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Hello! You can call me Beka. I'm 21 yrs old and I live in Croatia(Erope). I like to listen to krock, kpop (I'm kpop trash yes), jrock, watch anime, read books/comics/manga,roleplay and draw. That's it from me. Short and simple haha I hope we get well. Feel free to PM me. :)

P.S. Yes, I really like shounen-ai/yaoi genre, I like guys a lot. If I wasn't girl I would be gay af. Lol
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Btw that's one really plump TV :0
Ikr 😭❤️
Pfft 😂
Haha angry Sooch xD but blushing Sooch is so much more adorable 😊
I like this quality talk, getting to know each other ^^
I hope Jura's hand magically regenerates after some time 😭
Hahaha good call
if they all were Koreans it would totally be different...Korean guys make skinship a lot...or it's just idols...idk...just saying, don't mind me 😂
Oh fuck...fuuuck...
It think Josh will be just really surprised... I hope...he really looks like a chill dude..
My heart
Lol Josh being the third wheel lmao
Arei's tired eyes 😭😖
@JunnGerl: they can always proceed to switching, that's really common with gay pairings, or so I heard 😛
@Hoagie: So I wasn't the only one thinking of that xD
We know who emits top energy :^)
jk jk my wishful thinking xd their interaction is so heartwarming
Oh, I see, it makes sense. Tnx for the info ^^)/
Aw cute* (I meant that for the page )
Just wondering, does Jura's semi-full body suit does have anything to do with him being half(?) alien or it's just for being more sexy? Just curious :p
Howie blushing got me cavities
Aaaaaaaaaaa so cute