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Hello! I'll go here by my nickname Riba. I'm 19 yrs old and I live in Croatia(Erope). I like to listen to krock, kpop, jrock, watch anime, read books/comics/manga,roleplay and draw. That's it from me. Short and simple haha I hope we get well. Feel free to PM me. Kudos :)

P.S. Yes, I really like shounen-ai/yaoi genre and the guy on my profile is drawn by me.
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She's gorgeous 😍
I like Jura ending up with Swen but my heart hurts for Vanilla 😭
I will still be here no matter how slow your updates are beacuse I think this is one of thoes comics I can't get enough of and I impatiently wait for every new update. I hope you get that number back up but you know 600 readers is still better that none. Keep up the good work ❤️ 😊
@Meepasaurus Rex: *carries the hammer* yo, here's the 🔨 :D
Jake is slowly falling in LO-OVE :3
Blushiiiiing awieee
Blushing Jake is totally adorable, is that romantic feelings I'm smelling? hh
Hahaha gawd xD so lost and cute hihi
Oh the atmosphere D: :(
Btw, the lighting is just amazing ^^
Congrats! And, great illustration~
@WingFreak your profile pic gives me life haha
@Seruta: I totally agree with you :)
You did a good job on the background! It's beautiful~
Aaa Swen being so honest, I like it!
Good one, Tonic, good one xD
I hope they get out of that sick place soon...
Yup, we all pray for Sooch to kiss Howie. Can't wait for another update ^_^
Yay ❤️
Wait...have Swen ever dated anyone?
@*milk+assassin*: I've ment to say that now I CAN draw canon fanart...baaad baaad auto correct Dx
Btw, my friend and I are discussing if this kiss is for real or not. He think it isn't and I said to him that April 1st was long ago haha xD
I wish they'd make out...well girl can dream, right?...haha... I can't draw canon fanart haha