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Get in line and listen in on the green person's problem.
*blows whistle* all aboard the pain train! Conductor Midori is transporting us all to Take a Third Option Gorge, a magical place filled with sunshine and rainbows where the third option is most definitely going to get dear Henry /out/ of trouble rather than into even more of it! ...right?
The last panel has the best "lil shit" face i've seen in a long time
okay listen here you little shit stop being relatable right now you're supposed to be the main antagonist
Oh boy, I can tell this is going to be really awkward for both of them.

"Sorry for stabbing you with a syringe full of an experimental drug that mucked with your brain."

"Sorry for kidnapping you and chaining you to a desk."
Oh boy, a reflective surface. Look like we're taking another trip to the mindscape, folks. Can't wait to see how our boy gets traumatized this time :,)
I love Oswald's pose! <3
Wow, rude! You can't just go around punching people in the heart like this, Midori! ;n;
*rubs hands together* ooooohhh I smell me some symbolism
I'm wondering how Oswald got involved with such a spooky person as Hilda... this should be interesting!
;u; the transition into color is so beautiful, I love it!!! <3

Just kidding, this is perfect and I love you. Let the smol beans hug, please. ;u;
Oh dearie me I still can't get over how tiny they are ;u; Also, is smol!Al going to stab someone? It looks like he's going to stab someone. There's blood on that knife. I am concerned.
@Kashimalin: amp;comp_ft=5&comp_in=07

This links to an image comparing a 4'11" person (Molly) and a 5'7" person (Lanyon). The first panel on page 12 seems to fit reasonably well. Though who knows, maybe another one of Hyde's victims was about Molly's height!
Ohhhhhh snap I was right ;n;

I wonder how long he'll last? Or how effective this will be? it might be that by the time Edward has had enough Henry will just be a sobbing incoherent mess unable to answer any questions
@Lanora: Given how much of a weenie Randall is, I certainly wouldn't be surprised. I predict Lanyon will make a habit of facepalming every time he starts fronting over something silly like that.
I'm assuming the alternative here is pain ;m;

Which would make sense, put Hyde through enough stabbings/whippings and he'll probably go "Fuck this shit I'm out! Henry you deal with this!"

Though that raises the question... how exactly has Lanyon found out this alternative?
*liES DOWN* aw man Hyde looks like the number of people whose shit list you're on is steadily growing... how is he going to get out of this... and how much stabbing will happen in the meantime...
That third panel... I can see why Anne is so good at her job #*.*#