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January 14th, 2012
Sadly I wasn't seeing Spamalot last night :c I was stuck at home sewing cosplay (this is unrelated to everything, I'm just jealous that Dani saw Spamalot last night).
January 12th, 2012
Luc de la Fleur
Oh Luc, I hope you will all love him as much as I do~ He's gonna be a reoccuring character <3
December 12th, 2011
There are two things in this universe that make Asher that happy, guns and Kristoph XD

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November 30th, 2011
Dat gun
Stunner: a taser for the fuuuuuuuuture. Basically if pikachu were gun shaped and not sentient this would be the result. It'll knock out a target but not kill them, and is used by civilian security.

The guns Asher and Stef are toting are for realsies though~

Also, as the author I wholeheartedly approve of Stefanie's choice of attire.
November 13th, 2011
I'm about half way through chapter two writing wise. I hope everyone enjoys what is about to happen!

*edit* Luraia: I'm glad you noticed XDDD
October 7th, 2011
Come hither
OMG Asher, dat face! No wonder Kristoph can't resist you!
October 3rd, 2011
Asher decided he needed some alone time with Werner XD
You guys have no idea how funny it was helping Dani figure out how kissing works in BL. I may or may not have all the rejected panels saved seperately to my hard drive >.>

-the author (I do exist!)
I keep expecting Lena's hairstyle to sprout a hetalia curl any page now...

Another deadline has been set and since Dani is returning to Moorhead it will be much easier for me to abuse her into updating :D
Thank you ^_^

I'll try to continue my pattern of awesome writing for this comic in the future.
Page 13 as been posted on the 13th...this makes my face happy.

Also, I ran around campus taking pictures with friends as references for Dani-dono so the backgrounds are now all really accurate (sorta) to the school.
New feature: if you mouse over the page you'll get a small author blurb pertaining to the story. Really these tend to be the thoughts that fly through my head when I write these.
Sometimes they'll foreshadow, sometimes they'll explain an inside joke, and sometimes they might even be funny :P
I love how smug Karl is as he explains how smart he and George are. You'd never expect it but their IQs are both over 9000
Knowledge is Power!
Now you know (sort of) where the dragons come from!! And knowing is half the battle!
I'm so happy inside right now, the upcoming pages are gonna be even awesome-r than this one!
Its about to get good >D
I'm talking about the plot! Not the fact that Karl is currently on top of George, perverts >.>
I'd play that
SO MUCH WIN!!!!!!!!!

Then again, I love dating sims so its a given (and yes this is a really gay one)
My favorite part of this page is Ganon and the potato chip in the second to last panel. Which is really sad because Dani-dono came up with it, not me :(
The Hero
I originally named him after St. George the Dragonslayer because there were dragons in this story >.> However a string of coincidences led to him loving Star Wars and wanting to be a special effects engineer. The next George Lucas you could say...

Also I made a point of researching bloodtypes so that his would match his personality. The b-day on the otherhand is completely random.
I giggled the whole time I wrote this chapter. And considering it takes me about four hours to write a script; thats a lot of giggling.
Dance Mastah!
I wish I could play DDR like that T_T Huge props to Dani-dono for coming up with this gag.