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I am a short 4 foot 8 girl.Don't under estimate my ability's. I love singing my songs that I wright. I play video games and I tend to draw when i am bored but it turns out i do my best work when I am bored.
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    Storm LaVern Stokes
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ya good for him he is gunna try and teach him self how to ride a horse yay! way to go cuttie
she shod up yay and with a gatar it looks like yay
ya i gess i will
keep going this rocks lol :) ;):P
lol she stud him up
now i gess he knows how us girls feel when a guy stands us up lol jk she is problbly in a nice dress or being her true self and then they fall for each other or at lest he dose fall for her and he over topils him and they have a lot of fun to gether lol :)
sorry i cant spell right lol
this rocks but yet i wish that color was off of him the other whould be so shocked and they whould think he had a tatoo lol it be so funny to see every ones reactions to that lol
@Dokuwa: it is sweet keep up the awsome work
but they where so cute
sweet this is awsome
this is the most awssome part yet plz keep going
he changed the convorsation
yay he changed it from the red hair thing and it when and turnd gross lol i love it ha ha ha ha ha it is the on comic that has red
this is something i really like it is something diferant and it works so well and they make a vary cute cupile it is so vary cute i love it lol yay.
plz dont stop
keep it going i really wont to read more on this one yay plz plz plz plz lol keep going
how cute and the game wow
this is a game one yay i love the ones like this sorrta like sord art online i gess they both r so awsomely good i love this and the drawings look so much like they r reall i like it
and the fact that the to caricters look egsactly like there people playing them csp y is he a girl by the way in the game if he is a dude or is he a girl secretly but he just gets resembled as a dude lol well this is awsome and nice job at this comic i love it it is awsome
nice this part is better then the last one
nice this part is better then the last one i love it u never seem to amise u always seem to have a trick up your sleave nice job so far
March 14th, 2016
@mikedyke: what i love to see him happy lol it is cute
March 13th, 2016
well that was unexspected
just make them have some love and get ride of his morning bonner and it is perfict lol
awww poor ellies
well at least he has the red guy now lol and they can be happy right
so his real hair it is not the blond one
@HVoice: so his real hair it is not the blond one but the black hair is his real hair wow i get it completly i like it and nice job an makeing him look grummpy i like it he is so cute
this is surprizing
was he sliping in a wig or his hair i cant figer out which is which what is his rail hair
dude come on
really u had to tell every one that u had to take a dump tmi. but at lest u got the atenchen away from wyat i hope no one makes fun of him any more i mean come on he is not the only red haid in the school that other jock boy has really red hair to so maybe they will be friends now or something like that i really like your comic it is intertaining i cant what to see what happends next in it ok keep up the awsome job at the drawing and creating the senery. ps sorry i am tarible at spelling lol.