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Hey there I'm Mette!
I like to draw! I guess that's not a surprise xD
I haven't tried making a long comic before. But I always wanted to. I will try and make some short ones and maybe some day I can make a webcomic that will go on for years... I can dream xD
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Sometimes it is just easier to comply~
Good ol' Mido is back :D He won't let Link get away from his crimes!
Time to leave this place! :D
Linkvee could had stayed in bed this whole time!
The great deku tree casual tells Link that he's dying... I forgot how weird this cutscene is!
Why does The Great Deku Tree talk SO much? D:
@DarkFlameOSecrets: Just pokémon in general. I have never played the mystery dungeon games, but I am considering it for research :P
At first I wanted to make this two pages, but I... really wanted this fight to be over xD
Time to go meet Zelda!
It's okay to be scared. Navi will help you :D
Only a few more pages left of this chapter~
@Excalibeon-Z: I had to go back and check xD On page 22 he's only lvl 3 :)
Link gets first blood! But will he win the battle?
Queen Gohma is here! The fierce and toxic scolipede.
I'm a bit late with this upload. But my cat sat in my lap and she was very adorable! :3
Now... Boss time!! Cue the music!
In games, violence is sometimes (most times) is answer
I'm sorry I didn't upload last week. Here's Linkvee and Deku being smart :D
@Bobo: Don't worry, I appreciate all feedback :D
Could you tell what I did wrong? Is the number wrong or in the wrong place?
I know Smackjeeves says this is the 70# update but one of them is a christmas special and not a page so I think 69 is right?
Again thank you for the feedback <3
Hopefully Navi will be out of the water next week, so Link can beat this puzzle properly!
Poor Deku has a lot to see to :C
Deku don't get so close to the edge... Deku? Where did he go?
I'm sorry I missed last week update. I have been playing Neverwinter wayyyy too much ^^;