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@Chickeneverland: Not so fast, not so fast... lol
This is a little extra comic in between chapters. Hold on, we'll know if Sunny gets slashed soon enough! Stay tuned!
@Chickeneverland: That is a big "if"! Considering that her composure isn't the best, this is not a very easy situation to deal with...
Dang, I've been sick the entire week! When I was at a button soccer competition, I ate some fucked up candy, and it was almost the end of me! Never trusting that club's cantina again...

Well, Sunny has a point! Too bad this isn't an intellectual contest (or a movie), but a slasher comic! I kinda had to do this cliffhanger to set the next chapter. It'll be 100% more bloody, and a LOT of the plot will be revealed. Stay tuned for intermission extras, as we will start Chapter 3 really soon! Also, thanks for visiting the site, it means a LOT to me. I hope you like reading the comic as much as I like drawing it. Stay tuned!
It's on! The Crusader is out for blood, and Sunny is on his to-do list. Given the track record of flirty girls on slasher movies, she's pretty much... fucked, in a bad way. Will she meet an untimely demise, or some sort of trope-breaking miracle will save her butt? Stay tuned and find out!
@Chickeneverland: True! Sunny is redefining the expression "get rich or die trying"...
First of all, sorry for the lack of an update for the last week. Sadly, I was sick as fuck with a stupid cold that made my sinusitis kick in, resulting in a situation where my eyes were swollen and I couldn't draw at all. Well, as for the page... Sunny finally meets the Crusader, but doesn't notice it, as she's too distracted with a shiny object. Stay tuned!
@Chickeneverland: Yeah, I know. Sometimes animals believed to be cute can act really nasty... Oddly enough, I'm terrified of moths. They are mostly harmless, but look really scary to me! XD
Well, apparently Dikey is afraid of raccoons... and Sunny really is doing the dumb thing and going outside. Will she meet an untimely demise? Stay tuned to know!
@Chickeneverland: Yep, maybe she didn't get used to the new vocabulary yet...
@Chickeneverland: No, it is not! Who knows what kind of shady thing she's been involved? Well, we sorta do, thanks to the extra comic between chapters...
That is some harsh piece of advice/help, huh? At least he minimally cares about Sunny... sorta. But enough with the character development, it's time for slashy fun! Stay tuned, as the upload schedule will have to be temprarily switched to wednesdays. The weekends became a bit too busy, with my button soccer (yes, that game Faye played a few pages ago) competitions and stuff. Mid-week updates will work better, you'll see!
@Chickeneverland: Yeah, it's not easy being Sunny...
Poor Sunny! We've seen in the extras she did some naughty stuff, but is it really enough to write her off as dating material and throw her in the slutty chicks' bin? Personally, I think everyone can change, specially if love is the motivation. As for the plot, more interesting stuff coming, specially regarding character backgrounds, as we approach Chapter 3, and someone else's gonna die in a really bad way (I already know who it is, but it wouldn't be fun if I spoiled it just now)... Stay tuned and sorry for the delay, I had too much work to do. Some very specific and really urgent orders were made and I had to do them.
@Chickeneverland: True! Let's see how long that lasts... ^_^"
Sorry for the late update! So much work stuff to do, so little time to draw... Don't fret, I already started making this weekend's page, so it won't be as late as this.

Well, Jolly and Faye are two weird girls, huh? One is a camp counselor in the dwellings of a slasher, the other has a freaking Necronomicon, because reasons. Completely oblivious to their possible demise, Andrei and Sunny screwing like there's no tomorrow. Ironically enough, there may not be a tomorrow for them if the Crusader gets them. Stay tuned for a very risqué page (but still within the site's terms of service, obviously, gotta keep it tasteful)!
@Chickeneverland: Most likely not! He's killed two already, kinda difficult to do with rubber swords, unless he likes the challenge... lol
Sup? The Crusader is back and he seems to have a problem with sexually active people! Not only that, but he also speaks! Stay tuned, this chapter's end will be cool, and Chapter 3's gonna be even better.
Well, she does have a point... Stay tuned, some bloody, slashy goodness is about to happen!