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Anna Rei
Intersex, Genderfluid, Bisexaul. Born a normal male and then got female secondary gender characteristics at puberty. Got boobs and hips and female like personality. And yes I have boy parts down there. I tend to float between genders in personality. But mostly I identify and fall to the female side. Please help with my Go Fund Me.
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    Anna Rei Smith
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@Ulta: That not going to help those bruised ribs any. Though that is a least of there problems. As hopefully they did not hit someone. :P
She Devil
She is a she devil for sure. I agree with Misty. Also my doctor told me after I got those broken ribs to keep moving. It seems like I heal faster doing that then setting around. :P
She Devil
I hope she does not make a deal with the she devil. I would not. But it would be temping.
She knowz
@Ulta: Lets just say she knows what she knows. LOL :P
I was thinking she was think. Yeah that is what you think, but I know better.
@Ulta: I had my Gender Identity to hide was part of it myself. You could easily take Misty as uncaring and arrogant. But I wonder what is she is really trying to hide. :P
Me to
@Ulta: Me to but I wonder if it is she just likes competing and like me could care less about the fandom part. :P
@Ulta: Yes but it was first time my life I ever broke any bones. I have had badly bruised ribs but never broken tell now. :P
@Ulta: Thanks I almost died in a car accident not long ago on top of it and I was homeless three months in a shelter here after my mother died as I lived with as her care taker and I had to move and am back in a great place now. And I am healed up finally form 3 broken ribs and 15 staples in between both my knees. I used to race cars and I have been in 2 much worse racing accidents. So I knew I would get over it fast and with time I would be back mostly to normal. This all reminds me of things I did when I was younger and I was always getting myself hurt badly well competing with others. :P
Reminds me
@Ulta: Reminds me of my mother. She died back in Oct. I so wish I could have that again. I miss her very much.
I know the feeling
@Ulta: Being a Transgender male to female I so know that. You can never judge a book by it's cover. I would not mind being able sport another body like that myself LOL :P
@Ulta: Thanks to you to. The wait was so worth it. I just so want to see more. :P