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Fleur's expressions are adorable on this page x3
That is one shiny
@Guest: I'm actually friends with Mcull61 and she knows I adopted her way of making dark borders since I use bright colors. I assure you I am taking WSC on a whole different turn than The Maple Effect and Maddie knows a bit of how the story is going. I am not trying to copy her and she knows that if it seems like I am, she can come and talk to me about it.
Baby Luccaaaaa <33
That last panel is sexy
Let's see if our king will change his mind...
A wild Julie appears! And who is it she's showing?
Commander is a babe ;)
@retsof: Hmm, kinda. After 7 years of being mostly in the US, Zachary kind of lost his accent. Unless he gets really angry or too excited, then his accent comes out. :)
@Chococookies: No, it was on my part. Idk Why some of pages decided to not show. but I did fix this one and the page before it!
@Calz like no other: literally an hour lol I had his name,ethnicity, and personality down awhile ago but I had to figure out other stuff.
Zachary Wolfe
((Wanted to do small Bios so you guys have more of a view of what kind of person each of WSC Character is, Of course, we start with our baby here))

~Name: Zachary Isaac Wolfe
~Age: 20 (Birthday is September 19th)
~Sex: Male (gay)
~Ethnicity: Irish
~Height: 5'5
~Weight: 118lbs

~Physical Traits
-Orange hair
-Green eyes
-Occasionally seen with glasses

~Personality Traits
-Quick Witted
-A bit secretive

-Born in Dublin, Ireland, then moved to Washington DC, Virginia when he was 12.
-Skilled in the kitchen but prefers to bake desserts then cook dinners.
-Tends to hide things from people because he doesn't want them to worry.
-Hates running and any major exercising.
-Rather sit at home and curl up with a book then go out.
-Has to wear glasses but kind of hates how he looks in them.
Chris, chill. They talked and kissed,nothing more....yet. :)
Raven King is a babe. even when he's angry and commanding.
Kylee's face screams "shit, this asshole is hot"
Ya just had to kick the poor pup D:
Aww baby...
but I can see why he's deciding this. Brynn only got better and pulled through school for Arco but he hasn't really focused on what HE wants to do. I hope Arco will understand his decision.
@Calz like no other: Thank you! It's slowly getting better and I'm enjoying it. I just wish i was faster because I already know what's going to happen in the next 2 chapters lol

((ps. nice name!))
@Amega: Thank you! I think what I hate most was Emilio's face in the third panel. It took me a while to do
@Seve: Thank you! I kinda like this shading style so I might work with it better!