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Wait. 18 years old? Le gasp. So Ash DOES age! :0
@Okaun: unfortunately, this comic is on hiatus because I'm trying to fix the story. So far, there are not enough bad guys in my story and I need to fix that. Also, the main character is kind of a gary sue, and I need to make better plots..Anyway, thx for your interest in the webcomic. I might be able to update it one day, just gotta organize the plot.
My favourites are probably Reece and Grace....

I like cats.
That's soo me when my mom asks me to do some cleaning after I started drawing lol.

(Also... Dude's better with the glasses .w.)
le gasp
Are we going to see Syena and Nick meeting? :3
Me when I watched anime for the first time.

(And when my sister introduced me to Gravity Falls.)
@Mewtwo: how to break the comment box, 101
Pluto will forgive Uranus. Because he's Pluto.
lol. Something glitched. There's 2 comics of page 244
Ive wanted to try Chibi style and I like Shamrock's character so I redrew her. I hope you like it*
I drew this cat, inspired by my new sister's cat. Toulouse is soooo cute (his nickname is Toutou which btw... means Plushie in french... If my sister wanna add info on her cat, I'll let her do that*)

So, if I participated to LilyPichu's art class (the cat one), this wouldve been what I'd submit. I kinda used the tutorial even though its confusing cause at one point she just do the lineart real fast but whatever.

Here's the video of the cat tutorial of Lilypichu if your curious;

That's all for now!

I want to get better, and lilypichu is a really good artist (at my opinion) so I tried following her tutorial of how to draw Temmie... (I tried drawing the cat... her tutorial on the cat is a bit more complicated at my opinion) but whatever.

Here's the link to the video if your curious;

(Crystal is also one of my username... I know its confusing.. Ill try to make it simple, by simply signing "Sab" from now on. I swear im not stealing art. :C)
Lulu is one of my main in League of Legend. I main support... She was the first champ I played (if we dont count the tutorial with Lissandra). My main in ranks is Taric though but if Taric is taken or if I end up against a Pyke, I choose Lulu.
TalkingCat 2002 is my username on deviant art. Its not posted there, cause deviant art is being annoying... And im not changing that signature cause im lazy.
As you can see, this is simply a place where we drop simple art piece. We will be posting fandoms stuffs and also oc and comics and stuffs... Anything we decide to make really! So if you like this kind of stuffs, good for you!

ps. There is no specific shedule, since this is an art dump.
I dropped a comment .-.
I love this. Me want moar!

@Nintenduck: Sky/Sora... Maybe :3
Leo has a buttface.