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Oooooooo Random foreshadowing rambles Oooooooooooo
Sorry for no updates this past week but wishing you all a very merry christmas from me and Robin and Cian, Hope you all have a good holidays and a wonderful Christmas :D
At least the room has the essentials, thank the lord for plug sockets
Sorry for no update last week, wanted to sort out some plot stuff and make sure I actually knew where I was going but anyway here we have more blue haired woman, yay!
@Food: dang it, foiling all my plot twists all ready!
Oooo I wonder who this strange blue haired person could be...
We're back and Robin spends 90% of this page in shock apparently :p
@whoalisaa: Thank you! :D
Wow! Loving the colours and this art style looks awesome :D
@flamegoat: Too true too true :)
@flamegoat: Shhh don't reveal my secrets :p
the wolves are out
Wow just found this and it's amazing! The Lighting and drawing and colouring is perfect and I love the character development and the amount of representation in this, really looking forward to seeing where the story heads :)
Ollo Ollo Ollo
Bringing to you all the angsty sky watching you need in your life right now :)
@YukixKaname1: Glad you like it! Thank you :D
Wow. this is amazing, love all the colours and wasn't expecting the plot to go that way, really awesome :)