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Australian. Love to write and cannot draw for the life of me. I am here to lurk
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The Cheeseburger or BBQ Burger. I am also something of a stereotyper and can't really see Cam on top tbh
Holy crap. His face actually made me cringe. Your art is incredible
@Welsh Rat: I may have missed a joke but Rundle Mall is in Adelaide??
Feel like I should know but totally forgot any history learned at school. This comic is so good for teaching our history :D
Don't apologise author. We understand that it is probably very tough in Puerto Rico still and the fact that you keep updating is more than enough, no matter how long between updates. I know I am incredibly thankful this glorious story is still ongoing :)
I am not quite as eloquent as the commentor above (or below) me but I agree with their comment wholeheartedly. I love that you have given yourself a mouthpiece in the form of gentle old man (I read him with a British accent) and it is not something we see often.

Your creativity is amazing and I cannot wait to see more :)
@Nadishko: Oh sorry I didn't mean 'hope to hear from you soon' comic wise, I meant just in general to prove that you're ok, but thank you for the update anyway :) I expect the hiatus will last longer now because of the hurricane, so I'll just continue to check smackjeeves until you update :)
Are You OK?
Hey author. I think you live in Puerto Rico (I hope I'm not confusing you with another artist) and I was just wondering if you and your family are all OK after Hurricane Maria? You probably won't get this for a bit since all the power has been knocked out, but my fingers are crossed that you are safe and that you didn't lose too much in the storm. Hope to hear from you soon.
@Torino: Oh cool! I'll cross my fingers that Cairns will maybe make a future appearance :3 Some other possibilities if you happen to get an idea is Launceston and Coober Pedy. A personified Coober Pedy would be absolutely amazing :D
I'm Sorry
Hey Torino,

I know you specifically said you'd rather we don't mention this in the comments, but I want you to know that I'm so incredibly sorry our stupid government is doing this to you.

Obviously I'm Australian too, and I am furious with the spinelessness of the government on a topic that should just be legal instead of being made to jump through about a million hoops. I know it doesn't make it better, but I voted a big old 'yes', and so did my family and friends. The 'no' camp are being relentless, but if it is any comfort, I feel like they may be the minority in this. Thank you for continuing to update even through this trying period.

In regards to the comic, I love what you're doing. One of my favourite webcomics is Scandinavia and the World, and I adore that there is a (sort of) Australian version of it, since we seem to be forgotten or ignored a fair bit :P Not a big deal since we are not a huge country, but it is certainly refreshing.

Something I have been wondering for a while: do you think you will ever (somehow) introduce major state cities? I live in Cairns, Queensland, and we are sort of up there with the known/big cities in Queensland, and if there was ever a chance of seeing Cairns personified (maybe as Brisbane's child or cousin or something idk) it would be cool. But I totally get if this is not possible, since other states like Vic and NSW have too many major cities to personify all of them and it would end up being unfair.

Anyway, sorry for the long comment, and keep up the good work :)
*me while reading this page* Damn. Daaaaamn! Damn son.

My vocabulary is very extensive
I recall you being told to stay on this side of the river, Chip. What are you doing?
Hi. First of all, this is adorable.

Second, and I hate to be the one to point it out, but you have written 'probmlems' instead of 'problems'.

Third, this is adorable ^.^
Sunny's trail is great. All I can hear is 'nyooom'
Woo Cairns
@Kimmikala: wooooaaaah I live in Cairns! It's so neat you're coming to visit :D
@Soen Kai: I'm also a native English speaker from Australia, and currently studying English at university. I'd be more than happy to be of assistance