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I love webcomics and I love my characters, although I tend to show that love by teasing them mercilessly (lovingly). Also I love loons! I am a loon.
@Tuxie: It does, yeah! It just starts getting more and more brittle.
And heeere's the chapter title for Chapter 6! New character ahoy! ...And what's that she's holding in her hand?
Aaand that's the last part of the Q and A! :D I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed drawing it out!

Next week we should be getting into Chapter 6! ...Provided I beat my exams and not the other way around!
@Lenn: YEAH and there's more to come! 8D
One more collection of questions next week, and then we'll start getting into Chapter 6! :D
@Meta-Akira: Haha, NOBODY is getting over that disease!
2 page update today, folks! :D
@Triforce Fandom : You should ask this next time I do a Q and A! Maybe I will do another one in a few chapters! You might get an answer! :3
Here's the first question of the Q and A, folks! :D These were a ton of fun to answer, and I hope you enjoy them, too! Next week we will have Part 2, and maaaaybe even Part 3!
@Triforce Fandom : YES the Magic School Bus is great
You may notice some extra pizzazz on this page! That's because I got the wonderful Lorsenal (author of the sometimes NSFW webcomic The Sunless Children!) to finish shading this page while I go on vacation! She's open for commissions, so check her out if you want gorgeously detailed work!

Aaaand we're at the end of Chapter 5! What a wild ride! Next week will have the first round of Q&A responses. See you then! :D
Happy Halloween! Here are some SUPER GOOD costumes that some webcomic characters tried to make for Halloween! You can really tell who knows how to make a costume and who resorts to...improvising.

The mesmerizing and talented Memoria Caelestie, author of The Sunless Children(sometimes nsfw!), drew a fun extra doodle in celebration of Halloween! It's her characters Mephena and Ibele dressed up as Tyrne and Nana!

And then I drew Caddy and Phoebe dressed up as her characters, Drasil and Kishir!

Next week, Chapter 5 will conclude, and then we'll have a Q&A! See you then! :D
@Lenn: There are a million characters in this chapter! :D
Tyrne's job is like a doll full of secrets which you open to reveal another doll full of secrets which you open to reveal another doll full of secrets which you
Wow... you know, in an old draft of Land Shark, the comic was only going to be 10 chapters. It's going to be a bit longer now, but to my past self... you made it halfway to your old goal! Congratulations.
@Triforce Fandom : Nice, those characters are so cool!
To all my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of things, I'd like to take a second and say, to anyone reading, I'm thankful for every one of you! It's buckwild how we're already almost done Chapter 5. Thank you for joining me on this adventure. :D
Heeey guys! I'm gonna do a Q and A after this chapter is over in a few pages, and I'd love any questions you have to ask! :D

Also wow, how did October get here so fast? o:
That feel when you're trying to leave the scene but random people keep yelling exposition at you

Also!! This chapter is coming to an end soon! To celebrate 5 chapters, there's going to be a Q&A! Feel free to ask any of the characters anything you want! Whether or not they'll be forthcoming... depends!
Here's something I forgot to mention earlier! Seres, the tiny purple hair Cramoridan lady, was created by a good friend of mine! If you like kpop, you can find her Twitter @hoyadorable! We're almost getting to the end of this chapter... and then I think we'll celebrate reaching 5 chapters with a Q&A! 8)