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Hey there I'm Mette!
I like to draw! I guess that's not a surprise xD
I haven't tried making a long comic before. But I always wanted to. I will try and make some short ones and maybe some day I can make a webcomic that will go on for years... I can dream xD
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Linkvee gets a little uncomfortable around Ariados. Lucky for him there is a way out.
Linkvee is a troll :V
Ink-vee is ready to leave... how do you do that?
Technical Link-vee beat the gold skulltula... technical...
Link got a new spider friend :D
Magnets! How do they work!?
It is not easy being the great deku tree, when there's "heroes" running around inside you.
Why use your sword twice, when you can kill it with one stick? :D
Link can handle those tiny spiders, but can he handle the big one?
Link will use the slingshot... at least once.
Who wants a slingshot when you can eat a delicious berry :D
Link and Navi didn't break anything. It was always this messy.
@Hero of Comedy: Mad scrubs are not that different from deku scrubs, so I have another idea for them.
But I like Business Weepinbell. It sort of got the hat~
thank you, I'm glad you like them :D
@HarrisonButterGem: Most likely, he seems friendly enough, and Link will get a lot of new friends
It is such a weird clue to get... from an enemy
@XRed-moon: I didn't knew about "The fatastic Adventure of Bellsprout" so I googled it and damn I'm glad I did xD It's great!
Bellsprout/deku scrubs are jerks!... I like them :D
Linkvee meets a deku scrub/ bellsprout... a deku-sprout?
To tell the truth, if I had to open this kind of door in real life, I would be confused too.