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GOOD GOD seeing this updated scared me
December 13th, 2010
This happened so many times for me...
I think something around 3 messengers met their deaths by a guard pushing them off a roof because RUNNING IS ILLEGAL NOW or something.
E.O. should get a haircut.

Voting is now over.

This is going to take a while to organise since we want to try and let every author to have their own 2 cents, so to speak.

If you had anything you were going to upload you can still feel free to upload it if you want.
We want it to be a suprise for the readers.

We might change our minds and make it public though...? Maybe.
I can understand why you want it to public though.
Okay we've agreed to make it public, but it's going to be private for a little while longer so we can sort some things out.
Just press back to see it!


1 votes

Option #2: REUNION
5 votes
Hey guys
Me, Ganato, Fuzz and EODM got together in a chat and had a big long talk about the comic and how it's... Dead.
We know some of you guys are still updating and stuff and you can still upload the comics because it isn't declared officially dead yet!
Thinking about it, really, it's almost this comics 4th birthday. On the 9th September we would have been here for four years... Wow.
You can't say we didn't have a good run - and granted this isn't the first time we've said "lololol we're dead guys bai" but this time we mean it for real.
But we don't want to disappear with a whimper, vanish forever. We want to go out with a bang.
And we aren't the only 4 authors. There are loads of you! So we're going to ask you what you want as well and to choose between these two options.

We apologise to all of you who don't want to say good bye or who don't want either of these options... But please?
A final comic for Sonic Randomness and a final good bye.
Askssfaf *guilt trips*

The grand total of 3 sprites I just uploaded to the sprite page are all I have. I'm sorry Faith. :I''
*sits in fail corner*
This updated and I didn't notice.
*single tear of FAIL*
:'D Such good times...
From what I've gathered Vinnie hasn't stopped holding his side since the whole "RAWR I'MMA STAB JU" thing with Mo. Geez, someone get him a medic.
My god, the moment I start hating these guys I love them again!
But right now it's a load of hate!

(Penelope you've got one serious crush right there.)
I fail at life for not noticing this updated.

Considering the fact this is a Sonic author comic on smack jeeves, memes are just fine XD
...Fire extinguisher...?

Oh snap, I knew we forgot something.
Glad to see this comic updating |-)
k. ;___;

Owait. It's tomorrow now.

Now we can use plan ZZ! Instead of just one zombie there's two!
...Did you set the vodka on fire?


And, darn it, now we've lost our dead guy. There goes plan Z.