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Hey there I'm Mette!
I like to draw! I guess that's not a surprise xD
I haven't tried making a long comic before. But I always wanted to. I will try and make some short ones and maybe some day I can make a webcomic that will go on for years... I can dream xD
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Here he is
The great Deku! :D
He doesn't have the right colours but he's ooooold :P
Happy new year
Happy new year! I hope you all got into 2018 safe and sound :D
I took a small break from this comic so that I could visit friends and family.

Also a new pokémon appears!
@Hero of Comedy: Yeah I had the hardest time when I had to decide what Navi should be.
I wanted something orb-like that could fly. Spritzee was a candidate, but in the end I like the grass/flying type more :)

Soon you will see which kind of pokémon Deku Baba and The Great Deku Tree are :D
Link is feeling a bit smug with the Kokiri sword. It must also be nice to show up to Mido.
Link (finally) gets the kokiri sword. Let's go and show Mido how awesome we are! :D
One year later
What a 1½ year it has been. I had forgotten this comic when a nice person wrote me and asked me to revive it.

I will not promise a comic every week. Since my last upload I have gotten a 9-5 job and I'm SO tired in the evening xD For now I hope I can upload every other Sunday.
Sorry I'm so late with this one. School got me stressed out and I have been sick for a week.
But less ranting and more comic :D
Navi doesn't seem to know much about Kokiri village. Of course Link knows all the people and their quirks.
@WiispNightmare: In your face Navi!
Sorry for the very late update.
I have been in pain because of my stupid tooth D: But the dentist drilled it good today!
Hoppips/fairies are magical :D
Sorry about the late upload. I was sick all weekend long :C But I'm back in action!! :D
You guys are so lucky! You just got a whole page with the amazing Mido :D
@AuroraArt: Awesome :D I will keep an eye on this then.

My comics are my passion too~ I love to tell stories! :)
I just finished reading your comic so far. It's really good! And I like the looks of these new character. I know it has been 2 weeks since you uploaded this, but I must say I hope you see more :D

Your style is really sweet and the story is both serious and light-hearted.
I also like all the different character designs.

I'm sure you will grow into an amazing artist. Keep up the good work :D
I hope you all had a great Easter. I did nothing and I loved it :D It was so nice to get a break, but now I'm ready to start school again!
Meet the great and awesome Mido! :D
It has been 5 months since I last drew on this comic. It's nice to draw my girls again :D
I'm so sorry I'm late with this one! These pages takes a lot more time than I expected. But here's page 4 :D I think kokiris are either skiddos or Deerlings. I went with skiddo because I like it just a tiny bit more for Saria.
Don't worry, there will be more!
This is just the last comic page I did back in November.
A new chapter will begin now. At least until I do another comic challenge :P