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Wow, that was kinda harsh even for Notamoovi standards... Sadly, that will haunt Sunny for the rest of her life, apparently. Also, Sooz is one hell of a douche. Stay tuned for more!
When Sunny thought her day (erm... night) couldn't get any worse, Sooz steps in and acts like a douchebag. It may well be true that Andrei said his thing with the blue haired irish was a one-off, but this situation might be a bit too much. Also, there is a maniac out there, and he wants their blood. What happens next? Stay tuned to find out!
Sunny is having a hard time convincing people that the Crusader is a thing. Apparently, they just aren't listening... Well, at least this makes it easier to deliver the two deaths promised at the cover for this chapter, lol. Stay tuned for more!
Sandra and Sooz have a very "pleasant" exchange before Sunny just barges in(geez I surely chose too many names that start with the letter S for this comic, lol). She tells the girls there's a slasher outside... What will be their reaction, what happens next? Where are Coop and Andrei anyway? Find out in the next few pages! We're on a path to some significant plot development now...

Also, while you're at it, go check some extra content (like author's notes, character bios and other stuff) on the discord group. While we don't have lots of people on it YET, you still can ask me stuff through the server and provide feedback in a way that is much faster than site comments will ever be and even see cut content that was too much for the provider's TOS.

@Chickeneverland: lol it's not gross, it's more like a cute freckle, haha...
(The next page is to be online this saturday, it's already done.)

Hey, folks, we're starting a discord server now! The idea is to have it as a place where we can hang out, talk and have a good (at at least a decent) time. Also, it'll have extra content for Notamoovi, like rejected ideas, author's notes, outright smut (for thyose who like it), early sketches and much more. As an example, I have the first "meet the character" episode uploaded already, so you can know how Sunny came to be. Invitation link below:
We're finally back with a proper page, and Sooz's butt! Hurray! Got a PC that is as bad as a cash register with a cellphone CPU, but at least it does the job until I get the money to buy a decent one later in 2018. Anyway, how was everyone's Christmas? Hopefully, better than mine. Stay tuned for the next update, I will have some news about this very comic and some plans to make it better. Also, thank you SO MUCH for reading it so far! You'll see, 2018 will bring some nice stuff for Notamoovi, hopefully you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy drawing the pages.
@Chickeneverland: Cheer up, we're getting friday the 13th in april AND july 2018! I'tll be twice as fun, lol.
So... While my ongoing tablet imbroglio isn't solved, I decided to throw a Friday the 13th-inspired promo for the comic. Worry not, regular updates will be a thing soon enough! Stay tuned!
@Chickeneverland: Yeah, it's, like, a few days or so...
Well, at least Sooz will have something to do, after her "romance night" went south...

On a more serious note, I'm having trouble with my tablet pen. It won't work, and the replacement will take a couple weeks to get here. What should I do, continue the comic by drawing on paper OR wait it out and resume updates when I'm drawing with the new equipment? It's up to you, guys. please tell me what you prefer.
Gotta go faaaast! Except she doesn't do it to be way past cool, it's just to survive. Meanwhile, Faye seems to be in shock, which kinda sucks if a slasher wants to rip you to shreds, like he did to your BFF. What happens next? Stay tuned to see!

Also, I'd like to drop a line to say how much I appreciate YOU, reader! Thanks a lot for sparing some time of your day to follow this very comic, hope it's worth it!
@Chickeneverland: Let's say Jolly wasn't the most likeable in the cast anyway... lol
Jolly got axed! Now who's gonna clean up the mess when the Crusader is done? Anyway, sorry for the super delayed page, I had trouble with the PC AND didn't know exactly how to do this scene. Stay tuned, more blood next page!
@Chickeneverland: Yeah, flirty girl vs. slasher is one helluva mismatched "fite"... lol
Sunny won't go down without a "fite"! Who would imagine that she's go from panty soiling to fighting irish in so little time!? Stay tuned, somebody DIES next page!
@Chickeneverland: If the Crusader knew what she was doing just prior to the chase, he'd be extra pissed. lol
Well, Sunny had to leg it! She is surviving quite a bit for a flirty girl in a slasher comic, but two people are dying this chapter, so... stay tuned to see what happens!
@Chickeneverland: If those kills get delayed to Chapter 4, you will get a full refund for sure. But I must say that stuff will get real on this comic very fast now.
Well, how do you like the Crusader redesign? I tried making it look better, hopefully I did it alright. Stay tuned, when I said 2 people would die this chapter, I meant it!