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Rennis Tora
I like to collect old stuff like swords, armour, tools, watches, and other assorted things that strike my fancy.
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    Richard Field
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Not 100% sure but, don't they make more a hissing/growl sound rather than a pure growl? Stupid think to get hung up on I know, just wasn't sure if I was remembering wrong?
Inner Thoughts
I'm wondering just what it is Deniz is pondering in the last two panels... It might be fox booty, or something unrelated.
So the comic is based in a micro nation?.. Interesting, I had been wondering.
All things considered, the hermit life would probably be the safest for the hybrids when you think about it... Hell, maybe if someone DID find them they could play it off as being some kind of tribe of a yet unknown humanoid species.
A damsel in distress no longer, it is now Svana's time to be the hero!
@Kenno Arkkan: D: I'm not evil,promise! It only happens after I've lost the rest of my territories and only have Australia left to defend.
Well at least she didn't "turtle" herself up in Australia, that's usually how my play sessions end, with the other players giving up after a war of attrition.
At least Rex isn't around, that could turn awkward fast.
Rut-Ro Shraggy!
Reminds me of my childhood, pillow cases full of candy and soda.
She had to win somehow, she's Willa!
Rennis Tora
September 18th, 2016
Welp, let's hope they don't put in anything with humans having some genocidal war with non humans...
Don't show Avatar!.. Although I guess
the part about love crossing boundaries would be touching?
Rennis Tora
September 18th, 2016
Adventures of Ol'Lefty
Watch as a ghost leg ventures out into the world on his own five toes, trying to find meaning in his new found freedom.
Rennis Tora
September 18th, 2016
I lover that THAT'S what she's broken up about form this exchange.
Woman takes her job seriously, giver her that.
Rennis Tora
September 18th, 2016
"Hey... Eh, who am I kidding?"
Why deny the truth am I right?
I love that he was about understand his mistake, but then NOPE.
Kenno Dew, coming to a store near you!
I'm surprised she's alright with the vacuum, I mean I'm human and even I can't stand how loud the things get...
Welp, that could have gone better.