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i like anime and manga, and i like being with my friends. My hobbies are drawing, playing music, making jewelry, crafting or making stuff, playing video games and reading manga and watching anime. i go to school and i have a job.
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Im sorry I havent been updating recently but i promise the next page is on its way and I'll try to have it updated this week
thank you for being so patient
hope you enjoy
thank you ill keep that in mind :)
sorry if it looks weird
a price huh?
might be a nice surprise if Cameron had said yes but i'm glad he wants to try getting through it himself. Hang in there Cameron
please kiss
im sensing a funn scene :)
oooh suspicious :3
mhm thought so :)
OMG! Drew was soooo kawaiiiii when he was young, i hope you'll update soon
OMG naked hahahahahaha the expression XD
Actually, I think that Drew stepped on the cat's tail leading him to fall into the box, while the cat ran off and tripped Cameron
buusteeeed :P how are you going to explain that one Cameron
ooooooooohhhhhhh that was unexpected XD
aaaawwww Drew that's soo sweet of you
hahaha, drew's face, that's genius
aaw Cameron, i know how you feel
Drew, chill I'm sure you'll do fine, no need to be so impatient :)