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This is my trash account
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oh??? i had no idea
when he falls you know i'll have to comment jason derulo lyrics, so i'll just go ahead and do it beforehand.

mmm whatcha say
Ok but which one is Gyozo jealous of?
oh my fubcing god
That eye lookin suggestive
@nuit hat: ,,,,oh my god
This made me sad. I think it's crazy that a profession meant to help people achieve good health has become just completely money hungry. There will always be something new that's wrong with your body, so you'll have to pay them to help you fix that, and then the next thing, and the next. I'm not one of those body positive crazies but like,,, I hate that there's now a profession meant to point out faults with your body and trick you into paying loads of money to "fix" it
Here it comes
Is this MySpace
me, reading this page:
me, reading this page:
like yeah alex 100% truth there buddy
I love you a lot. Probably because you're basically what would become of my best friend if she became a crackhead. :>
@Jeanettert: Ooh that's a good analysis!
I feel so bad for him. I hope he can find someone more suited for him.
Well, I'm sad
That closed eye while scrolling through the phone is TOO GODDAMN RELATABLE
I really like James' new hair!!
I like this style
Wii-music just blasting
Now come clean abt everything and then kiss