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I'm a simple person who loves to draw, read, and 101 other hobbies!

I also love to talk to people so don't hesitate to say hi!
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Something you'll enjoy I hope!
Time for a new comic! Hope you enjoy it!
How to confuse a demon: Kiss his cheek <3
January 8th, 2018
@corrupted-mooch: both. I mean just bot too long ago they were kicking each others asses lol
@Mccull61: Eventually they'll realize life is a little easier with each other uvu)/
I can't wait to see Malik and the others react to all this!
When you think you relate to the alien, you still relate to the sad human. I never self harmed but I relate to drew with having to take medication and such >.>
January 6th, 2018
That moment when your annoying partner is pretty damn hot
It's not New Years yet for me when I post this but it might be for the rest of you guys!

ANYWAYS! I'm sorry for being gone these past 3 months or so. School,holidays, and planning a new comic as well as this one has taken up my time! So, When Spring Comes will be back (ironically before Spring lol) and look forward to me newest comic. That one is still in development because I still don't know a title yet and it's one where I want to take time with the pages.

So, look forward to that!
Anubis,ya better start talking or Seth will have a new favorite human!
@M-24: True, but it could be more than just "oh you look like him so i like you' and Anubis isn't saying anything
I have this feeling he's gonna tell Jerome that Kahim is really close and Anubis just likes him because they have the same face.

Pretty much, Anubis only likes Jerome because he looks like Kahim and not like him for who he is.
This made my day and i love it. :'D
November 22nd, 2017
Well shit, H.E. has a fine body ;)
@Myth2: Well, I'm just saying that in Texas there's still guys like that. You may have never come across them but there's thousands of people in the state and a lot of guys still have that view. Stereotyping or not, it was just my 'what if' scenario.
@deee45: ikr? Emilio doesn't know how to make friends
@Calz like no other: A little sooner. I had it set to post around 8 am instead 3pm
Emilio is not only a hot asshole, but he's also a defiant butthead.
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I love that Oathi is a literal giant bird dad.
@Leewings: I have a few ideas. One of them is since they're in the middle of Texas, a lot of them are like that =O