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Trans dude who has too many comics

Lovely Icon by my s/o vivian


We have a new colorist on the team! Everyone welcome mena and say good things to her, she is amazing.
im not dead?!!?
just very busy
I work a full time job
i managed to make the 26th page on the 26th
its funny
stanley n eve my fave ace gays
AAAAAA its been a while, but I have a full-time job and that takes a lot out of a dude....
I've been slowly working on this page, and im feeling like im ready to work on another page finally.
I have a full time job thats full of stress and few money, but i still wanna make comics. I will likely keep putting new stuff on patreon more often because its mainly all drafts. I have a few big comics almost done but they are nsfw or wont show up till really later in survival situation. This comic will keep chuggin along as things come to me, but everything else is a bit of a hassle to do with work and life. o-o;;; but the more people that are on patreon the more i can post, tho most of my stuff is free anyway so really no need to if you dont mind waiting a bit for content.
We're going to try to update Thursdays too, so.................yes........
WHOOPS THIS ONE IS A BIT LATE, but i got it done so!!!!!!!!here!!!!!!!! :>!!!!!!!!
almost done with the updates!!!
Since its free comic book day, ive decided to do a 4 page update..... please enjoy!!!!! :>
our first monday update, we'll try to keep this regular along with saturday updates
I've noticed i keep making my pages like this.......... its ok, once i make new drafts more will happen in these pages, until then I'll be trying to up the pages per week
I've been thinking about it so...
It begins
they are basically siblings