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Why are you here
I can't help but think Jack is going to fight like Dampierre from Soul Caliber.
Jokes on you rain already has a date
What a perfect coincidence
Rain then turn into smug anime Wendy's girl and is like "do you even understand basic biology?" In a super sassy way
It seems the new pages are a...
When someone's hair changes color suddenly, you know it's from a certain anime
I sense someone's being judged. Also you changed the comment section so I can comment on mobile, and to that I thank you
Haven't seen it before. Can you show the clip where M2K gets falcon punched
I'm not the best at games like MtG and Yugi-O but I'm pretty sure you have enough life to withstand two damage, so doing that kind of devalues the point of returning an attack. Again, I'm no expert and you can criticize me.
I'm just reading this and I'm like "best April fools prank ever."