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For some reason I REALLY like the Hailey the glameow’s design and I don’t know why XD
Maybe it’s the soft greys, whites, and pinks, and then the bright pink on her eyes to help her eyes stand out?? Idk but whatever it is I really like it, hope we see more of her X3

Also, I wonder if their pasts could potentially be connected to the lab, and that’s why they don’t talk about it? ...
Geez Twilight why you gotta be so edgy
That’s so cool, I would have never guessed! I thought it was just because Twilight wanted to pursue his edgy dreams tbh X’D

Also, can I say how much I LOVE the new cover? It looks so much more interesting than simply Cancer sitting in the middle. Now, Cancer is standing on a cliffside, looking into a starry night, which is MUCH more interesting! The indigo colors of the night sky are so pretty too! Your art has improved so much. X3
I’m guessing that this is when our two protagonists meet? :3
Lmao those video game references though
By any chance, is the game next to Pawagemu Pokemon? :3

Aaa can’t wait to see what you have in store for this story, I love this intro X3
Whenever Keila doesn’t have a scarf, she just sets out to create one herself
Yeah you go girl make that scarf

Also Mirja’s house looks so cozyyyy 10/10 would live there.
And all the details you put in your backgrounds help to add to that cozy effect! Like I love the little photo frame and those cute little coloring pages X3
Btw for some reason I keep thinking Mirja is Donny’s mom but I can’t remember if you actually said that or if it’s just my imagination :’3
I really like how you’re building up this pokemon world without humans, yet still using the concepts in the game, like pokeballs! It all makes so much sense, and is super interesting :3
Although, it would suck if someone accidentally used their pokeball on themselves while they were all alone in some remote place, because then they couldn’t get out X’D
Man those kids are so edgy I bet they were down there at the lake listening to their MCR because everyone knows that the lake is the most edgy place to hang out

I’m really enjoying the dialogue transitions between Carnelian and Cinder! It all feels so natural, which I really enjoy, and you can definitely tell that these two are close friends, despite the readers only being introduced to Cinder not too long ago! Great job :3
That last panel makes me laugh so hard oh my god I love Pandora XD

Also, I really love how you’re building up your characters this time around! Susan is so much fun, while I didn’t care for her back in the original, this time around, she just feels more ... fleshed out? Idk what the word is but I’m absolutely loving her this time she’s so precious.
And I love how much more complex Pandora is! She’s not a boring protagonist hero anymore, she seems so ... mysterious, and I have so many questions regarding her. She also feels like a darker character too, with how she’s lying to and manipulating Susan. Which of course that is super interesting geez these characters are so fun to watch X3
Welp time to hurl scardycat Dusty into the heat of battle even though he has absolutely no battle experience
This should be fun >:3
Them spooky governmentsssss

Geez, your landscapes look as gorgeous as ever, and I’m just completely in awe
SERIOUSLY they are so rich and vivid and give your pages this beautiful green and yellow color scheme and geez
I don’t know how you do it X3
And once again we see the quiet and thoughtful side of Sycophant mannn I love him he is such an interesting character. I can see why so many people seem to look to him for advice and wisdom. ^^
Oh silly Tess you can’t be in on the game because you’re the PAWN in this game.

Also, this page looks really great, despite the fact that you had to redraw it! God I LOVE your cel shading it’s so detailed and looks so clean X3
oh god what is this monstrosity of a page
well at least I’ve improved I guess
(I’m quoting Bow on this)
(Sorry for not posting it earlier, I felt too trashy at the time to do so. I feel a little better now though, so here we go)

Its...been a while
This is Bow
So I've gone back and looked at the old comics and mine are CRINGGGGGY (everyone else's are great) and the plot makes no sense.
so does the name. The Pokemon Government. I have plans for the comic and the name makes absolutely no sense at ALL.
So, if ok with the other authors, I've decided to do a reboot.
This was a hard decision to make, but I think it'll help the comic along quite a lot. I definitely want to keep the characters, but I might change some things around. If you have a deviantart account, msg me and we can talk about it.
This may be the last update for a LONG time or it may not.
Thank you for reading all of this.
See you in September,
Vent Incoming
I don’t even know what to say
I know what happened despite the deletions
I’m so sorry that I was gone all day and couldn’t help solve this
What the hell everyone messed up here
Sky’s side messed up
Discord side messed up
Even the bystanders messed up for their inaction
I know why everything happened. I’ve listened to all the sides of the story. I know Sky’s side, I know the Discord side. And I also can understand and sympathize with why each side acted in the ways in which they did. Heck, I even understand why the bystanders stayed silent, I know that it’s really scary to get involved in such a messy flame war.
Yet, each side was flawed in some way, shape, or form, in regards to how things were handled ...
And thus the fight was fueled, rather than quickly extinguished, and escalated into hell and it’s all ruined
Or at least it feels ruined to me, but it could just be my anxiety getting the best of me
I feel so frustrated and sad about everything right now.
But regardless of how upset I might be with what happened, I still love you all
I love you all so freaking much
And above all else, I just wish I could have been here to help make things better
I don’t know if I would have been successful, since that was an extremely messy fight ... but at least I could have sayed that I tried
But I wasn’t here, and now each and every one of you has gone through pain, and I hate to see that
I’m so sorry for the mess that today was.
I hope that tomorrow will be better, for everyone’s sake.
I love you

(btw, I need some time alone for now. so yeah, if I don’t respond to messages, then that’s why.)
@Guest: because that’s what she wanted the design to be ^^”
@Little: I saw the comment you posted here ^^”
First off, I’m not angry at you ... I know what’s got you angry with Sky, and I see your point.
But I’m confused.
I’m confused as to why you and Sky continue to argue, when it only hurts and upsets both of you in the end ...
Yeah, I know that you don’t really like her, and there’s been stuff between the two of you in the past. That’s fine. I don’t expect you guys to get along, we all have people we don’t really like, that’s just life
However ... if you don’t agree with what someone does, shouldn’t you just not bother with them, and move on with your life? It’s a burden off your chest, and you won’t have to be stressed all the time about the “drama” relating to them.
Creating an argument and fighting against her doesn’t solve anything, it only creates more of the drama that I know you dislike ...
Because then Sky gets upset, she creates more vent art, then you’re upset and frustrated again, and it’s just a vicious cycle. Neither of you are happy in the end ...

And speaking to everyone in the community now ... could we all just let this go? Not just the awesomeabsol stuff, but like ... ALL the arguements and hate that seem to have plagued us. I feel it’ll make us all more at peace in the end, without our grudges weighing us down. I just want everyone to be happy. <3
And like I said Little, I’m not mad, I get it. But I just want the stress to end. For all of us. And that includes both you and Sky. <3
oh crap now I’m worried that this is all dumb rip in anxiety
oh well
... this is just what happens when you get me going about something X’D

I deleted this comment because it was so freaking long that it was crowding Sky’s comments section, which didn’t seem very courteous ^^”
So I’m posting it on my own place whoo
But yeah I’ve got you Sky :D

Oh and also the guest linked a PM from them and I can’t see Sky typing like that?? It’s just not the way in which she talks, and not the way I can imagine her responding. Why would she pretend to be a parent, of all things? Once again, someone else, who likely often uses complex sentences and likes sounding mature, probably typed that, pretending to be a parent.
@Awesomeabsol456: Please stop acting impolite.
You know, it’s considered really rude to get angry at artists over requests, especially when they’ve got personal life stuff dragging them down ...
Please be respectful and understanding next time you make a request.