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A Superb Villain
Hero is a "glass half full" kind of guy, I see.
Hero intercepting psychic pleas; truly the most cunning of heroes.
That's one way to use heels in combat.
All I can think about is why there is a mural underground. Who put it there? Why?
Save progress? This is Intense difficulty!

No checkpoints, lower drop-rate, and perma-death. We hardcore!

Oh, and it's also pretty exciting to see the first chapter come to close. An enjoyable beginning to an epic adventure. Best of luck, Oolong, we'll be here with out every turn of the page!
Goodnight, sweet prince.

We hardly knew ye.
For his first time, Hero's doing fairly well.
Nice game face, Shopkeeper.
I am certain there are worse means of discovering heroism.
Act Casual
No sense in panicking.