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It's the delay page of doom! Sorry again guys, this week has been hecktic, my car that I've had for the last several years finally died, and so I've been trying to find a new one. Because of this and a bunch of other things I have not been able to work on the page as much as I needed to, and have not finished it. Next week I will for sure have it done, and to make up for it I'm gonna do an extra art piece, either a double update, or another piece of art in regards to the comic. Thanks again for your patience!

Edit 6/24: Sorry this is still a bit late. I came down with a flu, but it's here!!! Lee seems to have discovered some exposition XD. And what's this? Mr. Claus had hair?
I'm Home....
Sorry this is a wee bit late. Looks like Lee and Apple are going to get along swimmingly XD

Lee will forever frown haha.
Introducing Apple! I know she's not a huge character, and that she's only a horse, but I love her haha. However it does not look like Lee is impressed. This is going to be the chapter where Lee frowns at everything it seems hahaha XD

We also get a outside glimpse of Roy's house, this house is actually based on a real house that is near where I live, I always drive by it and I know that is where Roy lives haha.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! See you next week.
I underestimated the amount of time I'd have to work on Blue Eyes this week. I have the page over half done but I'm not going to get much time to finish it today based on a bunch of personal things that came up. I will try and put it out as soon as possible. Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

5/25 Edit: I know this page is up a bit later than I was expecting, but it's finally here. Lee and Roy seem to be hitting it off their first day aren't they...

In other news I'm going to be going on a camping trip for my birthday this weekend so there will be no page this Saturday. The next update will resume next Saturday, I'm going to try and work on my buffer so I can work towards two updates a week, but every time I get ahead life seems to have other ideas haha. I will let you guys know!

Have a good Memorial day!
And now we're back to the boys, it's nice to finally have them all together again! I missed them haha.
Here we see a glimpse of a murder victim, Lee is having a rough first day. Don't worry Lee, it get's much worse ;)

Hope you guys are having a good week!
Chapter 3 here we go! I've decided to stick with the up and down format, this may change later, but right now I am liking it better.

Again if you haven't already I recommend you refresh on the prologue for this chapter

I want to move into updating twice a week again, now that it's summer. First however I need to get caught up, I'll keep you updated on when to start expecting double updates.
Chapter 3
I'm back from my trip! Thank you for your patience, I am very excited to get this chapter started. For this Chapter I recommend that you brush up on the Prologue if you haven't looked at it for awhile since there are some things that I will finally be coming back to in there

I'm not entirely happy with the Prologue, I may update it sometime during the summer, however for now the information there is still accurate so still give it a read for this chapter.

Can I tell you all how happy I am that school is out! I'm so excited to have time to myself again!
Sorry guys! Because of finals next week I got too caught up in my homework to finish. What I'm going to do is post what I have later today, then add the next two questions when I am able to finish those. Again I apologize, but school has been overwhelming this semester. Good news is that in two weeks I will be out of school for the summer! This means I may be able to move my schedule back to twice a week updates! Come back later today for the actual page.

Edit: Here's what I have so far! There are two other questions left to answer, I will post those as soon as I finish them. That may not be till later this week though.

In addition, I will be taking a short break. I am going on a trip with my family to Mexico directly after finals, there won't be any time to finish the new page. So this means that Chapter 3 won't begin until May 13th. I am sorry for the delay,to make up for it I will have a double update, so keep an eye out for that! Happy anniversary guys!
Part one
Here's the batch of first five questions. These made me chuckle, especially the ones with Mr. Claus XD, he always looks so angry.

Next five will be posted next week, then on to Chapter 3! Woot woot!
@fluoroid: Oooh snap. Wouldn't that be a twist XD.

It will be revealed eventually bwahaha
@alichee: Thank you! That means a lot coming from you.
Here we have interlude part 2 you can read part one here:

I really enjoyed making this page for a number of reasons.

Number one, I have been wanting to convert my comic to up and down format for awhile now, I like how it reads better, and you can do some sweet effects. The reason I haven't is mainly consistency and because it takes longer. I have not decided yet the format of future pages.

Number two, I was really excited to draw Ian (Roy's father in the flashback) we have yet to explore his character much as of yet.

Three, it was nice to do work the page with a different style than my usual.

With the end of this page, Chapter 2 is officially over. Up next will be the Q&A Answers part one. I'm real excited for these XD
Happy April first
That escalated quickly! I guess Blue Eyes decided to spare her after all. How steamy!

(Click forward to see the real page. Happy April fools day! I hope you weren't too disappointed XD)
Last page
This is probably a disappointment after the last page XD

Welp this is the last page of Chapter 2, Hallelujah!!!! It's crazy, chapter 2 was almost double the length of the first one, now we are moving on to Chapter 3!!! Real excited for this one.

The next page is going to be part 2 of chapter 1's interlude, then I will be posting the Q & A answers.
Nearing the end
I can't believe this chapter is almost over! Only one page left, it looks like we finally found out why Izzy decided to hang around for so long, will Izzy survive? We will find out next week!

The second panel is a bit confusing, what happened is Blue eyes twisted the knife away and shoved her over.
Q & A
Chapter 2 Q & A is here!

We are reaching the end of the chapter so I'm opening up questions for the characters and myself. The answers will be uploaded at the end of the chapter. Answers will look something like this:

You can ask whatever you would like, and as many questions as you like. If you want to ask a question just leave a comment.

Questions for this chapter go to:

Mr. Claus
Blue Eyes
Camping trip
Sorry to do this again guys, I'm away on a camping trip and I didn't have time to finish the page before I left. However the page is almost done and next week is spring break, so come back Monday or Tuesday, it will for sure be up by then.

Sorry again!

Edit 3/21: Here it is! Thank you for your patience. I'm so sun burnt haha.

Blue Eyes has reached major creeper status here. This part was actually inspired by a conversation I had with a friend of mine.

With this page we are only two pages away from the chapters end. I'm gonna post a Q and A this week so keep your eyes peeled.
Due to Midterms there isn't going to be a page this week. I apologize! I tried to get the page finished but there wasn't time. It will be done by next week though! Sorry again!!!

Edit 3/11/17 : Here is the next page! Thank you for your patience. Only a few pages left in the chapter! I'm sorry this is pretty dark.
Sorry it's slightly late!

There Blue eyes goes continuing to be a creep.
Look who is still alive, at least for now. When you last saw him it appeared he'd been stabbed in the face with a large knife

However the knife actually embedded itself in his neck/shoulder. While the wound is bleeding a lot causing weakness and the inability to stand, he hasn't died.

The darkness warning still stands.

In other happier news, while I didn't have time to make any Valentines art, my friend made an awesome fan video about Sparrow, Raven, Roy and Mr. Claus, I recommend you check it out, it's pretty funny: