple bucks at me through Patreon. . If you like, find me at Newgrounds too!

The Goth seems to be as slow as the others at noticing immediate threats to one's safety. Luckily, Suzannah is there to give our friend a heads up, even though it's a potentially lethal one. What happens next? Stay tuned to find out! Also, would you like to see Chapter 5's alternate cover on this site as well? If so, I'll post it during the week.

Changing gears, I also have a twitter now, . If you like my stuff, please consider throwing a couple bucks at me through Patreon. . If you like, find me at Newgrounds too!

Just a little extra in between chapters. As I mentioned on earlier pages, I play this niche game called button soccer, so I made this one to decorate my button box.

Changing gears, I also have a twitter now, . If you like my stuff, please consider throwing a couple bucks at me through Patreon. . If you like, find me at Newgrounds too!