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Hey. I'm Jiyugami, AKA ToroZuzuX. I will probably not start any webcomics until I graduate due to time restrictions, but I will read stuff.
I like BL. I like GL. Deal with it.
I like music, but some of it is so obscure I can never talk about it without confusing somebody. (The Wipers? Mudhoney? You've never heard of them?)

Things I tend to do (internet-wise)
- pr0n is the first order of business. It's what the net is for.
- I Let's Play on youtube as ToroZuzuX
- I also occasionally cover music on my channel
- I'm the guitarist for my band
- I write fanfiction... I currently have 3 ongoing, and am beta-ing for another author
- Watching animu
- Reading mangoes
- Watching stuff on youtube
- Deviantart
- reading fanfics
- working on my own original fiction
- gaming
- writing music, both lyrics and score
- browsing/editing TV TROPES (aka digital crack cocaine)
- browsing Wikipedia
- checking my email constantly because I'm a lonely desperate person who needs a second therapist
Wait, is P supposed to be saying 'boyfriend' in the first panel? I am so confused.
March 10th, 2017
His shirt says it all.
Okay, now this is getting trippy.
Oh boy, teenage angst, possibly served with a side of daddy issues, and some extra anxiety sauce! Definitely not a recipe for disaster of any sort. /sarcasm
You could postpone another month and have it be...

I kid, I kid.
@Stealing the City: Why thank you.
"So you're gonna go out there, drink your drink, say "Goodnight, I've had a very lovely evening", go home, jerk off. And that's all you're gonna do."
> MFW they didn't actually kiss
> (/*n*)/ _|__|_
If you know what I mean
Let's play a game of 'how long till Annie has to deal with drama again.'
*Pulls out the Sexy Sax*
Well, I'm a little rusty but it'll have to do.
Did you just...
The logic is that there IS NO logic!
Right, just don't tell Mr. Spock, and we'll be good.
Shit's about to go down.
Is it worrying that I find this page kind of funny? (I laugh at the exorcist head spin, so...)
@annann: Give it time
Kay's going to kill himself isn't he? Please tell me he won't. I like Kay, for some strange reason.
SlapJenkins has me in stitches right now.