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Flashbacks to 246/247...
I spy a magikarp.
Poor guy looks terrified.
Are you saying all Tyranitars look the same to you?
Don't forget the other *other* matter, Victini is still out there doing who knows what.
My comment from the last page has been solved, as long as she can do it twice there's no reason not to take her.
Also, Gardevoir is adorable in the second panel. I think that's the first time she's smiled?
Alright, as much as it's shown that Mewtwo does things by himself too much... It has to be much faster when you're the only guy that can fly like a jet.
For him to go by himself it would take what? a few hours? maybe a day at most? Traveling with someone on foot is a significant delay.
@Shotgun Chuck
It's possible that there isn't much to steal, and I wouldn't be surprised if numerous homes had security faults. It's pretty hard to defend against theft in a world where everyone has their own brand of super powers AND you don't have sophisticated technology. Your best bet is probably a heavy, locked (if they have locks) trap door into a cave bunker. Metal walls will stop a few burrowers, but mostly you would need some sort of magic defense system... hmm, alarm system at least, maybe something that can sleep or paralyze... depends on how the world maker decides magic works.

Insulation is a good point, maybe some lower rooms are separated from that giant hole in the top level, maybe it's just a warmer climate.

I think your comments are fair, just my opinion on it.
I mean, he has the amulet for the dream thing. But he could still pose a threat to the town if he snaps...
Maybe they could just make a hut or find a cave for him outside the town that the healer can visit? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Yeah, the nightmare king was suffering from ptsd after Victini tortured him to unlock the reality engine to rewrite... You're not believing any of this, are you?
Regarding Patreon.
@troblsomtwins829: Bit of a late post on this topic (10+ days?) I know, but felt like saying something. I think it really depends on how many people view your works currently. Which I have no info or experience with.. I think other people have replied with my thoughts on the matter.

But what I really wanted to say, have you considered adding a donate button? Looked around a bit and couldn't find one. I'm not familiar with the hosting service's terms of service on the matter, but it could provide a bit of money without the additions to your workload that 'payed subscriptions' might cause.

Also, the shading looks great!

Also also, good luck on your job interview that you had... 4 days ago. I've not yet perceived the end result, so perhaps my luck can go back in time without causing any paradoxes.
A suggestion for something helpful would be pulling up grass. Just an option, no pressure.
We're probably referring to different levels of stable. I meant it in the 'not currently flipping out' way.
Though I think you're right, we could very well see him lose it at some point.
He definitely has some sort of PTSD (if not something worse) going on, and could likely use some serious therapy.
Where does a demigod of nightmares go to for therapy anyways?
Are you okay?
Not really, but I'm stable for now.
But hey, it's better than it was.
I'd guess that she does know but won't say anything about it because he's not that person.
The name has bad memories attached, so if they are starting over why not go with a new one?
Hmm? Oh right, sleeping near me causes death. Forgot about that.
If I remember right, she got the pendant to stop people from messing with her dreams.
It's likely glowing because she was asleep by Darkrai, and it was protecting her.
Edit: It was given to her in
Am I the only one who would set up some rocks and count to see how fast it slowed down, and try to figure out if it would eventually stop or at least how long it would take to consume everything?
No, Just me? Ok.
If this looks like his future though, it probably isn't stopping.
I thought hoopa was more of a contractual being. Get a binding agreement (massively in your favor of course) before you actually do anything, but I guess there wasn't time. Either way I feel like He's overestimating his hold over mewtwo.
I'm... almosst as weak... as alll of you... t-togetherr...

Oh, nice touch with the silent/faded psychic speech bubbles. Almost missed those.
Its an inverse of a copy pasta meme.
Or if that didn't make any sense, then don't worry about it, they are mostly fine.