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Hello! I’m Midnight, but you can just call me Mid or Middy. I’m a junior in high school, with a passion for pokemon and art. That’s ... pretty much all I do at the moment, haha. Hopefully I can get the courage to do a comic in the future, though!
Apologies if I don’t respond to comments or talk often, my social anxiety often prevents me from doing so. I hope this is something I can overcome in the future, though. <3
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I find it hilarious to compare these descriptions with the ones on the characters page XD
Like on the character page you have all these deep and detailed descriptions that really show off the complexity of your characters and their personalities and can even make me relate to them.
you have this old page and its surface level one-word descriptions
Sylvia’s description is simply “flirty” oh my god I’m choking XD
@Silver Eevee: okay i know i like to make a lot of silly and random guest comments but it’s actually not me for once XD
@WiispNightmare: exCUSE ME Wiisp your art is beautiful and don’t you dare deny it >:3
I mean let’s just take your profile pic for example
Gosh it’s pretty
It’s so soft and smooth, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how it’s nearly monochromatic, except for the eyes, which are full of color
See and that’s just one example of many :D
It’s the vaporeon from White Rose’s story Nikki told! The one who fought against the dark types!

Dang that actually took me awhile to figure out XD
My first guess was Tidepod, but then I checked and noticed that she had purple eyes, not green
Then I got super confused and hurt myself in my confusion
But then I snapped out of confusion when I remembered this vaporeon :D
Umm well for my custom page images I just code it like this:
<center><img src="INSERT IMAGE URL HERE"></center>
The centers aren’t necessary, I just put them there because I like having mine centered XD

Hope this helps!

Btw, this picture is adorable!
@Sky207: Thank you, Sky <333
I love you too :3
I didn’t make this, it’s from Pokemon Black and White, but who cares at this point tbh. It’s beautiful and therefore must be posted.
But yeah I found it while I was attempting to heal my soul through dank pokemon memes
@HollyTheFluffyCat: hey, thanks! I’ve been trying to practice my anatomy since it’s one of my weak points, glad it’s working :3

And thank you, Holly. I love you too <3
ehhh at first I wasn’t going to post this vent here but I kinda like how it looks tbh so here you go
@WildfireK: Nvm don’t worry about me just give Wiisp some love <333
It’s her vent anyways, she’s been feeling down and I want her to feel happy ^^
I love you Wiisp I’m sorry that stuff is getting you down haha I hope that things get better for everyone soon <3333
hahahastteh I want it to end too fuck
Oh damng that’s kinky hahahaha I feel like shit but at least I still have my jokes

Here’s the original lineart
The lineart belongs to Sky from like a year ago and I colored it in

OKAY before anyone gets mad at me, I know that some controversial stuff happened today. This has NOTHING to do with that. I colored in most of this yesterday and this morning before the fight even happened, and I still wanted to finish this piece despite the fight.
I was bored last night and looking through the Comicmaker Coloring book, trying to see if there was anything I wanted to color in, and then I saw this and inspiration hit like “BAM THEYRE TOTALLY LOOKING AT A STARRY NIGHT I HAVE TO COLOR THAT”
So yeah
Please don’t fight or anything, I just wanted to color in my idea and practice this different shading style :’3

also im sorry for never replying to your comments. I’m always too anxious to do so, but I appreciate each and every one of them so much <3
I love each and every one of you so much
I’m so sorry that this had to happen

I wish I could make a great comment that makes everything better and stops the fighting, but I can’t do that. I know that way too many people have been hurt and gotten upset for it to be solved with a simple comment.

I just
I don’t know
she feels like shit and this drawing is shit
experimented with a different shading style
what am i doing haha my characters are shit and this meme is shit but oh well
take this i guess

btw, Alice is an Alolan Vulpix, and Malik is a shadow linoone
@WildfireK: sorry for worrying you ...