Anna Rei
Intersex, Genderfluid, Bisexaul. Born a normal male and then got female secondary gender characteristics at puberty. Got boobs and hips and female like personality. And yes I have boy parts down there. I tend to float between genders in personality. But mostly I identify and fall to the female side. Please help with my Go Fund Me.
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I never realized tell now that I have my own Abandonment issues cause of my father and what he did to my family to. It is apart of my P.T.S.D. The hardest part was when he died I was so happy he was out of our lives finally and we did not have worry about him any more. The messed up part was I no longer have anyone to blame my life being so screwed on but myself now cause he is dead. I had a very messed up child hood thanks him on top of me being intersex. And he made me being intersex seem like nothing in comparison. I can understand now what she as been going thru. It is funny how one sec people can seem so terrible and the next not so much now. :P
We shall over come
I'm watching the new 20/20 episode of Caithlyn Jenner. Her story is a lot like mine. We are both are big and tall 6' 2". We both have done amazing things as a male in our life and we have yet to stop as a women doing so. She is my hero. A sister in the fight for the transgender community. But I did not vote for Trump and she did and now she is against him hurting the LGBT community so much lately. I stand with her strong knowing I am not the only one. That there is hope and a voice out there in the public for us. We shall over come!!!. Together some day. :P
@CatPerson: Yeppers I am very happy thanks. :P
Happy Girl High
Yaaa!!! Jump for joy I got my estrogen patch HRT approved my Medicare said was no longer on there approved list. All I did was say I felt like I wanted to die with out them. And baam they got approved. I am on a much higher doses and going thru a very much happy girl high emotional feeling and I am so very happy and feel like I am a female. My breasts have even got more fuller making me very happy to. :P
Bunny cuteness over
I think I just had a bunny cuteness over load. LOL :P
I vote for Puddle.
Why does have be a human after all why not the Bunny Puddle.
@CatPerson: THANKS :) It is like big mile stone for me.
Yaa! getting my name changed to Anna Rei Smith soon. Going to get my new ID card.
It is time to Raise up and do a big March on Washington DC for LGBT Rights. Lets not put up with this hateful Trump.
Look Foreword
I look foreword to what ever you make. Chris of Misfile does two just fine so why not. :P
@Lenneth: Yeah your right I know the box a or b thing very well. I have learned time an again I am never going to fit into the just box a or b and I am a bit of both genders no matter what and I like being so. I made my own box and live in it just find. No doctors or parents as the right to play God and decide for me. Yet they try to be and do so. It is up to me to decide not them. I think it should be put off tell the child is ready to decide for themselves. And not play a 50/50 chance game with that child's life. Only if there is server life threatening surgery needing to be done should anything be done at all and just enough to not be life threatening. :p
@Lenneth: Yeah I have Dysphoria but not the same as transsexual. I do not mind living dressing as a male as I am used to that form grow up at first thinking I was to be that only. Just my body is not right to me. I try to get into relationships and I am always held back by my body not being completely female. I am about 80% female mentally and 20% male. I see myself as both mentally and in body. I often feel I was denied being my female self and forced to only be a male. So I often want the female more. I feel for transsexuals as I understand a lot of what they go thru. But form my experience I still think Intersex get left out and have it much worse. Were are often forced to pretend we are Transsexual to get any help form doctors. I can understand that some transsexual think we have it better cause we do not have go thru as much to get things changed of our body or already got some of. But if doctors do admit we exist often they want to study us like lab rats in return as been what I have seen. We are so few less then 1% of doctors have seen Intersex for themselves and think of it is just a meth. Mostly this is cause so many just get things fixed and hide it. No one wants to be a studied lab rat freak after all. And often that is how we are treated forgetting we are human just like them. :P
I would say form being intersex it is a far worse thing then being transsexual. People tended to treat me far worse. I grew up at first thinking I going be a male and my body not just your mind does a 180 on me. I got beaten nearly to death and lost friends and the doctors try to pretend Intersex does not exist and do not wish the help any with it. Doctors never like to admit they were wrong and try everything to stop anyone form saying that is so even of another doctor. Cause if they do not protect each other then the truth gets out more that they do not always know what they are doing. They are not much better then the Cops. My mother had to fight and threaten them with a law suite for the doctors to finally admit and say I should live as a female rather then male and that I was intersex. That was back in the early 198o's. I still do not know the whole truth cause the doctors hid my true birth records and I was born in the US Navy Hospital in Scotland. My life was hell at times cause of being intersex. I have a PTSD and a lot of anger issues over how I was treated in my life.
Anna Rei
March 2nd, 2017
My mother lost a boy before I was born cause my father punched her in the stomach making her loose what would been her first born baby boy. I think she wanted that boy so badly she willed me to be born male though I am genetically female. No way to prove it but it is I think very possible.
Anna Rei
March 2nd, 2017
Many types
There are many types of Intersex. Some lesser some greater in certain things. Some can be born with completely normal sex organs of the opposite gender of there genetics. Genetics are not an absolute. For various reasons signals form a child's genetics can be throw off. The right amount of each hormone given off at the right time by the mother gives the child their sexual organs not genetics. Genetic is more of a guide in this. They also play a role in mental gender in the same way. But our secondary gender characteristic we get at puberty is by our genetics. That is why I was born with completely normal male organs though they were small but mentally I was mostly female and what I got at puberty was female to. There are a lot of things that can throw off a mothers hormones. Medicines that were experimentally used while they were pregnant on women in the 1960's and 70's, exposure to radiation, hazardous materials, and even high levels of stress. If a mother feels stressed and that a male child would survive better she mite even over ride the gender of that child was genetically meant to be. I have read a lot about it and these seem the most possible to me.
Anna Rei
February 24th, 2017
One thing I know is I never like finding out some one is like me. Being Transgender is hard and even harder knowing how it is like makes it hard to see some one else be like me to. It is like looking in a mirror. You want to think of yourself as normal and yet you got a reminder right there your not like everyone else to. Suddenly all those things you hide to seem like everyone else comes out strong in you mind. That is always shocking to deal with. And then there is the where were you all my life coming into play. And then your fear to admit it to others that you are Transgender comes up. It is to much and you just want to run and get out of there.
Bigender names are getting very popular now for a reason I see. I used Ray as my name for a while cause it is used for both male and females. They just spell it different is all. I have used Rey and Raye as well. But I prefer the Japan way Rei like Sailor Mars my favorite Sailor Moon character I am much like. Anna was my child female name I picked so I like going by Anna Rei now. My mother and fathers middle names were Ray and Raye anyways. So I mostly pick to be called Ray cause of them at first. :P
Anna Rei
February 20th, 2017
@SaviourInDistress: What if I do not like either. As I can satisfy my own needs. If anything I would be closest to being truly bisexual. Being intersex is very confusing. It really is it's own thing. I am sort like gender fluid. Just my body is both as I was born with male sexual organs and I am androgen insensitive cause I am XX genetically female. Causing me to grow breasts and hips like a female. I read that most likely one of my X's tries to act like a Y cause of damage to it. So I ended up being born a bit of both genders. But I will say one thing. It is hard to be Intersex and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. But at least life is never boring for long for me.
Anna Rei
February 17th, 2017
Funny thing about me
@LittleLynn84: It is funny how I am intersex yet I do not identify as gay or queer. Really I see it as I am both genders so how can I be one way or the other. :P
Anna Rei
January 12th, 2017
I am happy to see she is at least trying to understand. But the truth is. It's is Rains choice. Not her's. I had those sorts that just never can understand in my life. But with time I have found most come around and understand. :P