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I used to have a different account with a webcomic, though I wasn't able to retrieve the account after trying to revisit it after some years of absence. I do not think I'll continue those comics unless I am able to get the account back... though the far possibility is there. If you wish to see my previous works, here is the link.
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November 9th, 2015
Taylor always sort of looked like a dude - but in this last panel she looks like an alien? I don't know I don't really care for it. It's such a jump in style for the main character.
Original Creator here.
Been some years. I have lost access to log into my Fluffbomb account - and so my efforts on the comics attached to that account have ceased.

If someone knows how to transfer comics from one account to the other, hit me up.

I technically have one more page of this finished, it is on a deviantart account here:

The comic I'm fiddling around with on my new account (This one) is also animated, though not as fluidly as SESH, for sake of time.
Creator of the Comic here.
If anyone happens to see this, I have lost the ability to log into my 'FluffBomb' account, so I have ceased working on this comic.

If anyone knows of a way to transfer comics from one account to another, hit me up.

Otherwise I've started up a different comic on my current account that has similar base themes (Wasn't planned, but similarities are there. I just had a dream that really intrigued me is all and based a comic off of it) that I just booted up. If you liked Distilled water - You might enjoy my Mists Shadow comic as well.