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small fly
Hi ! nice to meet you all I'm Chisana Hae (small fly)
you can call me Tosei kisa pizza
once again i'm back,
8 months after, i'm so sorry,
pls don't hate me, (; v ; )

Update 11/27/2016
removed Welcome to the Gay World title
will update *v*
Happy new year! & a small update!
@Riaya: ohh right! thanks for noticing! i'm the one who typed that part so ;v;, will fix in a minute.. ;vvv;
Chapter 2 is about to start *yay!*
and here's small intro for chapter 2,
hope you look forward on it! ..
release around 1st week of january ..;v;
Happy Holidays everyone!!
Here's the new cover of Into your heart! Ozawa & Teruki
sorry for deceiving everyone , !
the previous cover teru was with osamu, and cause of my hiatus year ago i didn't able to make any updates at all haha,
anyways hope you like the new cover!
, i'll be using myname tosei and english name smallfly instead of japanese name chisana hae, but the site name is still intoyourheartbychisanahae.smackjeeves ^v^
Finally i'm done will last pages of the 1st chapter,
and made a quick Christmas Greeting (i'm so sorry for the ugly drawing ;v;) ,(btw that's ozawa & teru)
Merry Christmas Everyone! and thank you very much for
reading my manga Into your heart ,
i'm happy that there are still people out there reading my comic.. again thank you! and have a merry christmas, . new updates n cover in the 2nd chapter..
@Descendantrose: yes definitely!
@yasha.queen: hahaha, that can be good too haha
*Update Page 28-31..
this will be the end of chapter 1,
Thank you very much for reading!
see you soon on the next chapter!,
hope you still love to read it ^v^ ;v;
special thanks to hikigaya for helping me in script/fixing..
*will use my name Tosei instead of chisana hae/smallfly,
@Riaya: thank you very much!
Page 27, sorry for the delay!
.. i'm having a hard time with my travel,
( ;v; ) season is.. ;v;
@S.S. Princess: thank you!, glad to hear that :>>
Page 26,
wondering why ozawa looks different from pages 8-16 coz i draw them a year ago, (since i had a long hiatus ;v; i'm very sorry bout that) though here's how he really looks like ;v;
@Riaya: glad to hear that, :>>>!
sorry for delay, here's
Page 25, will upload next pages in few days,
(my place temperature is killing me ;v; .. )
Page 24
Page 23
Page 22
oops! i just noticed that on the upper left panel when ozawa says "yesterday and HE had that" it's supposed to be "yesterday and WE had that" i'm sorry typo error ;v;
Page 21