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@boomdoomg: This is weeeird. Most of the time, when I see someone asking for the character page, its mostly always you :T
Look awesome so far! Because of the eevee's furr-hair, i was sure it was going to evolve into Glaceon... XD
Lucky you Naya! You won a trip to different dimensions! Have fun~
What if Flame was never a pervert... And only read corn because he was bored all the time...
Tess. Go see a doctor o_o
I missed a couple of pages before so when I saw this page (before the others), I thought the scarf was blood O_O
Now Dusk knows how Harmony feels~
Duuuude. Don't worry about it. These pictures and drawing are AWESOME! Can't wait for next comic! :)
@Guest: Because Comedy?
You're alive! ^w^
If mons are still fighting or angryvar each other, then it isn't over ._.
SSEC has hit 1000 fans! ^w^

Gasp. Raquayza MEGA EVOLVED!
Dusk seems too sincere to actually make Blizt happy....Hmmm
@WildfireK: Mhm.I see what you mean... I'll try not to do the same grammar mistake... Be prepared though, if I ever do posted other pages (Which I'll probably will since I have 2 fans, :D) it will be fill of mkstake. I haven't mastered the art of second language... All that to say: Tgx for pointing it out! And Thanks you! I appreciate tbe compliment:)
@HollyTheFluffyCat: Wow, Thanks you! This means a lot to me!
On google translate, Miku means friend...In Albanian...

I might have search wrong
Le Gasp!
Jirachiiiiiii!!!! Y U EVIL?!!

Lol. Idk. Jirachi's my favorite mythical Pokemon:)
Oh hey, Naya seems OK from her combustion:)
@Nekomata-chan: Can Moltres just...create a new spring flame?