Anna Rei
Intersex, Genderfluid, Bisexaul. Born a normal male and then got female secondary gender characteristics at puberty. Got boobs and hips and female like personality. And yes I have boy parts down there. I tend to float between genders in personality. But mostly I identify and fall to the female side. Please help with my Go Fund Me.
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@CatPerson: 40 plus year of hell of living as a male and I finally feel alive as I was when I was young. I find it is funny now I want to get rid of them finally. I got more balls then ever before now. Or should I say chesticles. LOL
Comig out
I came out to everyone at m church today about me being a transgender Women now. And there were very supportive of me. I said I been on Estrogen female HRT and Androgen Blockers for two years now as of this month. It been a long hard roller coaster ride. But suffering in silence for most all my life of gender identity of being female and hiding it as gotten to much for me and I had to do some thing or die. I tried to commit suicide over it many times but God would not let me die. I was in darkness of death many times and saw the light of God and reached out for it only be told it was not my time I had yet to complete some thing I had to do first. And God told me in my heart that becoming women was that thing I had to do first. I was born intersex AMAB and I am both genders but more female then male mentally. At puberty though was big tall and strong built like a male I grew breasts and hips like a girl and acted very female and was bullied and treated very badly for it. I tried to live as female for a time but ended up going back to being male out of fear. I had a problem where my body does not make testosterone at all or very little. And I am some what androgen insensitive in places of my body and my mind as been mostly female all my life. I felt more like a butch tomboy then a male all the time. My sexual desires and instincts were not male but just female. I am attracted to females only in I am always jealous I can not be completely like them in body as I want to be. And I feel my body is not right being so male like and not only female. It is a pain like no other that is hard to understand if you have not gone thru it. Growing breasts like a female helps but is also a pain to me in being male so I do not see any reason to remain some thing I will never fully be I am so very unhappy with being. I have been having a hard time with be so strongly attracted to males now as I do not wish to be gay. And I was always so small in penis size that I never could have sex as a male anyways would on get a female pregnant. I never liked have male genitals and they to me were only some thing in my way of truly being me as I saw myself inside. My life was very hard and confusing as all hell. Now I feel less so but getting use to males treating me like a girl is not easy for me at times. I got treated so badly all my life by males over being so female as a male it is very hard things for me at times to deal with as I always want to see them as the enimy out of bad habit. Females that knew me well always treated me like I was one of them and never a male at all. They were never interested in me as a male ever. Just as another female friend. I am told I am brave for putting his out. But I feel foolish and stupid and I am afraid but I have to be brave cause I have no other chioce. You would be amazed what you can do when you feel you have no other chioce. All I ever wanted to be a very strong tough loving female like my mother. And I am very much so and more. I loved being a male but I hated it very much to. It felt like my life was a never ending hell tell now. Now I feel I can move on and live and even die when God says my time as come to with great happiness and joy. I hope you that read this can under stand and accept me for who I truly am for once. I have not changed... only became more of the true me is all in being the women I really am and always have been inside. :P
Why am I feeling sorry for him when I am trying so hard not to be. I have run into these sort all the time and it as end relationships all to fast for me. :P
Anna Rei
July 13th, 2017
Like KY
Like Ky I am not afraid to take a stand for what I am anymore. I am not going back to that now.
Anna Rei
July 13th, 2017
Do not mind
I do not mind this all though it bring up a lot of bad memories for me and how I been treated all my life. How I avoid relationships cause of this. I go thru times I feel male and other time I feel female. Most of the time thankfully since on female HRT I have been on the female side mostly as I like that best. I used to feel so confused in times my mind would change gender identity as to my gender. Some time I feel I am both or neither at all to. But I find the female part stay longest and in the strongest in me. Being intersex I am both in body and mind. I am 80 female and 10% male now in body having male genitals. And my mind is about the same. But I often feel I am Gender Fluid to. Not the same as Ky but very close.
Some times
@Microrapter: Some times I even hate it being done privately but I now never leave it to be questioned and tell people out right what I feel I am. And I often just leave it to them to decide. I just really do not care what other think now as i know what I am and that is all that matter to me.
Do not
I have to say you do not call a gender fluid person what they are not dressed as. Good way to get hurt. He as the Super Power Put Foot in the Month power for sure. Never Ask any Transgender what there gender is in front of others to. If not sure... it is best not to ask at all. :P
Boy love
I have say I got into those boy love manga for a time. Though I prefer the girl love ones. Being intersex and bisexual I find both interesting. I just love Manga and Anime. But I prefer to read the Manga first. I am not surprised they are interested.
Been watching
I have been watching that to. A friend got me into it.
I never realized tell now that I have my own Abandonment issues cause of my father and what he did to my family to. It is apart of my P.T.S.D. The hardest part was when he died I was so happy he was out of our lives finally and we did not have worry about him any more. The messed up part was I no longer have anyone to blame my life being so screwed on but myself now cause he is dead. I had a very messed up child hood thanks him on top of me being intersex. And he made me being intersex seem like nothing in comparison. I can understand now what she as been going thru. It is funny how one sec people can seem so terrible and the next not so much now. :P
We shall over come
I'm watching the new 20/20 episode of Caithlyn Jenner. Her story is a lot like mine. We are both are big and tall 6' 2". We both have done amazing things as a male in our life and we have yet to stop as a women doing so. She is my hero. A sister in the fight for the transgender community. But I did not vote for Trump and she did and now she is against him hurting the LGBT community so much lately. I stand with her strong knowing I am not the only one. That there is hope and a voice out there in the public for us. We shall over come!!!. Together some day. :P
@CatPerson: Yeppers I am very happy thanks. :P
Happy Girl High
Yaaa!!! Jump for joy I got my estrogen patch HRT approved my Medicare said was no longer on there approved list. All I did was say I felt like I wanted to die with out them. And baam they got approved. I am on a much higher doses and going thru a very much happy girl high emotional feeling and I am so very happy and feel like I am a female. My breasts have even got more fuller making me very happy to. :P
Bunny cuteness over
I think I just had a bunny cuteness over load. LOL :P
I vote for Puddle.
Why does have be a human after all why not the Bunny Puddle.
@CatPerson: THANKS :) It is like big mile stone for me.
Yaa! getting my name changed to Anna Rei Smith soon. Going to get my new ID card.
It is time to Raise up and do a big March on Washington DC for LGBT Rights. Lets not put up with this hateful Trump.
Look Foreword
I look foreword to what ever you make. Chris of Misfile does two just fine so why not. :P
@Lenneth: Yeah your right I know the box a or b thing very well. I have learned time an again I am never going to fit into the just box a or b and I am a bit of both genders no matter what and I like being so. I made my own box and live in it just find. No doctors or parents as the right to play God and decide for me. Yet they try to be and do so. It is up to me to decide not them. I think it should be put off tell the child is ready to decide for themselves. And not play a 50/50 chance game with that child's life. Only if there is server life threatening surgery needing to be done should anything be done at all and just enough to not be life threatening. :p