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This is my trash account where I am a huge ass fujoshi.
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Now come clean abt everything and then kiss
Ah I missed this comic and it's only been like a week
Me, later, after I called the police myself: ok so that comic right? Yeah it's trying to actually kill me
Me, to the police, after my neighbors called them thinking I was being murdered: listen, there's this comic
The color schemes are so pretty to look at
@Guest: Ah haha could be
I kinda like Liam, but I hate him, you feel me?
I love the color. Art always seems to look so much better somehow, I look at my own art and always prefer the colored pieces...
Oh my goooood really? Wow... I've only been here for about a year, but Jesus... I CANNOT believe... also, your art has improved SO MUCH! I'm so happy
Not gonna lie I thought you were a lesbian too for the longest time
Aw man
Oh, is that Church?
Why do you like Alex? As in, what made/makes him important to you? Why is he "worth the fight" to you?
@thekillerking: They usually wear the same/similar clothes though haha
Really? Oh man
aw man now it's going to be a whole week again
Ooooh shit I feel the drawing urges rising up. I want to draw something of this scene really badly!