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I love webcomics and I love my characters, although I tend to show that love by teasing them mercilessly (lovingly). Also I love loons! I am a loon.
@Meta-Akira: HAHA I'M SO GLAD.

(Oh my goodness that's just the BEST mental image)
@Tuxie: She really does have some work to do in order to make her relationship with her kid better... D:
The premier of the All-Canadian fast-food-esque coffee shop, SLIM NORTONS
@Triforce Fandom : Haha I'm glad she is somewhat realistic!
@Meta-Akira: Oh thanks! I'm glad he's looking appropriately less ticked off! :D
@Meta-Akira: He'd better pray they don't visit a museum with any horse statues
Featured on this panel: A Vanilla Dip Doughnut with sprinkles, one of the most pristine varieties of doughnuts that a certain Canadian coffee shop has to offer.

Also, happy Family Day to any fellow British Columbians out there! :D
@Triforce Fandom : Cool! :D She's proud to be there!
Nana: What's up I'm intimidating even when other people are talking about me
Caddy just HATES answering questions, but he also HATES people knowing he messed up! WHICH SIDE WILL PREVAIL?
@Meta-Akira: Hehehe, he probably doesn't even know what human children DO eat!
@Lenn: Just imagine her two bangs of hair getting closer to her mouth and then blowing away with each breath!
What could this be? Is Caddy not making a grouchy face for once? Could this mean he's actually...thinking about something??
@Meta-Akira: Oh my goodness this made me laugh so hard. He would do something like that! I can't even deny it!
@Triforce Fandom : Hahaha she IS SO LOUD, isn't she?
We started with Caddy versus Horse Ship Thingy, and now it's Caddy vs Snoring. Hold onto your horses, we haven't even gotten to Caddy vs Flip Flops, yet!