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Heya ! Here's Bauldeury from south-west France ! I'm a hobbyist in visual art since quite recently, around end 2012. I like to create using various media, mostly including comics, music, illustration and some game developing.

Favorite movies
- The Lord of the Ring, Star Wars
Favorite TV shows
- Digimon, Space Dandy
Favorite bands / musical artists
- ACDC, Muse, Howard Shore, Mike Oldfield.
Favorite books
- The Silmarillion, Harry Potter
Favorite writers
- Tolkien, Tolkien and Tolkien ! Daloka, a little bit, too.
Favorite games
- Age of Wonders, Minecraft, Civilization
Favorite gaming platform
- Computer
Tools of the Trade
- Computer
Other Interests
- Piano, Bass Guitar, Composing, Developing games
Absolutly not a nuke.
@Guest: Retiring nuke symbols is useless I guess x)
@memBrain: Aye. I don't know much about child soldiers, but I know they're still using them in civil wars in some places.
@memBrain: That last sentence sums up the whole point of the chapter, and a big part of the comic.
Sorry for the delay folks, this one is one day late. Long car-trip made me forget about this ^^
Sorry for the delay folks, this weekend has been quite hectic over there ^^
Sorry for the delay, my internet connexion died on me yesterday D:
Ow man, sorry for the delay x)

Just some casual conversation.
Oh shit, I forgot to upload this one friday ! Sorry folks ^^

Dang it, although I'm happy with the panneling, some actions were pretty hard to make clear. Especially this shoot where Lycia throws Twin. I looked at some judo pictures to help me, but egh.
@Kiart: Exactement !
Mwrah. I had some internet issues, so the uploading took some delay. Since I'm traveling next week, maybe the next page will get some delay too. But don't worry, it won't affect the general schedule.
Sorry for the lateness ^^'
Oops, forgot this one, so kinda late, sorry ^^
Dang it ! As a frenchy, I sometimes lack some good expression ^^'

You can expect it for tonight !