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I predict... Yellow Diamond will get fired up... Literally....
And so It begins.

Here I am. Trying to make a webcomic that will actually WORK this time... For any mistakes that I wrote, plz just comment them below. I'll try to learn from them. Please, don't be harsh on me. I'm not able to sustain a regular schedule so the comics will appear randomnly. Thx again for your comprehension and Enjoy!

(Oh yeah, btw. I draw traditionnally.)
Random ssec question
The leader of LKD... Is it Stan? I mean, he probably knows John and he's a "devil". And in the 2nd comic call "Levin, kevin and devin (sorry, forgot the number of the comic) John sounded like he was afraid or intimidated...Was it Stan that was bothering him?
Wait, so is Malachite still in the ocean?!
Background Eevee
Emm... @Pinkeevee222 ?

I was curious for something... How long does it usually takes for you to read your pms...

This isn't meant to be rude... I mean, you probably have a lot of stuff to do! J-just... I was wondering.. ._.

Emm... Thx for answering in advance! ^w^
So...Was Harmony the first eevee the trainer hatched?

Im sorry for my horrible grammar...

Also, the comics are amazing! J-just saying
Peeeeerrrri! Why are you so cute?!
Holy Macaroni!!!!! :3
:I... yope...
This chapter is gonna be about.. well... About how this webcomic gonna work... ._. ...

This comment wasn't useful or anything right? The name Intoduction litterally explan what this is gonna be...
Hope you like this "Dump" :)
@Sylve the sylveon: oh....Wow...I'm blind._.
Need better glasses...
@Raven6229: Probably.. I kinda hope she's not a dream tho.. But yeah.. Probably a dream._.
Hmm, certainly, it ain't YD who's calling steven.. Is it peridot then? Or maybe the Dream crystal Gem.. Looking forward to the next comic:)
@Sylve the sylveon: What TrollFace??
@slaybay: True... So very true..
HORRAY! *Finally;) *For pokemon go in Canada
No comment.. KAWAII!!!!:3
4 years._. sigh, I keep hoping everyday that you update..
@WiispNightmare: Thx! I shall follow your tip:)