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I dropped a comment .-.
I love this. Me want moar!

@Nintenduck: Sky/Sora... Maybe :3
Leo has a buttface.
So.... Since Umbreon often cries in his sleep, he started to spray poison... Since everyone was poisoned after, they stopped sleeping with Dusk and Dusk started getting lonely. But, how come Dawn can sleep with him? Is she immune to the poison somehow?
Tess will get very annoyed now. Trice interrupted. lol
@boomdoomg: This is weeeird. Most of the time, when I see someone asking for the character page, its mostly always you :T
Look awesome so far! Because of the eevee's furr-hair, i was sure it was going to evolve into Glaceon... XD
Lucky you Naya! You won a trip to different dimensions! Have fun~
What if Flame was never a pervert... And only read corn because he was bored all the time...
Tess. Go see a doctor o_o
I missed a couple of pages before so when I saw this page (before the others), I thought the scarf was blood O_O
Now Dusk knows how Harmony feels~
Duuuude. Don't worry about it. These pictures and drawing are AWESOME! Can't wait for next comic! :)
@Guest: Because Comedy?
You're alive! ^w^
If mons are still fighting or angryvar each other, then it isn't over ._.
SSEC has hit 1000 fans! ^w^

Gasp. Raquayza MEGA EVOLVED!