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what is he? a Victorian noble?
Their data is sometimes off by a few seconds. What with free will and all...
Soo.... he's only Droo in my mind now so I was for MCCULLL61's comment I was like... who's Drew?

On an unrelated note: Droo is super hot!
ahh Drooo is so cute when he blushes.
Arco looks thoroughly fucked...
I love Arco's face in the first and second panels
@Mccull61: OMG i just reread this and i love the "floof floof"

OOOOoooo Luca is just so Cute!

Droo just needs to see baby Luca and his heart will melt :P
horrible?!? this is GREAT!!!!

it's definitely so much harder when they get their snags...
Its been so long that I totally forgot Arco has never been with a guy - LOL
That's a legit thing to worry about i think, especially since Gannet isn't very expressive (in terms of feelings) and Bailey is demi...
i just want to say i fully support this decision and they should fall in poison ivy more often! (not actually cause that stuff sucks)

also - that tub looks very big and I'm very jealous...
@Iarany: there's a reason beyond being a dog? that's even more interesting
Baski has a mat? Love it!
August 16th, 2016
Willow's about to kick butt, take names and eat soup grubbys... and he's all out of soup grubbys
August 10th, 2016
When did jack put on a shirt?
@Mccull61 I'm not sure if I've ever said it before but if I have, I'll say it again: I love how naturally and believable your comics progress.

I also love your art style!

Keep it up!

Also is Arco's spirit animal an Orca and Brynn's a Squishy Space-ship (Mantaray? No Batray from Ch3 Pg110)? And is does that explain the pages background?
Dat Ass!
2nd to last panel - crouton looks like a shark! or at least trying to be sneaky...
what i find interesting is everyone hating on Kimpossible (one my more favorite nicknames) right now.

I want to point out that he probably has a lot more emotional attachment to the horse's. Maybe even raised it from a foal. Where as he's known this dumb teenager for not very long and only because he hurt other animals in the first place. Not to mention the vet bills for the horse (even just checked out) will probably cost a lot. Though the same is probably true for Kylee if this story is in the States.

Also, yes Kimando's (my other favorite) kinda a dick for being so rough, does he really seem liek a caring grandma personality to anyone?

I can respect Kylee wanting to prove he's not a useless kid and hoping to gain some respect but he should have started a bit smaller than horse riding if he didnt even know how to put on the saddle.

So I highly enjoy this page and this comic - good job. I'm very much liking the progression and character development thus far. Very natural, which is harder to find that I feel it should be. Kudos to the author!