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@HVoice: Atty's knowledge of Pokemon is kind of bleh... so i doubt he would know he could do that. I mean even typing was a problem for Atty and even little children figured that out easy.
@qazox: Yea its a perfect alibi but if there is a local new station¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Prior Semblance: lol i certainly agree with that
@Feartheswans: i just looked at the redone cover and a guy predicted 3 years ago that scyther would be introduced in 3 years lol
I know how HOly is about predictions but could it be a diglett in that pokeball
Atty seems pretty freaked out like he already knows what's inside, or it might be the sense of impending doom he feels since the gym leader might recognize the pokemon. Lol
@GabrielChurch: I am going to be that guy and just point this out.
Maybe Atty wasn't the one who stole that pokeball ever think about that?
@Danny: Lightning rod is from gen III so probably not, which sucks for Rat
U know if Atty uses Rat there is probably a 75% chance the gym leader will use a Jolteon with Volt Absorb and Rat's one moment to shine will get crushed or an Electabuzz with psychic will take out Weed.
I am not sure if anyone thought of this but what happened to fish was technically a crime. I mean it was pretty cruel to harm fish like that. Also isn't kinda hypocritical if you bully the hell out of a kid because you think he is stuck up since he picked a charmander when you are using one to traumatize him. No wonder a kid like him joined team rocket
Magikarp sweep
I feel sorry for Atticus that's why I think he should a Driftblim with baton pass and minimize and a Scolipede with baton pass, sword's dance and iron defense. Then he should Magikarp sweep those jerks to heck. Hopefully they'll understand the irony of the situation.
The Rat
And do you wanna know what Rat's doing right about now. Nothing! Because he's Rat and no one wants a pokemon like him except a certain love-proofed ten year old (supposedly ten). That refuses to grow up and loses to a butterfly despite having a Rat with a power level over 9000!!!!
Sorry if I started ranting.
If i remember correctly only the weak-willed white out in Mokepon. Also all fish could do was say Karp, Karp!!! Couldn't he have using his epic splash of ultimate unhindered death or at least fire his fishy lasers.
Gyarados Equation
Have you ever noticed that anger + seawater seems to always = Gyarados. Then thinks about this Charizard and Feraligator are really huge in mokepon and Gyarados is 4 times the height of a charizard and 3 times that of a Feraligatr (yes I looked it up). So in the end if the karp evolves no ones going to be safe.
What i think
I have an idea about what H0ly is going to get Atty to send out next but in my mind it has nothing to do with the lighthouse and all to do with Fish or Rat. I have a different theory about what happened with Atty at the lighthouse.
The damage of Knickers
if you hold the mouse over the image it does say "you don't know how much matter knickers can do mate" so this is possibly foreshadowing. Still can't imagine how it will happen though