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Call me Hannair or Mia or Reyna if ya want.I am a lazy artist.
I like pokemons,kirby,sonic,undertale,cuphead,BATIM and many more
I got like more than 5 drawing styles.
I use Paint Tool Sai mostly and I use Wacom Intuos tablet.

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@JustZ: Hey hey calm down. No fighting pls.Also,my deviantart username is Reyna174. While on Tumblr is Hannairblog and here in Smackjeeves is Reyna178.
@Guest: In a few months or maybe soon :> (I already finish all the prologue comicks and two of the normal comicks of TGEE) ">3>
@Pinkeevee222: Lol,thanks,Onee-sama XD
Pls wait for the comics.I'll be doing more ten of them this April and that includes the Prologues.I'll finish more than 10 comic pages.Then,I'll post them after a few months or so.If ya want to see them early,go to my Patreon account!There,you can see the comic pages!Yey!Lol

Patreon -->
Meh....Just an old art style that I use
@BlackTippedFlare: ....Eh?What do you mean?
Allow me to explain...
Er-hem.Melody...Who had three kits.Sky,Doki and Volt.Sky was the sacrifice.Melody replaced Doki with Sky.Also,Doki is the only daughter that Melody had that time.I think that....Uummmm..."Jolteon" was actually taking somemons else.But,instead,something happened.In the StoryBook comics,it was Dusk who made it...In his side,not Harmony's.If people pay attention a lot more to Harmony...And some "things" related to her...I think you will feel bad for her.If only Dusk had known it.But,he sees Harmony as a threat.
Now...Let the Journey begins!
I am gonna choose a Popplio as my starter~ I am gonna choose a Popplio as my starter~ I am gonna choose a Popplio as my starter~

And my greatest mistake was.....Naming it Marina!The name is so common!
It was a request...
Now it makes me improves!
My shiny mew!Brother of my mew named Neos!
I just love Pikipeks!They are so kawaii~ Also,I am now in a mood to draw birds...Or bird pokemons!I wuv them now!
@Pastaplayer: No.Sora isn't Vay's mate...It's somemon else.Also,read the alt text.And Harmony has suffered more than Dusk,ya know.
Heh.Confusion...CONFUSION ALL AROUND!I knew it....Ever since that "picture" was posted.I knew there was something...Something wrong...Also,Harmony isn't the bad guy here.She had suffer "the same thing as Dusk or Sky"...TWICE!

MEH...Nope.Nope.Nope!Ignore that....Heh.LOL.
Yes!I have a patreon account!
It's been while...since I updated here...
Well,here ya go,guys!Here is an eevee taking a walk in the park.
@Pinkeevee222: Sorry.I don't know what kind of question to ask,though.
Poor Bolt...He has his first kiss...on the cheeks...Atleast he's still haven't gotten a kiss in the lips!

@Pinkeevee222: So,Pinky,did you finish updating Mia's info?
I think I know what's Vay's favorite color...It can be seen like everywhere!(Meh,just saying)
Nnoooo!!!Bolt's first kiss!?...Okay!I'm done here!...

Well,at least it's funny...