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Hey everybody!
My webcomic is called "Black & White Gold" please check it out!

Other than that, I am just a humble college kid trying to keep art in my life. I have art on the web in a lot of places, a few being my DA: and my y!G with the same name! ^^ so if you want to see any more of my art, go see the sites. And if you ever want prints, commisions, maybe art trades, let me know!!
-Tronnie ^^
wow this was a great story! I loved watching your style improve throughout the comic as well--you obviously learned a lot! :) great job, and great characters
heh. Naw you're not reading too much into it. I've thought that much into it too, believe me!

So, horses and centaurs can communicate because they're close to the same species (you know, they're both horse). But no, they can't talk to other animals. And centaurs consider horses on a pretty high level; they know they're not the same, and don't have the same needs, but they're smarter than just hay and water :) Humans consider horses to be beasts of burden, which angers centaurs. Centaurs think humans keep horses as slaves. Horses are actually a lot smarter than the humans know, and a lot of them really like being in captivity, which the centaurs don't understand. ;)

And thank you! that's very nice :)
thank you so much! that's very nice of you. I hope you continue to enjoy the comic ^^
Remember Huntal's faithful old horse? :)

(yes, centaurs can speak horse. I don't know if I've covered that already)
thanks ^^
begin ch 2
New year, new comic skills, new page!
bawww now i ship THOSE two! ^___^ cute!
yay! end of chapter 1! thanks for sticking with me guys!

another quick update because i feel bad for letting so much time go by
haha i guess i should have added a space between cock and crow.. ^^;; didn't know it would cause such confusion!

@otaku_lady: thanks so much! ^^
haha. yes, cockcrow refers to the morning when the roosters crow at the sunrise ;P
sorry for the wait guys ;_;
hey guys.. more fluff.
sorry it's been so long. i'm pretty bad at keeping up with this.. hope i can in the future
@keita: lol! that doesn't seem to ooc for Stefen. maybe he'd say it differently, but to the same end XD
they're not for a while :)
if you've read up to date, you've met Myka (the palomino), but you haven't met the other one yet
thanks so much! <3
i'll try; i'm kind of slowing down (i'm still running on premade pages), but hopefully i'll keep up with it. this has been a dear story of mine for a looong time
@bluegeam: sweet! i'm glad you can post now. hope to hear more from you!
~thanks, i'm glad you like it ^^

@NappingInsomniac: thanks ^^
Stefen is totally impressed with that first impression :)

@sbdrag: haha, so true :)
Sheridan is just a little farm town that happens to be located near an ancient site. why not play there? it's not like it's fragile or anything.

thanks for 200+ fans guy!!! i'll have to do a thank you pic. any requests? :)
thanks! i hope to have more up soon :)
which name? do you mean 'tronnie' or my real name, stephanie?
Making camp, Stefen? More like failing camp. You can't fool a country boy like Raiyan ;)