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22 year old comic Artist from Germany
@IronDog: hey! Thank you very much for all those comments you left on my story so far! I'm very glad you keep telling me how you feel about it, I very appreciate it, just wanted to say that!
Have a nice evening
I might recommend you to re-read the beginning of chapter 2 and chapter 4 (page 31)
@WingFreak: nice to see you again then :) I hope you're enjoying this project as well
@IronDog well noticed
@KaiterSkate: let's see when shorty will get that. haha
@YunikoYokai: thank you very much!
@GayerThanARainbow: feel you there :) thanks alot for commentating so much and the fav!
@Gnildryw: thank you very much >< I'm glad you enjoy it!
@MJ6ixo: thanks a lot!
@Tatooine47: outch :D
@Gnildryw: haha yes so true
LMAO so accurate!
@KaiterSkate not yet! <3
awwh what a gentleman <3
@knorq: thanks a lot!
@deee45: thanks a lot!
@sstogner1: I hope you'll enjoy it! <3
February 25th, 2017
@Lizbet: really sorry for that, I didn't noticed it's been the wrong pages. I reuploaded the english ones, thank you.