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artificer urza
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Don't think, feel.
@MercenaryX: Honestly, the fact that's it's being posted now is entirely coincidental. I like the timing, yes, but still not intended.
As long as a ghoul's vocal cords haven't rotted, they are still capable of speech and they are smart enough to repeat things they've heard.
Happy Halloween.
Not enough public drama. Then again, I haven't read any other stories by you, so I don't know if you go for the whole anti-climatic ending.
Has anyone read the Vampire: The Masquerade's book of Nod? Just me?
A little glimpse into the secret society of vampires.
I hope my Canadian readers will have a great Thanksgiving this weekend.
@racecar: Remember that 2-page spread with all the ghouls and the vampire priest? That's really all that awaits them.
@MercenaryX: From pages 7 to 13 it's Elena (the warrior nun who got captured), not Bernadette or Angela.
@MercenaryX: Can you imagine being a prisoner in your own body? Aware of everything but unable to do anything and just watch as you are either someone else's slave or a slave to your body's instincts?
Maybe that body holds more than one person? Or Jupiter is a gestalt entity?
Remember how it was said that the one who made them can control their ghouls? Do keep in mind that ghouls are still corpses, despite how ambulatory they may seem. They still rot (and stink). Measures have to be taken to preserve them.
Wouldn't it be funny if he later found out that he killed a townsperson who was going out to get help or something?
I know this is a serious moment and it foretells doom and all, but his face reminds me of grumpy cat.
@MercenaryX: It's a "meanwhile, over the next few nights". I was worried the transition would seem too sudden. Guess I was right.
How... Entrepreneurial of him.
Kind of hard to fight when most of your troops are half dead.
@MercenaryX: Sometimes you just have to wait for a person to do a thing.
Translation in the hover over, though I think you can guess what she's saying.
In other news: ANATHEMA VOLUME 5 IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! ck/product-24205445.html

I still need to set up vol 4 & 5 for digital purchase though. So much to do, so little time.
@MercenaryX: Nope. Decades of mental conditioning through physical and mental abuse and drugs.