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November 30th, 2015
You update so fast!
Thats really really good! >< Im loving it so much, please continue :33
November 29th, 2015
i love it! Want to see whats next ><
New reader!
I fell like is my obligation coment in this page, cause Brom and Scary face XD I will coment again when i got to the actual last page! Maybe even earlier :33
I like Mudkip personality >< Lets see how it goes! About the Grayscale...i dont even know what it is, sorry ^^ยด
Im Here!
Finaly! I make it! Im a new reader :33 I love this history so far >< I hope to see more! Erin was my fav...TT-TT But shewill live in my heart, of the ones whose ramain alive Rorschach (Sorry for being so obvious in my favorites, but it happens) Hepe to see a update soon!
Reshiram >< I love this guy!
Hi there!
Finally!Finaly here! Im a new reader, and i love the comic! Shino is my fav mon so far and i like Bee and Izzy too :33 Please, continue!
Hi there!
New reader! i like it >< Please, continue!
I FInaly got here! New Reader XD i loving the whole thing! Thank you so much for putting such effort in this.
Im a new reader! I love the comic >< PLEASE CONTINUE!!!
Hi guys! Im a new reader, im loving it >< Audrey and Sparky are my favorites so far >< Hope you continue this awesome comic!!!!
Hey there!
Im a new reader >< Im loving it! Ora and Matt are my favorites so far :33 Im new at Smackjeeves as well, there is some "favorite list" for me to put you?