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Here's Phil's Phun Page!
I know you're all dying to know what happens next after the thrilling conclusion of issue 04 of How I Saved The Entire Universe, well, whilst you wait for Issue 05, here is a nice fun page for you all to print off and fill in, everyone have a blast with it!
This should hopefully keep you all going until the next issue!
We end this exciting issue of How I Saved The Entire Universe on a thrilling cliff hanger!
Time for a nice break before the next issue
But never fear all you Phil Flowers fans, he will be back, I guarantee you that! Phil's story is far from over, there are still many more adventures awaiting Phil in the future. Stay tuned and stay safe, happy 2018 to everyone!
I hope this year brings you all lots of happiness and joy!
Phil's great escape
Happy boxing day, I hope you all enjoy boxing up your presents and sending them off to e-bay
Here is page 25 of the comic showing Phil's epic escape from his beloved.
My favourite page so far, especially the last panel. It's good to get some real old school action shots into your comics.
Phil is certainly growing into what I would call a real hero.
What sort of fresh hell is this?
.... and everything goes pink
I hear wedding bells!
Well Stacie seems nice doesn't she?
I wonder what those things were she slipped into Phil's drink..... hmm, keep reading to find out more!
Aww look at how cute young Phil Flowers is!
Also I love this teacher character, his face, his attitude, his attire, he's just great!
And who doesn't love a good flashback?
Things are starting to look up for our hero!
Hot and Steamy!!!
Yes this page might get you all a little hot under the collar, it is quite the steamy scene of Phil with his shirt off in an erotic setting having his photo taken.... YOU'RE WELCOME!
So enjoy, download and save, print off and pin this up as your desktop background if you wish and stay tuned for more hot and steamy action coming soon!
Who is your favourite female character from How I Saved The Entire Universe!
A propper send off for poor old Norm.
For those Norm lovers out there, this is the best I could do for him, he is sadly gone forever, gone, but never forgotten
Issue 04!
Here we go again, here comes issue 04, titled
'How I Got A Date!'
Follow in the footsteps of Phil Flowers once again in this thrilling issue as our beloved hero attempts internet dating!
So I'm sure you've all been itching to know the tips and secrets of how to draw characters from 'How I saved the entire universe'
Well, here is your first ever tutorial on how to draw the one and only Phil Flowers.
This is a step by step guide going into in depth detail to teach absolutely anyone (yes that includes you) how to draw Phil.
So get out your pencils, pens and crayons and get creative!
More from Phil's universe coming soon!
A happy end
Ahh, isn't that sweet
A happy end to this issue.
Phil got his rent money and Thomas got his toy train, everything worked out in the end.
I hope you've all enjoyed the thrilling tales thus far
Keep reading and I'll have the next issue up for you all as soon as possible!
Go Phil!
Once again Phil saves the day and is able to pay his rent!
Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion!
And so it begins...
Here is the nice and ominous front cover for issue 03.
I'm looking forward to this issue and continuing the exploits of Phil Flowers. The last issue ran on a little long I felt, so this one will be shorter and more to the point.
I like trying new things so each comic will have a slightly different feel to it, but will hopefully progress along nicely.
End of issue 02
We have finally reached the end of issue two of How I Saved The Entire Universe, and although the evil Popcorn King has been defeated and sent away we still have many more pressing questions.

Who is Emit? What is plan B? and will Phil finally find his true love and ascend to manhood?

Find out the answers to none... or possibly all of these questions in Issue three!

There will be about a weeks break and then Issue three will begin.
Until then you can find more bits of Phil and his universe on the blog here:

I hope that this issue has been enjoyable for everyone

Thanks for wasting your time reading it!
...but not really
It says to be continued, but hold on because there are still two more pages to go. This is just the end of Phil's part in the issue.

Just for future reference though, when a comic ends the rectangle box in the bottom right corner will be labelled 'The End'

Hope you've all enjoyed Phil's exploits so far!