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I've never broken into anyone's house and eaten their food. But I'll add that to the bucket list.

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I'll just leave this here....

Man guys, I've been busier than ever with school and other responsibilities my ability to keep up with a weekly update has been severely hampered. So for now I am going to be updating every other Saturday. This isn't going to be forever, but for now I just don't have the time to work on it like I used to. Once school settles I'll be able to get back into doing my weekly, and hopefully biweekly updates again.

I'll see you guys on 10/21/17.

When I am able I'll update weekly, but this might be random.
New Character
I'm so sorry guys, school has been crazy, and I haven't had time to work on my comic as much as I used to. I will try to keep up, I will let you know if next weeks page will be late before hand.

Anyway I've been so excited to introduce this guy XD XD XD. He is here at long last.
Edit 9/9/17: Here it is, I was finally able to unpack all of my stuff into my new apartment and get this page finished. Hopefully now that I've settled into the new place I won't run into any delays for awhile.

Look at Lee, being a gentleman, see how long that lasts.

9/2/17: Ugh I'm sorry guys. I know I just took a long break, but a bunch of crap came up and I didn't have time to complete the page. I'm currently in between homes and have been moving my stuff to the new place. In addition school just started so I haven't had much time to work on anything.

I will do my best to get the page out early next week, however I may not be able to update until next Saturday -_- Sorry again. Life happens sometimes.
I'm back from my break!

Things have been hecktic, with moving and my vacation, but I made time for the comic this week. My vacation was awesome, but I'm happy to be back to working on my comic.

Lee is continuing to look unhappy about his situation, and Roy is seeming to enjoy telling Lee the disturbing details of the case. Who is this new girl I wonder?
Dun dun dun
Lee has found something shiny. Wonder what it's significance is. He's a bit shook up after leaving Roy's house, wonder if he's going to tattle or not. I'm so excited for things that are coming XD XD XD

So, next week I am going on one last trip before school starts to Disney land next week. So sadly there will be no page next Saturday. But there will be on the 26th so come back then!!!
Looks like Lee survived... For now anyway.

I really enjoyed this scene, it was fun to catch a tiny glimpse of Roy's house from a different character's perspective. Lee didn't have nearly as much fun as I did.

Sorry this was a bit late, this page had several more panels than usual so it took a bit more time.

Next week we will be transitioning to the next scene in the chapter!
Due to a rather big project that I've been commissioned to work on, and because of a mini vacation I'm taking this weekend I am not going to have time to update the comic this weekend. I'm sorry to do this again, I thought that once summer started I'd have all the time in the world, but I've been busier than ever XD.

Come back next week, I'll try to get something special out as well as a bonus for your wait.

Edit 7/22/17: Is this the end of Lee? I guess we'll find out next week! I made a new banner, I'll post it to my tumbler so you can see it in all it's glory haha.

Thanks for your patience! Last week was a blast! I got so many bug bites haha.
@fluoroid: Hahahaha, I agree with you, I would be so startled hahaha.
@fluoroid: Or with his luck too much XD
Any of ya'll remember that creepy door from chapter 1?

Looks like Lee has discovered it o_0 and he does not look happy.I started working on updating the banners and such, I am also working on revamping the prologue which will give more clarity about the world these characters live in. I don't have a time table of when this will be done yet, but I will keep you updated.
@fluoroid: Hahaha yes that does seem like the only time he smiles doesn't it?

:D :D :D :D :D
Nightmare fuel
This is Lee:

Oh Lee, you should know better than to fall for classic jump-scare tactics XD

This was a fun page to work on, I was greatly looking forwards to this scene, I hope you enjoyed.
It's the delay page of doom! Sorry again guys, this week has been hecktic, my car that I've had for the last several years finally died, and so I've been trying to find a new one. Because of this and a bunch of other things I have not been able to work on the page as much as I needed to, and have not finished it. Next week I will for sure have it done, and to make up for it I'm gonna do an extra art piece, either a double update, or another piece of art in regards to the comic. Thanks again for your patience!

Edit 6/24: Sorry this is still a bit late. I came down with a flu, but it's here!!! Lee seems to have discovered some exposition XD. And what's this? Mr. Claus had hair?
I'm Home....
Sorry this is a wee bit late. Looks like Lee and Apple are going to get along swimmingly XD

Lee will forever frown haha.
Introducing Apple! I know she's not a huge character, and that she's only a horse, but I love her haha. However it does not look like Lee is impressed. This is going to be the chapter where Lee frowns at everything it seems hahaha XD

We also get a outside glimpse of Roy's house, this house is actually based on a real house that is near where I live, I always drive by it and I know that is where Roy lives haha.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! See you next week.
I underestimated the amount of time I'd have to work on Blue Eyes this week. I have the page over half done but I'm not going to get much time to finish it today based on a bunch of personal things that came up. I will try and put it out as soon as possible. Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

5/25 Edit: I know this page is up a bit later than I was expecting, but it's finally here. Lee and Roy seem to be hitting it off their first day aren't they...

In other news I'm going to be going on a camping trip for my birthday this weekend so there will be no page this Saturday. The next update will resume next Saturday, I'm going to try and work on my buffer so I can work towards two updates a week, but every time I get ahead life seems to have other ideas haha. I will let you guys know!

Have a good Memorial day!
And now we're back to the boys, it's nice to finally have them all together again! I missed them haha.
Here we see a glimpse of a murder victim, Lee is having a rough first day. Don't worry Lee, it get's much worse ;)

Hope you guys are having a good week!
Chapter 3 here we go! I've decided to stick with the up and down format, this may change later, but right now I am liking it better.

Again if you haven't already I recommend you refresh on the prologue for this chapter

I want to move into updating twice a week again, now that it's summer. First however I need to get caught up, I'll keep you updated on when to start expecting double updates.
Chapter 3
I'm back from my trip! Thank you for your patience, I am very excited to get this chapter started. For this Chapter I recommend that you brush up on the Prologue if you haven't looked at it for awhile since there are some things that I will finally be coming back to in there

I'm not entirely happy with the Prologue, I may update it sometime during the summer, however for now the information there is still accurate so still give it a read for this chapter.

Can I tell you all how happy I am that school is out! I'm so excited to have time to myself again!
Sorry guys! Because of finals next week I got too caught up in my homework to finish. What I'm going to do is post what I have later today, then add the next two questions when I am able to finish those. Again I apologize, but school has been overwhelming this semester. Good news is that in two weeks I will be out of school for the summer! This means I may be able to move my schedule back to twice a week updates! Come back later today for the actual page.

Edit: Here's what I have so far! There are two other questions left to answer, I will post those as soon as I finish them. That may not be till later this week though.

In addition, I will be taking a short break. I am going on a trip with my family to Mexico directly after finals, there won't be any time to finish the new page. So this means that Chapter 3 won't begin until May 13th. I am sorry for the delay,to make up for it I will have a double update, so keep an eye out for that! Happy anniversary guys!