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I love webcomics and I love my characters, although I tend to show that love by teasing them mercilessly (lovingly). Also I love loons! I am a loon.
Wow... you know, in an old draft of Land Shark, the comic was only going to be 10 chapters. It's going to be a bit longer now, but to my past self... you made it halfway to your old goal! Congratulations.
@Triforce Fandom : Nice, those characters are so cool!
To all my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of things, I'd like to take a second and say, to anyone reading, I'm thankful for every one of you! It's buckwild how we're already almost done Chapter 5. Thank you for joining me on this adventure. :D
Heeey guys! I'm gonna do a Q and A after this chapter is over in a few pages, and I'd love any questions you have to ask! :D

Also wow, how did October get here so fast? o:
That feel when you're trying to leave the scene but random people keep yelling exposition at you

Also!! This chapter is coming to an end soon! To celebrate 5 chapters, there's going to be a Q&A! Feel free to ask any of the characters anything you want! Whether or not they'll be forthcoming... depends!
Here's something I forgot to mention earlier! Seres, the tiny purple hair Cramoridan lady, was created by a good friend of mine! If you like kpop, you can find her Twitter @hoyadorable! We're almost getting to the end of this chapter... and then I think we'll celebrate reaching 5 chapters with a Q&A! 8)
And heeeere we have what Tyrne was involved with. And now everyone in the room with him knows, too!
That feel when you're trying to be chill but the store manager keeps yelling at you
Kaneh, the tall guy, has his best 'customer service' face on.
@Meta-Akira: Haha! Yep, he fell victim to thievery of a different kind!
^look, guys, it's a fish!
@Meta-Akira: Only one way to find out if it's the reel deal!
Boy.... he sure.... TYRNED that conversation around quick, didn't he?
This mystery person that Tyrne is talking about 100% dragged a whale skeleton over to a cave by herself, in order to make it have the perfect aesthetic.
@Triforce Fandom : She's yelling at Caddy! He wants to stay up all night and bother her, but she needs to sleep haha
Right now, Phoebe wishes that the department store was open, so she could just flop onto one of the display beds and fall asleep.
@Meta-Akira: Maybe she just wants to peel apples with it! :D
@Triforce Fandom : Phoebe needs eyes on the back of her head!