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Faye tries to "fite"! Apparently the thinks she's some kind of sorceress or some shit, capable of tackling an axe-wienlding maniac with the help of the occult... will this work? We'll know next page! See you guys next update, stay tuned!
Oh, that moment when all the workout at the gym pays off! Faye might be in real trouble here. will she get away? Stay tuned to find out! Also, have you noticed Coop went missing for quite some time?
Poor Sunny, she just got new pants and now she's about to get those wet too... Also, the slasher is in the cabin and the chase is on! Stay tuned for more, as things will get hotter from now on.
While Faye has a very peculiar way to judge normalcy, our slasher makes his move. However, this time, he comes with a little joke that was not appreciated at all. Is the crusader braking character, or he's just trying to lighten up the mood before the butchering? Stay tuned to find out!
Finally some interaction with Sunny that doesn't end with conflict! If I recall correctly, that's a first! The bad news is that our friendly neighbourhood slasher isn't far from them. What happens next? Stay tuned to find out! And now for a rant! (feel free to disregard the rest of this comment if don't care or think it's gay, lol)

Well, sadly this page got delayed as fuck because of multiple factors. First we had the carnaval here, and that means "nobody works for a week in Brazil". Then, just after it ended, Rio faced the worst storm in the century, making half the city go without energy, internet, phone and water for days. I went without power for a couple days, no internet for about 5. To serve as a cherry on top of a cake made of unfortunate stuff, my doctor tells me that, as an after effect of the chikungunya I had over a year ago, I developed joint degeneration. Welp, at least that explained why I feel this awful joint pain... Anyway, see you next page, or in the comments section!
Andrei gave his warning, but the crew still believes it's a prank. Things approach a critical mass, and Sunny sorta accepted her fate. Maybe she wants her corpse to look good in the forensic photographs? THAT would be some display of vanity... We're close to this chapter's kill #2. Stay tuned for more. I'll try to draw another page soon, it's Carnaval here, which means 'one-week national holiday'. Gosh, the horrid music I cannot withstand, ugh... See you next page, or in the comments!
Andrei finally gets what is going on, and freaks out. Is this comic heading towards sanity at last? Most likely not. What happens next? Find out next page!
Andrei is in for a big surprise! The main group is about to find out about the Crusader the worst way possible... Also, it sorta felt weird to draw Sally after all this time. She's dead for, I dunno, 40 pages? Maybe even more! What happens next? Stay tuned to find out!
Being the goalie, Sooz gets away with her bullshit during hockey matches. Too bad she isn't on the ring now, and Sunny defnitively isn't going to the penalty box anytime soon... Meanwhle, andrei goes to the kitchen, where he may or may not find something funny.

Our next page will most likely be online next saturday (it's already finished), due to my fingers getting wasted AND the proximity to the start of this year's button soccer season (I got a direct spot on the state championship with no need to play the qualifiers). Gotta slow down a bit, but it doesn't mean you're not getting at the very least one page a week. of course, if my fingers get a little better, we'll be back with two updates per week.
Wow, that was kinda harsh even for Notamoovi standards... Sadly, that will haunt Sunny for the rest of her life, apparently. Also, Sooz is one hell of a douche. Stay tuned for more!
When Sunny thought her day (erm... night) couldn't get any worse, Sooz steps in and acts like a douchebag. It may well be true that Andrei said his thing with the blue haired irish was a one-off, but this situation might be a bit too much. Also, there is a maniac out there, and he wants their blood. What happens next? Stay tuned to find out!
Sunny is having a hard time convincing people that the Crusader is a thing. Apparently, they just aren't listening... Well, at least this makes it easier to deliver the two deaths promised at the cover for this chapter, lol. Stay tuned for more!
Sandra and Sooz have a very "pleasant" exchange before Sunny just barges in(geez I surely chose too many names that start with the letter S for this comic, lol). She tells the girls there's a slasher outside... What will be their reaction, what happens next? Where are Coop and Andrei anyway? Find out in the next few pages! We're on a path to some significant plot development now...

Also, while you're at it, go check some extra content (like author's notes, character bios and other stuff) on the discord group. While we don't have lots of people on it YET, you still can ask me stuff through the server and provide feedback in a way that is much faster than site comments will ever be and even see cut content that was too much for the provider's TOS.

@Chickeneverland: lol it's not gross, it's more like a cute freckle, haha...
(The next page is to be online this saturday, it's already done.)

Hey, folks, we're starting a discord server now! The idea is to have it as a place where we can hang out, talk and have a good (at at least a decent) time. Also, it'll have extra content for Notamoovi, like rejected ideas, author's notes, outright smut (for thyose who like it), early sketches and much more. As an example, I have the first "meet the character" episode uploaded already, so you can know how Sunny came to be. Invitation link below:
We're finally back with a proper page, and Sooz's butt! Hurray! Got a PC that is as bad as a cash register with a cellphone CPU, but at least it does the job until I get the money to buy a decent one later in 2018. Anyway, how was everyone's Christmas? Hopefully, better than mine. Stay tuned for the next update, I will have some news about this very comic and some plans to make it better. Also, thank you SO MUCH for reading it so far! You'll see, 2018 will bring some nice stuff for Notamoovi, hopefully you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy drawing the pages.
@Chickeneverland: Cheer up, we're getting friday the 13th in april AND july 2018! I'tll be twice as fun, lol.
So... While my ongoing tablet imbroglio isn't solved, I decided to throw a Friday the 13th-inspired promo for the comic. Worry not, regular updates will be a thing soon enough! Stay tuned!
@Chickeneverland: Yeah, it's, like, a few days or so...
Well, at least Sooz will have something to do, after her "romance night" went south...

On a more serious note, I'm having trouble with my tablet pen. It won't work, and the replacement will take a couple weeks to get here. What should I do, continue the comic by drawing on paper OR wait it out and resume updates when I'm drawing with the new equipment? It's up to you, guys. please tell me what you prefer.