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And the battle continues.
Thank you patreon supporters!
Shouldn't the energy transfer at least keep him stable? Maybe he's bleeding from somewhere else?
Play with me, said she.
@Algorev: In what manner do you think it doesn't support it? The umlauts appear correct to me.
I have no need of refuse! Said Abendroth.
Show of hands, how many people noticed that Elena had something up her sleeves when she was getting dressed?

Spielen = Play
Du Schlampe! Ich zieh dir das Fell ├╝ber die Ohren! = You slut! I'm going to flay you alive!
Ich will sie lebend! = I want her alive!

German translation courtesy of Paul Eberhardt
This guy's kind of pretentious, isn't he?
Thanks again to my patreon supporters, you help keep this comic going.
Her argument is solid, she does have a leg to stand on.
Pawn takes pawn. Chapter 26.
People in general need manuals.
Last page of chapter 25.
Vampire politics. I'm tired. Can't think of anything worthwhile to say.
@Tepig16: Duct tape. It fixes everything. It's like the Force; it has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together.
I wonder if Jupiter's parts are human equivalents, except they're are made from inorganic materials or if his anatomy is just so different that there's no comparison.
Nuts to being cryptic, I say!
There's more than two important faces in this crowd. You might even find Waldo if you look hard enough.
Hopefully someone saw that and agrees.
In this page, instead of 'sorry!'she's supposed to say 'tschuldigung! which would stand out because it`s Deutsche, not Romanian (or whatever dialect was spoken at the time).
It seems I've made a rather embarrassing mistake in naming. Alastair's name was misspelled. When I originally looked up names for characters, I was looking for ye olde spellings. In this case it was Alastair. I think we can maybe chop any differences up to accents? Maybe?
She's got a leg up on everyone else.
Have you ever gotten into an argument that just kind of went nowhere due to vastly different points of view, you try to leave it but still end up being decried as the villain? Nothing to do with today's page, just a weird discussion I had where I disagreed about a character with someone.