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Thank you soo much ^__^
You actually visited my deviant?
I'm not sure yet, probably something like "Note"
I'll be sure to PM u when I post it up ^____^
why would I delete my comic?
Though it's not one of the best ones, I'm glad that there are people (like fayt and crimsonpearlvoice) that enjoyed it and commented ^__^
I'm hard at work on the new comic titled "Note"
It won't be summited in a while (not in a couple of month I think >.> trying to make the quality good)
But I hope you guys will read it too <3
Reminder that it's a Naruto fancomic featuring Naruto and Hinata as a the pair, and also it's an short AU ^__^
as promised a extra picture of Allen and Nina XD
I'm pretty bad at make out scenes and since this mini-comic does not have one, I though I should draw on ^-^
Well this is the last page =d
(Told ya it's gonna be short >..>)

Stick around for a picture of them =D

P.S. I'm drawing another comic with my friend. This time it'll be in better quality =D
Hope you will read that one too =D (It's a Naruto X Hinata fan comic ^-^)

Thank you for read <3
Well it's near the end ^___^
More loving =D
The last day of the year 2007 =D
ty ^-^
And the laugh XD
*Have to ask my friends how to draw a laughing face >.>)
The Truth Reviled!!
I realli like how I draw Allen and Nina here ^-^
Because of a request,
I have started to type the dialogs.
Is this better?
Happy Holidays guys =D
Don't worry =D, I can't make them look older even if I try =_='''

I guess I can try writing the dialog on the computer... I know my hand writing is pretty bad... ><
Please comment ><
I was never married, and I don't know anyone that jsut got married, so I have no idea what marriage is like...
Let's just pretend it's like that =D
They're just married so very lovey dovey XD
Man.. I'm really bad at backgrounds..
Please post a Comment =D
I wold love to read what you think of my comic =]
please enjoy =D