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Eeep, this is the first documented time Blue eyes has sustained damage during a fight. Has he met his match?

In other news, finals are coming up, as well as the wedding! There may be no page next week due to this. However I am gonna try.

I also got a iPad pro from my soon to be husband for my birthday! Which means I'll be able to work on my comic a whooole lot more since I won't have to be chained to my desk at home to work on it XD XD XD. I am very excited, he's so sweet. I should be getting it next weekend XD XD
Mr.Smiles is feeling a bit smug, I wonder if that will continue with Blue Eyes flying through the air towards him. Will this be the end of Mr. Smiles? Find out next time!
He's baaack
Look who's back, it's Blue Eyes! Here we enter the last scene of the chapter.

And there is also another familiar face from chapter 2:

I can't believe I'm almost done with this chapter, to think that this chapter took a year. School is almost over though, and the wedding, so we have more frequent updates to look forwards to.
@Karlijn: I'm glad you think so, I'm pretty excited about it.
April fools!
Haha, I hoped that you enjoyed that April fools page XD. Sadly the Mysterious shadowy person was not really Nick, but this weepy little fellow from the beginning of the comic: He's not looking so hot. I've been looking forward to his reveal for a looooooong time.

This is the end of this scene, and we are now moving into the final scene of this chapter. I am very happy to have gotten this far, Chapter 3 is almost over!
What a surprise
Whoa, who saw this coming? Nick was the secret shadowy person this whole time! What a crazy revelation!
Colors have returned
Oh man, I'm happy that we've finally reached this point.

Mystery fellow if finally introducing himself.

You can find him in Chapter 2 here:

And at the beginning of this current Chapter here:

Will we finally get to see his face? Find out next time!

Also in other news... I've begun the slow process of reformatting my comic to upload on Tapas. I am excited because this was the way I always wanted it to be read. I only have the prologue on there so far, but I've added some things to it, and you can play music while you read, just click the play button at the top. Check it out here:
It begins
Oh man, I am so excited. Again I hope you guys have gotten caught up on the prologue for this particular scene. Here's he link again: things are about to get real.

I decided to just post this today instead of waiting till Saturday. I'm gonna start posting these when they are finished, crazy that I got a page done in a little over a week XD.

Anyone got any guesses as to who that is on the statue?
2/4/18: I apologize, due to school and wedding planning I got behind on working on the next page. It's about half done, I should have it done with week. I'm sorry things have been moving so slowly.

Edit 2/10/18: Again sorry for the delay, but here it is! Expect delays in the future due to cramped schedule, however I'm gonna try my hardest to keep updating every other week. Come back on 2/24/18

When I told you guys to refresh yourself on the prologue for this chapter way back when, this is the point where you are gonna want to be refreshed. You can check out the prologue here:

I'm so excited, I have been anticipating this upcoming scene since I started the comic. I can't believe it's finally here!
Cringe worthy smile
Well looks like Lee survived for now. I thank this page for the nightmares it gave me to draw it. Especially panel three XD

Next page will be posted 1/27/18-2/3/18
@Karlijn: Yeah, I agree with you there, there were probably a few social queues he missed in this conversation XD
Do you ever try to give sage advice? But then just end up pissing people off instead? XD

Will Lee survive this encounter? Will Roy finally snap? Find out next time!

First page of the year. I hope you guys are having a good week. Happy new year!
Edit 12/24/17
Here it his, again sorry about the wait! I should have another page done this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled.

This was a lot of fun to work on, Roy doesn't seem very happy, will he finally snap? We'll see next week!

12/23/17: Hey guys, sorry that this is taking me forever. I am working on the next page and should have it out tonight or tomorrow.

I got engaged this week, so that limited my time a bit :)

Thank you for your patience, I am still alive.

I will also be updating next week since I have no school and you guys deserve it after this really slow semester.
@waving_cheshire: Ooop it must have glitched. The page should be showing up now. Thanks! XD
Drop off
There it is, Lee's frown returns.

School is almost out! Only two weeks left! After school is out I will be able to be more active again. I'm excited for the next pages that are coming.
Garbage boy
Well isn't that peculiar. This is the end of scene two! We'll be leaving mystery scar nose for now and heading back to follow Lee and Roy.

Thanksgiving is next week, I'm excited to have a break, even if it won't be much of one with all the homework. Hope you guys have a good one.
Watch it!
When you bump into someone, the correct response is to chastise them ;p

Long time no see Izzy, good job guys to those who noticed her in the background a few pages ago!

This new guy seems to be hogging some of the screen time. Wonder what he is thinking about.

Shout out to the winner of the contest: Congratulations Kurrpip! You won a drawing of one of your OC's!

They got four out of six of the answers correct, great job for something with little context.

The correct answers:

1. Licorice: Roy

Surprisingly despite his obsession with making cupcakes Roy doesn't really enjoy many sweets, or food really, which is partially why he's so skinny. He does however enjoy licorice treats because they are something his mother gave him for special holidays when he was a child.

2. Gummy bears: Sparrow

Sparrow loves candy, so it was hard to pick one for him. However he finds squishy gummy bears fun to eat because they are so chewy and colorful.

3. Lolly pops: Izzy

Izzy grew up in a circumstance that was consistently filled with all sorts of sweets. However the ones she treasures the most were the brightly colored lolly pops papa bought her when the carnival was in town. They are filled with exciting memories, as well as some sentimental ones.

4. Red hots: Lee

Lee has a taste for spicy things, such as cinnamon, and these hot tamales. He enjoys very strong flavors.

5. Fancy chocolates: Raven

Raven enjoys more refined and expensive tastes. His candy was the most obvious, and got the most correct guesses XD

6. Mr. Claus

As a boy Mr. Claus did a lot of little jobs to save up pennies to go to the candy store with his friends. War heads were a favorite, and would result in the boys competing to see who could hold the most in their mouth at once. He still has a fondness for these.
Happy Halloween! Sorry this is a bit late, I didn't get a chance to get to get to a computer till now.

Anyway here is the annual contest!

The rules of the contest are:

To guess which of the above Halloween candies are the favorites of which character.

Whoever is the first to guess them all correctly, or whoever gets the closest before the time expires wins.

Here are the names of the characters:


The Candies are numbered 1-6 starting with:

1. Licorice
2. Gummy bears
3. Lolly pops
4. Red Hots
5. Fancy chocolates (Not really a Halloween candy XD)
6. War heads

Whoever wins the contest wins a full body drawing of one of their OC's or a character of their choice. Here are some examples of what the prize will look like:

To enter you just need to respond with your guesses in the following format, you can post them below:

1. Character name
2. Character name
3. Character name
4. Character name
5. Character name
6. Character name