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umm my spirit animal is an iceberg lettuce :3
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    Sarah (but just call me Mid)
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@EeveeEon: Why not? You seem to be much happier though ...
Will you still be on Discord? :3
Hi Bea! I saw your new art on DeviantArt (the no furries left behind one) and I'm so glad that the art school is going well and you've even got a new friend! X3
See? It all turned out okay! ^^
Do you feel any happier? Do you plan on coming back soon? :3
Daaaaaang talk about vengeance issues
It's Waaaaluigi
@TheJGamer: Thank you! I'm glad you like it too! :3
@WildfireK: @Darvin:
... It's not there because I'm scared of drawing legs that are in that position at that angle because I'm afraid it's going to look like something else :'3

Also to Wifi about the shading, thank you for the compliment! I've just recently started using the fluffy watercolor brush for shading, and I love the texture it gives ^^
But nah, my shading is no better than anyone else's :3 It's all a matter of style, and I think your style is great too!
It's been so long since I've drawn a pikachu yet it turned out so cuteeeeee X3
@WildfireK: Widfire lol I didn't know you wanted to change your username to that
@WildfireK: Would you marry, kiss or kill Midnight Riceballs, Chewbacca, or Cdoom85?
@WildfireK: Nice XD
You still wanna smooch Rubystar's pretty little scarface >:3

And kiss Robbie Rotten, marry Shrek, and kill Waluigi
Because reasons :D
@WildfireK: Okay! :D
Marry, kiss, or kill Rubystar, Coalblaze, or Froststar?
@WildfireK: I see you like killing your characters :D
@WildfireK: Would you marry, kiss, or kill Shadow, Lynxheart, and Dusty? (Pick one action for each person)
I'm not completely sure how to change text size, sorry ^^"
Maybe try something like this? font-size:9pt; (except the 9 would be whatever number you wanted)
And yeah, I also think the banner should be shorter :3
Okay, I would rather not talk about the hiatus, so let's move on ^^"

Anyways, I'm restarting the prologue! Hopefully this doesn't bother anyone, but I doubt it does, since we were barely in the story anyways.
I've changed it to help explain more about what happened inside the world of SS. It's vital information, but impossible to explain in-story without seeming awkward and breaking the story's flow. Plus, this prologue could potentially be more interesting than the original.
On a side note, this cover was super fun to make :3

So, updates! I can't make any promise, since there's school in the way, but I will try my best to get more pages out!
Flolteon! :3

And my favorite of all of them is leaspeon
It just seems so calm and serene and cute X3
Sylureon :3
At least I think that's what its name is
The scribbles are confusing me ^^"