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22 year old comic Artist from Germany
December 2nd, 2018
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A appreciate your help very much!
@neko13-san: don't worry at all, it's totally fine, you just wanted to explain your comment to me <3
I'm very thankful for your explaination!
@neko13-san: ah no no no, sorry! haha, I didn't mean to correct you or anything! Been just adding my intentions on the story. Because it deals a lot with complicated human relationships, I just wanted to throw my thoughts on it too into the section.

You're thoughts on that are totally fine, I'm mostly not interacting with comments much because I actually really think it's important that everyone makes up their own mind on it, and even maybe sometimes feeling affected by some dialoges/thoughts of the main characters and theirr behaviour. I want the reader to deal, feel and think about it, instead of just delievering every conclusion in it. So it's totally fine, don't worry.

I just felt like explaining a little why Akito feels so caught in the middle. I probably misunderstood you on your comment. So thanks a lot for explaining it to me!

Anyway, I totally agree on many things you wrote, I'm not going deeper into this now, to not spoil anything, but yeah, thanks a lot for your kind and extensive comment!
Either way, I think Chapter 9 and 10 will reveal a lot of Akito's thoughts and troubles he has to deal with. :)
@neko13-san: question is, is blaming anyone, including himself, useful at all?
His dad left when he was very young, akito is rather stil longing for his empathy than blaming him. He doesn't understand, it's like he's still the 5 year old kid that's waiting. it's a mental thing.
Not that that's a good thing. I stay out of judging the characters here, everyone who reads it should make their own mind up on it, but : Akito's mind is torn apart constantly into affection and hating everyone who's done hurt to him.
@Gnildryw: thank you!
Patreon + Upload information
Hey Guys! It's the end of chapter 8. From now on, daily updates won't go on anymore, simply because we reached the regular upload speed of this story (been updating it weekly (in german) on other websites for years already)
But don't worry, there will be new pages: 2 new pages will be uploaded once a week on sundays!
For earlier updates (3 weeks ahead) you can join my patreon for only 1$ a month. I'd really appreciate your support!

Anyway! This new upload speed that I mentioned will remain at least until chapter 10. After chapter 10 the upload speed might drop to 1 page per week, depending on how much time I can spend on this project.
I'm currently working on book 3 (chapters 11 - 15) and almost finished chap 11 :) ! trying the best I can, I'm doing all of this in my freetime after all.

I hope you still enjoy this story and thanks a lot for all your support, sharings and comments!
@IronDog: hey! Thank you very much for all those comments you left on my story so far! I'm very glad you keep telling me how you feel about it, I very appreciate it, just wanted to say that!
Have a nice evening
I might recommend you to re-read the beginning of chapter 2 and chapter 4 (page 31)
@WingFreak: nice to see you again then :) I hope you're enjoying this project as well
@IronDog well noticed
@KaiterSkate: let's see when shorty will get that. haha
@YunikoYokai: thank you very much!
@GayerThanARainbow: feel you there :) thanks alot for commentating so much and the fav!
@Gnildryw: thank you very much >< I'm glad you enjoy it!
@MJ6ixo: thanks a lot!
@Tatooine47: outch :D
@Gnildryw: haha yes so true
LMAO so accurate!
@KaiterSkate not yet! <3