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A happy end
Ahh, isn't that sweet
A happy end to this issue.
Phil got his rent money and Thomas got his toy train, everything worked out in the end.
I hope you've all enjoyed the thrilling tales thus far
Keep reading and I'll have the next issue up for you all as soon as possible!
Go Phil!
Once again Phil saves the day and is able to pay his rent!
Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion!
And so it begins...
Here is the nice and ominous front cover for issue 03.
I'm looking forward to this issue and continuing the exploits of Phil Flowers. The last issue ran on a little long I felt, so this one will be shorter and more to the point.
I like trying new things so each comic will have a slightly different feel to it, but will hopefully progress along nicely.
End of issue 02
We have finally reached the end of issue two of How I Saved The Entire Universe, and although the evil Popcorn King has been defeated and sent away we still have many more pressing questions.

Who is Emit? What is plan B? and will Phil finally find his true love and ascend to manhood?

Find out the answers to none... or possibly all of these questions in Issue three!

There will be about a weeks break and then Issue three will begin.
Until then you can find more bits of Phil and his universe on the blog here:

I hope that this issue has been enjoyable for everyone

Thanks for wasting your time reading it!
...but not really
It says to be continued, but hold on because there are still two more pages to go. This is just the end of Phil's part in the issue.

Just for future reference though, when a comic ends the rectangle box in the bottom right corner will be labelled 'The End'

Hope you've all enjoyed Phil's exploits so far!
Ah, the guy on the phone has to be the most handsome man I have ever created!
Super Space Academy Jam 4
Come on, who wouldn't want to see this movie???

(Side note, there was never a Super Space Academy Jam two or three, they skipped right to 4 after the first one as it was three times as awesome... 'Super Space Academy Jam Infinity x10, the new generation' came out six months later)
Don't you just love a touching back story!
Happy valentines day one and all!
Helping the community
It's good to see Phil using his power to help out his fellow man, we could all learn something from this!
I hope you are all enjoying Phils exploits!
Oooh a portal!
What could be on the other side?
Find out soon!!!!!!!!!
We made it....
.... and so did Phil, how very exciting!!!!
Last day of the year!
Will we all survive until next year.... well Phil will seeing as he's not even in our universe anymore!
Maybe come tomorrow he will be the only one left in existence!!!
Let's hope not or else who will read the thrilling conclusions that are to follow!
Tune in next year for more H.I.S.T.E.U madness!!!!
Boxing day madness!
It's all gone mad now!
Happy boxing day, enjoy this with your hangover!!!
Merry Christmas!
Last page up before Christmas
Hope you all enjoy this new turn of events!
Have a great Christmas everyone and keep reading!!!
Making an entrance
Even if it's not that graceful, it's still an entrance, you go Phil!
Just when you thought all was well
Phil can't even get two seconds peace can he?
Not when there's injustice to take care of!
That's just the life of a superhero I guess
It's hard to be a vigilante
Yes.... it certainly is... poor Phil, hopefully he can relax now after his ordeal
Happy December everyone! Here is page 07 of 'How I Saved The Entire Universe'