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This is my trash account where I am a huge ass fujoshi.
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Not gonna lie I thought you were a lesbian too for the longest time
Aw man
Oh, is that Church?
Why do you like Alex? As in, what made/makes him important to you? Why is he "worth the fight" to you?
@thekillerking: They usually wear the same/similar clothes though haha
Really? Oh man
aw man now it's going to be a whole week again
Ooooh shit I feel the drawing urges rising up. I want to draw something of this scene really badly!
God, I always love your comic strips. They're so much fun to read. One of the best parts is that I can never really tell when it's your persona and when it's really you, which makes reading this very interesting to me as well.
eeeh is he gonna wear a bra? It'll be fun to read but it's a little weird to me
@Travelingpooch: HAHA it does look like a condom omg
@( ̄ー ̄): Just because you believe it, doesn't mean it's real. I don't care about others' experiences, or to "educate" myself, because I don't believe in it. I'm not going to listen to someone who says they met Jesus or went to heaven when they had a near death experience either, because I don't believe that shit. Some people aren't going to be part of your cult no matter how much you want them to.
@Summer: Yup I'm of the latter category.
@Charlie: Sex is very essential in a romantic relationship. However, I do believe in asexuality, as an imbalance of hormones or other in the brain or rest of the body.

Words are not violence. I'm not responsible for your feelings, nor what other people have told you. Of course you could find another oddball to play with, but don't expect the whole world to cater to you or think the way you want them to. It's a matter of opinion, yes. And I don't believe in romance without any type of sexual attraction.
@nikiforov: Do you mean that Gannet liked him back? In that case, how would Bailey know? And if Bailey didn't know, and was "demi", why did he even start liking Gannet in the first place? And yeah I don't really buy that attraction stuff. Aesthetic attraction, sure, but I don't believe in romantic attraction without sexual attraction. I mean look at all the relationship guru advice - if you don't feel sexually attracted to each other a relationship is pretty much bound to fail.
@Lucid: Then it's strange that they could have sex before to me. And of course, I will read those pages when they are available. However, I cannot comment on something I haven't been able to read.
@nikiforov: ...yeah... I think it's still too loose of a definition, and really, just too hard to actually define, to make up a whole new term for an entire sexuality. And here, Bailey clearly felt sexual attraction toward Gannet before a clear and very strong emotional connection was formed. He started liking Gannet while still just helping him out with the wings at the start.
Aren't MOST people "demisexual"? Everyone I know (family, friends) needs some kind of relationship before to get sexual with a person >_>
Why can't Bailey just be really nervous, or have doubts, instead of having some loosely defined, magical sexuality? This comic is already very representative, which is a good thing, but at some point, isn't it just a bit overdone