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I am nice, clever, brave, brilliant, "smexy". good in bed (I can sleep for AGES), tallented (just watch the way this bull flows), look great in whatever I wear, have great hair, smell wonderful...
And whatever else.

Yeah, and all that makes me sound like a girl. :p
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    Michael John Morris
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Stange Case was a brilliant comic. You should mirror it on DD! Ah, one of the best.
It's Mastershake!
I want a closer look at that lady knife... Ooo, she's sharp!
The Fork is a funnier writer than you. Hi ya!

^_^ Very cool.
Good, good. I'm glad to see you're staying on Both SJ and DD! We know the vaugeries of the inetrnet all too well...
Good cover Chris!
You just can't be too careful with webcomic hosting site. Spread it around and spread it well....

So says the big giant head!
Ah, some more of you KILLER writing. I don't know many comics that are on a par with you in that arena... pretty much none?
Killer are too.
You're not going to post any on the new and revitilised Drunk Duck?
That's a good page with nice clean art you've got there,
I do my bit to put your score up.
Come back to drunk Duck ^^
Come back to drunk duck ^^
DD is really back now
It seems it IS up and running now ^_^
And they want all the old DD comics back up again.
That means you!
Keep you're work on askjeeves too of course. It's always good to have it up at lots of places just in case.
Drawn very well here.
More ghostly, demonic visions. This can really be quite a scary webcomic.
Just brilliant Chris.
Finally, the full transformation. The evil is really working through him.
Aw, now the suspect is in control...
You know how to make things twist!
I am here to comment on your slick work now.
Amazing costume there Brick. Lovely stuff man ^_^

I've had to register here to comment. Ah well. I won't put a comic up, but at least I'll comment.
That armour is fantastic!
Pinky TA is beta testing the new Drunk DUck: