I love drawing webcomics as much as I love reading them. Everything I write will probably have some sort of GL in it. Also, I draw in a couple of different styles so don't be surprised if you look at more than one of my comics and they look like they've been drawn by different people.

Webcomic Statuses:
Taiki: The Webcomic = [2006-2012: Finished]
Pokemon: UQ = [Started in 2010 - Ongoing]
CMYK = [Started June 25, 2013 on it's own site: http://www.cmyk-comic.com/]

Kingdom Hearts: CS = [Started in 2007, on hiatus]
Riley: Fighter for Hire = [Started in 2004, remake started in 2010, currently reworking, on hiatus]
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Hey everyone, I wanted to apologize for not updating this. I started my original comic CMYK ( http://www.cmyk-comic.com/ ) a year ago when I stopped updating this. I just wanted to let you guys know that I will finish this eventually. My other comic just takes priority.
@No life Guy: I'm not sure what document form means.

@willy5000: I've been concentrating on my original comic that I launched 1 year ago. I can't really market this, being a fan comic but I will continue it when I have more free time.
@super chao: She'll learn soon enough. ;]
I really like this page. :D
July 4th, 2013
Yaaaaay! I'm so happy to see this update. I can't believe it's been 5 years, wow!
Let's get this updating agaaain.
Phoenix Comicon is next week! Hopefully I can get more pages out once that is over.
@c:: Thanks! :D

@Truna: Haha wow! Thanks so much!
That's a pretty sweet move Bailey pulled there. haha!
Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay between the last page. I've been working non stop on stuff for Phoenix Comicon! It's the first convention I'm going to with a table to sell stuff. So pages will be slow until June. Thanks for your patience!
April 16th, 2013
I just started reading your remake, I really like it so far! I can't wait to see what happens! :D
I'm so sad I missed the nominations! I would have nominated this comic too! xP It's my favorite Yuri/GL comic on Smackjeeves! Congrats and Good luck!
Other changes to note, I will be giving Pokemon at least 1 color from now on. And Luke won't have food in his hands all the time. It was getting annoying to draw and it's not all that funny. lol
Hey everyone! With the start of chapter 3 I'd like to tell you guys a few things. This chapter is going to be really long as I'm trying to add more stuff to the story than just the normal going around and getting badges. Also, the order in which Taylor goes after her badges may differ from what everyone is used to based on the games. As this is not entirely based off of the game I'm relying on the actual map of Kanto to direct where she's going, not what happens in the game's story. I hope everyone is still able to follow along and enjoy the upcoming pages! Thanks again for your previous patience between pages!
Mmmm... cake!!
This comic so far is awesome! I can't wait to see what happens next! :D
Waaah... I drew this 4 days ago and forgot to upload it.
Oh that Misty.