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i dont know anymore
im really sorry
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Oh wow, there’s a big improvement in anatomy here!! <3
someone’s about to be grounded
why is the picture 4 down and 2 right so accurate (the one next to burning sin)
Hey, sorry for not responding to this yesterday, the past two days have been crazy online :’3

But yeah ... I think I do get it ... ^^
This is a really beautiful poem, Wiisp <3
I especially like the middle part, the one with the “To the’s”. It flows so nicely ... in fact, this entire poem flows nicely, and that meaning underneath the poem is so powerful X3
You’re a true poet, Wiisp <3

Sorry that I can’t give better feedback, unlike you, i is not a true poet :3
@pixlyJolt: I told you to take time away from the mess and reflect.
@Aura flame: Maybe it isn’t the best, but that shouldn’t matter, we’re all at different places in our art journey, and all learn and progress as we grow!
And I can say for certain that your art has grown a lot during the time I’ve known you X3 It’s so cute!

Plus, I feel like EWW’s plot, despite being only in the prologue, is building up to be rather intriguing! Neb in particular intrigues me, she’s a character that I’ve never really seen you draw, and I can’t help but wonder if something happens to her in the future ...
I also really like the dynamic of all the Eeveelutions of Destiny together. They’re like family!!

Haha, sorry that this was a little long, you just seemed to be getting a little down on yourself, and I thought you could use some encouragement X3
@Aura flame: oh, okay
Rip I really liked EWW and your art :’3
@pixlyJolt: You have been removed from the S.S. Ships author list.
You have been asked to stop, yet refused to stop, and kept trying to fan the flames, especially with the news post you made this morning.
I like to give my fellow authors freedom to post news and whatnot, but if this privilege is going to be used to provoke fights again when they are trying to burn out, then this privilege shall be revoked.
You’re not removed as an author forever, no worries, and you are free to return again in the future! But at the moment, this is the consequence.

For now, please just take some time away from this mess to calm down and reflect. Anger will bring us nowhere.
@Aura flame: are you okay, aura?
@Emerald Eclipse: (btw, thanks for listening, Eclipse!)
@Green_Eclipse: But if there was no need for it, then why does the fight keep continuing?
alright, as fun is it is to watch this tea, I’m going to try to be civil here rather than hiding behind my saucy memes.
Artists work hard on their artwork. They might spend hours on a single piece, but that’s not even scratching the surface of how hard they work on their drawings. YEARS are spent practicing and honing their drawing skills, and it all that hard work culminates into the pieces of art you enjoy seeing today. So much dedication goes into the practice of art, even creating a single piece. As such, it’s important to respect the artist and their immense dedication by giving them credit for their art, at the very least. And so, that’s what people have been asking you to do. To credit and show your admiration and respect for them!
No one wants anyone to die here. A path like that is far too extreme for our current circumstances, and even now, I’d say things have gotten too out of hand and extreme! No one deserves to die for this, alright?? But the artists are definitely deserving of their credit, and really, that’s all anyone here wants. Not violence, not death, simply respect through giving the credit.
I hope you’ll understand <3
@HollyTheFluffyCat: as for me i would have said slow down grab your bible pray it like youre tryna make your soul revival
@BowtheSylveon: it couldn’t have been Pixl because he doesn’t have the privileges necessary to do it
So idk who it was??
sobs this brings back repressed memories of C L U B P E N G U I N B U L L Y I N G
wanna argue on ramen noodles page since the other page got deleted somehow
Idk who deleted it
About to go through author privileges and try to figure it out
please come to brazil
*unholy screeching*
@Pandemiccarp743: the bodies of pandora’s victims