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artificer urza
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All the text in parentheses is originally in Italian, but since I figured you'd like to understand what's being said, I had it in English.
That's going to generate some resentment. "Why could you save him and not this other guy? What kind of savior are you?"
Is there anyone out there who speaks/writes Hindi? Or is perhaps familiar with the language spoken in India in the early 19th century? I'd like to avoid using google translate as much as possible.
But... she doesn't have sleeves...
At least he calls his attacks after he's done them. Although this one seems a little under-dramatized for how visually flashy and effective it is.
@man in black: 'Shera'? Or do you mean "She Ra"? If you do, it is on my netflix list, but I'm kind of wary about it, considering they are advocating the use of child soldiers.
I finally watched the end of Voltron: Legendary Defender. Over all, pretty good only a few cringe/filler episodes in 8 seasons. The ending was ok, but I felt the last sacrifice was shoved in like someone said "oh and don't forget to kill this character."
Now, what to watch next? SO many stories, so little time.
Rebecca has finished drawing chapter 29. Just one chapter left and then volume 5 will be finished. Well, if you're not counting the extras and prep work.
It's a little late for me to say, but thanks to all the patreon supporters. I wish I could post more there for your help, but my budget is rather tight.
Maybe Jupiter will see things differently now.
You guys get that there's a passage of time here, right? A few years after the last page?
Finally got all the images back up. I just stashed them on the facebook page. I should probably have more announcements or stuff there.
Jacques can be a nice guy, interesting how she went to him for this.
The guy's a champ for a reason. At least, I hope they aren't fixing his fights. I wonder if his techniques are actual skills or are they just really quick sword slices?
There's still a ways to go, but when we've finished volume 5 Rebecca has to increase her prices. The cost of living doesn't decrease after all. I'm wondering what I can do. I've thought of creating a crowd funded thing, but would that be any better than just the patreon thing I already have? Any thoughts?
I found an interesting thing recently. Raccoon City (Resident Evil 2, remake) is Montreal (where I live). It wouldn't be the first time Montreal has gone zombie apocalypse. anada/
Alt text translation.
@Dreadogastus: Translation:
"Help me!"
"Help me, please!"
"Don't abandon me!"
Thanks to all patreon supporters.
First page of the New Year is... a flashback. The irony.