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I love webcomics and I love my characters, although I tend to show that love by teasing them mercilessly (lovingly). Also I love loons! I am a loon.
This piece of guest art is by Mothtrap, the author of Raining Knives!

Chapter 7 will start next week! See you then!
@Meta-Akira: Yeah he definitely can't wear T-shirts, that's for sure.
@WingFreak: He would LOVE it there. So many weird cool things to wear to make people pay more attention to him!
This week's guest art is by Memoria Caelestie the author of the webcomic The Sunless Children!

We will have one more week with guest art, and then Land Shark will be back on June 25th with the start of Chapter 7!
Aaand that's the end of Chapter 6! Land Shark will take a break and be back in two weeks, on June 25th!

And now for some credits to the cameos on this page...
Middle panel girl with black braids: Faelynne by Lilbluebox, author of Silk and Sword (!
Bottom panel from L to R:
Black trenchcoat is Bichael by Lorsenal, author of The Sunless children (
Nate and Sebastian by JammytheBirb, author of Silk and Sword and Back o' Beyond (
The two people waving are Ada and Karen and they and Caddy and Phoebe are mine.
Guy wearing a jacket and walking his dog is Rollo, by BooImAGhost.
Green demon dude and blue demon dude are Krelis and Illius, owned by @hoyadorable on Twitter.
And DJ and Sharpelle, two characters of mine from an older comic!
Another disappointed land shark...
@WingFreak: Haha, they're the epitome of fashion!
Nothing like travelling in an unfamiliar place and then finally meeting someone from your own species but actually they kind of hate you already
@Tuxie: Ahhh wow, thank you so much! This really made my day! :D
AND WE'RE BACK! Only a few pages left in Chapter 6, actually! Wowzers!
Hey guys, sorry for no page this week! I got swamped by real life stuff. See you next week!
Well, Caddy? ARE you white-haired, have a nasty attitude, a coward, AND the Oro Rexent?
Verat may have not actually explained zoos, but the most important question in the entire comic has finally been asked: Where did Caddy's shirt go?
@WingFreak: Haha, same, you'd think with all the anime out there it would be easy, but I'm coming up empty!

And thanks for asking! :D Bull sharks are really cool and I didn't know about them before!
@WingFreak: Everyone will want to watch the anime they're from, but nobody will be able to find it!

And it hasn't actually been mentioned yet! But the land sharks are able to breathe and in freshwater. They're really not optimized for it, though. Most of the coral stuff that grows on them is more sensitive to the levels of salt in water and won't grow very well in freshwater.
@Meta-Akira: Hehehe, yeah, if not for anime conventions, there would be few friend choices indeed! And...anime IS pretty fun and colourful....
"I too enjoy discussing regular things about humans, like, uh, zoos. ...Yeah."
Is Caddy actually really important or is this Verat person actually sorely mistaken?

Also, the lovely lady asking if this is all some sort of skit is a character from the comic Hierain Highs! Warning for implied nudity and some violence!
It's still April 1st somewhere!

Also Happy Easter, everyone! :D
@Lenn: :D I'm so glad to hear it! It's fun to think about, right?