umm my spirit animal is an iceberg lettuce :3
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Lmao this page was posted a month after the comment was posted
@Espy is lazy: What, me? I'm innocent :3
Long story short 403 and I were up late at night, being silly, and he asked me to draw our characters meeting each other and this picture looks kind of like a party XD
Then again I guess it could be a birthday party, I created Zoey 3 years ago back in 2014 towards the end of the summer XD
Oh man I was so sucky back then :3

Quartz (shinx) and Crystal (eevee) belong to a dork called 403, Zoey (zorua) and Milo (lycanroc) belong to me
Playboy bunnyyyyy
Well, AOL is so early in its creation that you could probably easily fix the no plot problem without rebooting the prologue. Unless you don't like the prologue, then I'd say don't completely reboot it, and just figure out a place to start that has plot :3
HMM I joined on October 22nd, 2015 at 7:34 pm

Rule 34
Shadow used baby doll eyes!
The world fainted!
Haha I knew my theory about Wifi's true secret gender was right all along
@WildfireK: Yay, cookies!

And I did it through the use of magic :3
Actually I lied I ate two whole spoonfuls
What did I do to make Lynxie this angry?
The answer may shock you ...
I committed a great crime, did an unspeakable evil, ripped him apart from his only love ...

i stole his jar of peanut butter
How can I see Wifi's blush I thought his blush color was infrared I'm scared
@WildfireK: Idk what you look like in the dark so I will just assume you are a glow in the dark kitchen sink

And yeah, brighter light sources definitely help when drawing nighttime stuff! Plus, the light and the dark provide nice contrast :3

Maybe you can try brighter light sources in the dark, Shadow? And yes I know this is technically a reply to Wifi but I'm lazy and Shad will see it anyways so
@WildfireK: Because maybe I was talking about Rin and Shadow :O
Rin and Shadow look prettier at night.

that sounds weird but I'm posting it anyways

@ShadowStalker1128: I think I like drawing them too much, I'm pretty sure I have quite a few pictures that have a dark background, and a bright light source X'D
I do find shading when it's daytime harder and not as fun though, so I guess that evens it out.
Oooh, this is so pretty! I bet Zorri will love it! :3

And tbh I personally love scenes at night, it makes the light and shadow look prettier to me X3
Zorri, you're back!!! We've all missed you so much!
Wow, moving must have been hard. I wish I could comfort you there, but I can't, since I've never experienced what it's like to move. Just remember that you've still got us, okay? The Internet will never move away, so we won't either. ^^
And yes, I know it's changed, but it's nothing that you won't get used to with time! All your friends still love you (platonically of course). Shadow loves you. Eon loves you. Ren loves you. All your friends on Line and SJ love you. I love you. And any amount of time or distance will not change that.
And come on, your art has improved tons since you first joined too! Your art went from something that I thought was nice, but still had quite a few errors, to beautiful digital artwork that I love. Sure, you may be a little out of practice, but that's nothing that more drawing time can't fix! Still being "Zorri" isn't a bad thing, that's your style and it's a part of who you are. Keeping the same art style doesn't make you bad in the slightest. :3
And of course there's a place for you here. There always has been and there always will be. Trust me, I once doubted the same things that you did, until my friends proved me wrong. You're an amazing friend, Zorri, and there will always be a place for you with us, regardless of how much time goes by, and that's the thing that will never change. ^^
Yes I see the reference :3
Oooh, a charizard! I was wondering when the pokemon would appear! (Not that I don't like our animal friends) :3