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I prefer to go with a solid plan of attack, rather than just faith that things will work out.
@Xylas_Incarnum: This is a prototype. When he tests it, he'll figure out that the reload time would be an issue and then look into improving it. You can't expect perfection right off the bat, especially during the design phase.
Time to show the kid some real magic.
He had the spark of creation for a bit, but he let's it go so easily.
If he's offering materials, I say take 'em! He's offering to make an investment.
That's the spirit of innovation. Do not let yourself be hung up on conventional ways of doing things. Breakthroughs come through experimentation!
artificer urza
August 18th, 2017
Nobody here but us vengeful ghosts. Maybe a poltergeist or two.
artificer urza
August 16th, 2017
It's a nice day, bright and shiny skies and then BOOM! Ominousness.
Not much to say comic wise, so I'll tell con stories!
Are you familiar with RWBY? I went to a couple of panels related to the show and started a pun war in one of them. I said Cinder's victory was Pyrrhic. Well, if you know the show, you'd get it. Kara Eberle was a gues, she voices Weiss Schnee on the show. It was her birthday recently and in her words, she's one year older and one year 'Weiss'-er.
The Comte exits stage right!
Had a good time at Otakuthon this past weekend. Met some voice actors (Cherami Leigh, Amanda C Miller, Kevin M Connolly and Kara Eberle), attended some panels had good food and generally had fun time.
@Coldesta: That's a suspiciously specific denial.
Bernadette really does have a motherly disposition. Must be all the little ones around her.
Going to be at Otakuthon this weekend in Montreal. Still no booth to sell books though.
And Jupiter knows Otto.
Bernadette gets it. Lamia is the Greek boogeyman.
As for Gods, Tyche (or Fortuna, if you're Roman) is my preferred Goddess.
It's still Wednesday, So I'm still on time. Despite computer troubles.
Most Greek stories have this lesson: do not piss off the gods.
Sorry I'm late. Internet troubles. Enjoy Angela's story telling and the stylised art.
Speaking of travel, I'm going to be on vacation for two weeks. I'll have it set up for pages to post automatically. See you when I get back.
All's well that ends in fiery explosions of luck induced lightning.
Sleepovers! Nightgowns! Cute girls!Hair pulling!
“Yeah! And we can paint our nails and try out clothes and talk about cute boys like tall, blond and… scraggly over there.”
—Weiss, responding to Ruby’s offer to go shopping