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@Devin17: who knows I guss...

Leafa: there's a 99% chance of you dying.
Shade: 100% if you were there, you would turn to your nightmare form and... Let's just say win in 3 seconds flat
Leafa: eh heh heh...
Firebolt: I would say .5 seconds flat but still...

Shade - Shiny Eevee
Leafa - Leafeon
Firebolt - Espeon
Dear Ms. Pinkeevee222
I looked at the title of the chapter, The box in the hole or something? Are they going back to the black mass from whay back when?
I just remembered, a long, long, long, long, long, long ect. While again we did the pokehunger games thingamabober. Is it still on or...
I like le way you draw their paws
When is le next comic with Sora in it? And when do le wallpapers come out, or did I miss somthing?
@bluefiredragon: Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemast?
Hmm... Gareth is defiantly my fav. Character! :3
"True words, so true..." *Floops down dramatically infront of Shiva* "are we fwends yet?" "No..." Is le reply one has been named...what are their names?

Why do you post comments like that?! That is really bad, if your in a bad mood post it on my comics and do it there but on someone as talented as midnight just don't! Midnight doesn't deserve comments like that! Don't be doing that!
Bast is so cute in the last panel! Yet, my heart belongs to shiva...

*floops down next to shiva and bast* *gasps* "I-I'm shorter than bast!!!!!" *droops dramatically*

Note that when I do impersonation of my OC it looks like my profile pic and pleas note I have many OC's named Shade, this is just one.
Was it the Oran berry she picked when her mother told her to pick berries? You know, from way back when?
i look closely at the screen "Vay turned shiny in the header!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KIA!" (kia is a word i made up, if it actually is real in Japanes or somthing, it is beond me) Karou and Hikarou //in eevee form// look at me oddly "i still dont get her" they say in usion
*falls from the rafters* "hiii! I'm a new eeveeninja in training!" *bows so I don't get blown up*
im dying of adorabelness! <-not a word
I love the last panel XD
@Pinkeevee222: They wear clothes? That explains how flare on put his paws in his pockets-as I now know they are from way back when
*eyes sparkel* your art style Is amazing