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I do athletics, love Pokémon, eletronic music and life.
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    Guilherme Heinzelmann Benta
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@AzpbEagleHunter: It's Leaf Green... can't be Umbreon...
welcome back <3
Gary reminded me very much of Yusuke Urameshi in this page :D
wait til dril peck
also, yay, He's still alive <3
so many tears ;_;
that grimer tho
what a dicky move, Robin
@Tennantstar: thanx for the spoiler, assh
@melaredblu: people/pokémon don't actually get killed in the game too, so.......
@theodeath: hahaha, thank you for pointing me that!
The OCT...
I'm curious, how did it went?
hehe, it sounds so stupid that they actually believe that "any" cave would do the job hahahaha
(that's not a bad critic, I love your job, bro)
@Robin Goodfellow: That ekans not necessarly need to know the diference between them :P