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I'm a simple person who loves to draw, read, and 101 other hobbies!

I also love to talk to people so don't hesitate to say hi!
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@Scorpio730: Thank you! And yea, Julie is a bitch lol
It's my birthday so I did a double update!
No. WP is discontinued because I didn't have a set story and I wasnt comfortable with my art. This I different with the only change characters being Caden.
Samir thinks with his stomach in the mornings
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Samir is an honest man.
No arguments from Samir! He tells it straight!
Pffft I love that bottom corner reaction XD
Well then, someone had a wild night ;)
Decided to continue chapter 1 because I didn't want a short chapter!
First chapter done!
Thoth is a babe in his god form <333
@crazylupus: Just don't let Seth get a good view of your tight little booty! XD
@Amega: Unfortunately I'm not updating this one. I kind of revamped the story in Changeling where Samir is still there ;w; sorry!
Luca is so innocent lol
I guess this is better than getting yelled at!
Oh hell no! Anubis better fuck Seth! Or Jerome kicking him good!
All i can see happen is Jerome seeing Seth on his own. He has questions and wants to know Seth's side of the story on this...I also miss seeing Anubis' manly form T w T
Their reactions in that last panel are great! XD