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The Scarlet One
Sorry about the late update, will try to be consistent in the future.
I noticed I had been coloring Matt wrong. Hopefully I can be more consistent in the future.
Exposition sure is hard to cram into a limited number of frames in a comfortable amount of dialogue.

I still don't think I'm doing it all that well, but I do what I can.
There's a gravity generator, otherwise there wouldn't be any gravity.
Was it because he got the blue dye?
Speaking of image quality...
I noticed the standard screen tone feature for manga studio end's up looking more like ugly plaid texture when shrunken down, rather then what I want it to look like. So for the time being, I'm switching back to using perlin noise textures... until I can get something that looks better. =/

Also, yay for weekly update!
Happy New Year
This comic has been hard to keep on a regular schedule. I need to sort that out along with my other projects.
Soooo... I can explain.
Yep I know I've been gone for way too long with this comic but I had rework a lot of my pages cause... they weren't turning out well so I had to rewrite/redraw a number of them. AND on top of that I had a lot of work get in the way.

But it's here now.
And that's the important part.
Switched to clip studio for making comics. Also had to wash out the background because holy shit is angel island painful to look at.
Long Time Coming
Ho boy, 5 months+ without an update boy am I sorry for my 39 fans! XD

Anyways, at least my arts improved somewhat, so I'll probably change the older pages to have the newer texture eventually. Also I made an outline for the first and second chapters so I know where this first story is going... if it were a TV show it would be a two-parter. I want to make future chapters a bit more episodic when I can. heh.
I got to work on getting these pages out sooner if
I wanna get noticed.