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Hi! I'm Alder613, an autistic gamer who loves Nintendo, SEGA, and indie games.
About my avatar: "Repent!"
Yeah, I'm stalling, aren't I?
I tried resizing Proto Man's sprite. Did I succeed?
Don't mind me...just trying to catch up.
FYI, some of the characters are doing stuff while Dedede organizes the Golden Kirby Awards.
Took me a while, but Chapter 4: Let's Get Crazy is finally finished! And how about that Nintendo Direct, huh?
Poor Eggman. The guy needs a vacation.
...Or not.
Stupid Rabbid.
On a positive note, Shantae's back!
Hey, a background.
Coming up next: A Rabbid making fart jokes.
Whoops, Firion's text bubble in panel 4 is placed a bit to the right. Sorry!
Today's stars are King Dedede (Kirby's Dream Land), Firion (Final Fantasy II), and GUMI (Project Mirai DX)!
And I'm Back!
Sorry about the lateness. There are more comics on the way!
My comic reached 20 comics, so can you please review it? It's at
November 24th, 2015
Yay! My 20th comic!
As such, I'll submit it to Ulti Reviews now!
When are you gonna continue The Extreme Team?
Well, tomorrow's the day of the 20th comic. It's also the day I'll be submitting my comic to Ulti Reviews.
The rumors are true.
Clara Oswald died in the latest episode of Doctor Who.
How? You'll have to find out yourself.
Will she return? I don't know.
Sorry for the wait.