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her jewelry is the same red as the amulet he wore... he doesn`t seem too fond of his mom though^^'
So one of them has red hair, blue eyes and lives in a world with a red sky, and the other one has blue hair, redish eyes and lives in a world with a blue sky... are red and blue possibly your favorite colors @Forloveofnerd?

Glad you're back btw:)

I'm seriously dying at this face. How dare you add a face like that, while if been suffering with im so much so far. How am I supposed to take him serious now?

I honestly love your art and style and story and storytelling and everything. Keep up the great work. You saved my day.
Look, who's standing there all fabulous‚ú®
@artofvio: Thanks! I was just about to delete my comment.. How embarassing. I've been reading for a while and just now realized the petals.. I thought it was a kind of clothing But sereously, his name is even fleur>.<
Your comic is really great so far! The world it takes place in seems really interesting and I agree with the rest. The colours you chose look beautiful and I love how you depict light and shadow. It gives the comic a great athmosphere.

But I'm a bit confused. How does fleur seeem different from the rest of the people, or what is it, that makes "the cursed" stand out from the others.
the first panel looks so beautiful!*-* Can't wait to see them again^^
I love all the freckles! You draw them beautifully*-* And their expressions. I'm really curious why his mom is so worried. Is she just the type of parent, or did smth happen at his old school? And it seems like he doesn't really want to be here, too... Well I am hooked^^' Keep up the great work!
Are the people in the last panel Mo and Lorn from Remembering gale?!*-*
Intoducing the 'boyfriend', huh yukihiko?
Useless? Is that necklace supposed to save him? Anyway, thanks for the updates. I like 3rd panel^^
Well, Who is he talking to?
awesome! The new style is beautiful! I'm so looking forward to this!!
Enjoying it a lot actually. I'm glad you're back!
A man of his word.
I'm curious.

I wonder if Omi is only talking about work. Or does he generally want Akira to reject anyone else but him? While Omi is playing around? Does Omi maybe actually like him?

Or is Akira getting hope by sentences like that,just as I did, though he actually knows that this love is onesided.

Or maybe both. Akira can't leave because of such statements, and Omi doesn't realize/can't admit that he actually does like Akira.

Or maybe he is really just talking about Akiras job^^'
It seems like I'm the only one, but I actually don't want omi and sen to end up together... I mean it sure is hot and everything, but i think it would be way cuter if omi and akira sort out their relationship and sen and yuichi end up together.

So these last pages, as hot and full with eyecandy they were, actually make me feel really sorry for Akira, though he knows that omi sleeps around, and yuichi, because i can't help but think that he's crushing for sen and would't like sen sleeping with someone else...

Aaaaagh I so hope that I'm not into the wrong ship. I really love this story and think the author does a great job! I can't tell at all who will end up with whom, so far, which is great! I'm exited to see how it will proceed, and will love the story anyway.. but still.. it would break my heart a bit if omi and sen end up in an relationship^^'

Sorry for this, but I needed some space for my fangirl frustrations.
Happy Birthday then!!!<3 I wish you all the best
Will his "alter ego" awake again? And remind him of that "incident" with this one friend (whose name I forgot) again? Remind him that he isn't or rather doesn't want to be gay/disappoint his father? I'm really afraid right now, cause I agree: this seems to good to be true. He was introduced as a totally messed up character after all. But I hope I've also just read too much drama, and that he wont make precious Daniel cry ;^;