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to Noelle
that's cuz scene kids range from ages 5-16 :D haha! [not saying he's actually 5]
On a roll!
I love my break. i bet you guys do too, i've been updating like mad! sorry if the other two pages were really hard to read, i'll get around to fixing it up like usual someday... man, break is coming to an end on the 19th. suuuucks.....

Janet may be airheaded, but she knows boys and korey (: oh yeah, and yay for 100 pages! can you guys tell i love drawing these girls? cuz they don't look like crap. haha!
to killer-chan
yes, that is me. haha, good eye sniper!
I just noticed i actually went over 100 pages. well, almost. one more in comic pages and that'll hit it. this is the most longest comic i've ever worked on, ever. in my life. thanks for letting it happen and pushing me forward, people <3 << i went as far as making a less-than-three! yep.

haven't seen these girls in a while, so i thought i'd throw a real quick sketch out here for you... though they will be appearing in the next few pages. sorry for those of you who want to know what happens to kyle, *EVIL LAUGHTER*
hey guyz
there's a page before this, so go!

and i really cant draw my SCSC characters anymore. i have gotten out of practice, haha! ignore shitty drawings of daniel and kyle! ....or maybe you guys can't tell, but really this time around it was really difficult drawing them strangely enough. probably because i've been doing life drawing and stuff like that for weeks on end D:

anyway as you can see, i got lazy. and i like adding comic relief to too serious pages like this one. the guy calling kyle a weenie head? well... Nozmo 's Skye called some guys a weenie head. thought i'd run with it. P:
dawww jing and skye have something in common now! three weirdos that torment him hahaha
no, the other page really was a continuation of the storyline (:
HAHA, i love your comment, so funny and so true, why the hell should we explain how character's hairs suddenly grow longer when all that really matters is the storyyyy :D well... logic may be shot because what if ruby's hair all of a sudden went down to her ass..... eh.
to: scene kid
take a look at my deviantart scraps section for my pictures P:
gosh... no need to be so mean, invisible critic. D:

im surprised alot of you actually liked the change, i was expecting all of you to freak out [and some of you did mad crazy]! HAHA! well, for those of you who were completely against the change of style, lucky for you it was an April Fool's joke! a terrible one, i know ): BUT I LOL'D. it was fun drawing them that way.

P.S. as for Kyle, it wasn't his eyelashes that made his eyes dark... it was actually dark eye liner! oooh well.
Hey kids, an update! like the art? well, i've been bored with SCSC's usual art style lately, and i think this way is alot more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. plus, you can have a better understanding of how the characters are supposed to look! :D what do you guys think of the change? sure, im sure some of you will miss the old style but hey, life goes on like Jeph from Questionable Content, he changed his art style alot since his first page!!! [or is that because he just got better? ...oh well.]

for those of you who haven't read my last update, check out the new fanart (in Stuff) and links section!!! :D i've been good this month, eh?
thanks for voting! and for lot's of good advice and alot of encouraging words, you guys are the greatest :D i've decided you know what? fuck it! SCSC has been going on for like 4 years, it'll be a damn shame to put it down now, eh? sorry to scare alot of you guys, i think i had a moment cuz midterms were coming up and i was so stressed out with so much homework that i think i snapped...sooo.... no worries, SCSC will continue to update! *cheers* but i'll say now, it'll be some very spaced out updates, that all right? and about the many of you who voted for a new comic well... who knows? ;)

oh yeah, and great news! my scanner is fixed! (obviously) so... no more crappy camera usage :D *more cheers!* and btw... shoujo bubbles? FTW! boys in shounen-ai manga are such drama queens
okay... i said i'll be updating, and i wanted to do a full on beautiful colored artwork as a good comeback.... BUT MY SCANNER IS DEAD. i had to use my camera.... wtf. okay. is life trying to tell me something? HAHA!! sorry guys, best i can do for now...

i'll try coloring it later :/ Korey was drawn on a separate page as you can tell
n00b freshman made me cry with joy
AT compare-ers
aaaactually, speaking as a comic artist, i HATE it when people compare my artwork to other comics. And i've seen lot's of polls, and yes many many artists hate it. it's like saying our style isn't original at all. also it's annoying when you're trying to create a character all your own and then someone comes along and says "HEY Ur ChaRacter reMinds me Of THIS charaCter LMAOWTFBBQ!!111one"

I mean... i don't really mind, but even i get annoyed at the amount of people comparing Nozmo's art to Death Note [i dont know why though. i see NO resemblance at all. her art is her own i'd say]. I'm sure the first time she didn't mind, but after like what, the 50th person comparing? yeah.

so uhhh... i personally think it's better to just not compare at all just in case while complimenting their work. I'm sure you guys can do better "compliments" other than comparing. There are plenty great things to say about Alternate
</wall of text>
David is a bit spontaneous and pushy.... then again Daniel is a pushover, lol! Daniel likes to keep it old school with a CD player and big ass headphones <:

No, i am not making them go to San Fran...David is just being silly, lol

and about Kyle's hair... no it didn't change or anything in the comic's point of view... just that em, i looked back at the old pages and i know i drew hair pretty crappy... this is how they were originally supposed to look o.o;; i stopped being lazy, eheheh!
Camilo has a beauty mark on his cheek like me 8D
finally saw the "author comment" option now. im so dumb ): anyway yeah... Kyle is just a typical emo loser xD;; but hey, he made himself that way. i personally dont have a myspace or care much for it, but hey, this comic is not to express my views [kinda sorta] it's how an emo kid looks at life >_>

he's the type that has a 1000+ friends [on Myspace], lol!
LOL i know gosh Kyle leave them alone 8D durrdurr
har har~ im a smackjeevian too now P:
Mebbe Luther likes Bailey? du~nno. i wonder what Xin was gonna say?
and skye's brow must hurt from frowning so much? >_>