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bae is bae
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Your back
glad to see your back!
they are the best bosses!
One punch!!!!!!!!!!
Great teamwork
This was a really cool way to show their teamwork. I love it
I love Pixie
her hats keep changing with her personality and i love it. also pixie should be a artist with that skill.
I had no idea sonic was in this comic.
lol she not worth the time
when the times comes
my question is when the time comes for mewtwo to go maga (and this will happen.) are you going to you mewtwo "X" form or the "Y" form?
thats explains a lot
@Flamelight7: dont question its a cool guy with a sword!
she awakens
for someone to be sleep for so long she sure doesn't waste anytime going a move on.

p.s love the hat! its super cute!!!
I can see it.
I dont know how but i can see your art looking cooler than before. I'm not sure what it is but, i think its your shading that make your kats look amazing.

I'm justing letting you noticed that noticed and i really like it.
@LittleLynn84:shit always goin down at the mall.
just because we're at war does not mean we can't be polite to other mons.
thats poe dad
I see where poe gets it from. honestly if neko had poes power humans would be in even more chaos than now but i have a feeling poe might get his power taken away soon. i hope not though. it would be a lot cooler if poe took over as ruler of humans and demons.
remember that fear she had. I think she's trying not to by changing the subject and keeping focus on something else. I think its the smart thing to do but, i could be wrong. also i love there lore here. I always thought of lugia as a lord of the seas.
lol i thought the same thing. this explains a lot.
well neko is not wrong here that is him in a sense.