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Hey there I'm Mette!
I like to draw! I guess that's not a surprise xD
I haven't tried making a long comic before. But I always wanted to. I will try and make some short ones and maybe some day I can make a webcomic that will go on for years... I can dream xD
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One year later
What a 1½ year it has been. I had forgotten this comic when a nice person wrote me and asked me to revive it.

I will not promise a comic every week. Since my last upload I have gotten a 9-5 job and I'm SO tired in the evening xD For now I hope I can upload every other Sunday.
Sorry I'm so late with this one. School got me stressed out and I have been sick for a week.
But less ranting and more comic :D
Navi doesn't seem to know much about Kokiri village. Of course Link knows all the people and their quirks.
@WiispNightmare: In your face Navi!
Sorry for the very late update.
I have been in pain because of my stupid tooth D: But the dentist drilled it good today!
Hoppips/fairies are magical :D
Sorry about the late upload. I was sick all weekend long :C But I'm back in action!! :D
You guys are so lucky! You just got a whole page with the amazing Mido :D
@AuroraArt: Awesome :D I will keep an eye on this then.

My comics are my passion too~ I love to tell stories! :)
I just finished reading your comic so far. It's really good! And I like the looks of these new character. I know it has been 2 weeks since you uploaded this, but I must say I hope you see more :D

Your style is really sweet and the story is both serious and light-hearted.
I also like all the different character designs.

I'm sure you will grow into an amazing artist. Keep up the good work :D
I hope you all had a great Easter. I did nothing and I loved it :D It was so nice to get a break, but now I'm ready to start school again!
Meet the great and awesome Mido! :D
It has been 5 months since I last drew on this comic. It's nice to draw my girls again :D
I'm so sorry I'm late with this one! These pages takes a lot more time than I expected. But here's page 4 :D I think kokiris are either skiddos or Deerlings. I went with skiddo because I like it just a tiny bit more for Saria.
Don't worry, there will be more!
This is just the last comic page I did back in November.
A new chapter will begin now. At least until I do another comic challenge :P
I had to draw this on a friend's computer. I had too much to do this week. But I'm not late :D
I like Tom and Carl :D
Page 2 is done! Let's get this story started!
The very first page :D I hope you all will like it. I will upload a new page every Saturday.
This looks really good :D I love the art.
Keep it up!