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I wonder if Tom will realize gramps can't take those shots like he used to?
And now back to Angela and crew in a completely different location.
@Algorev: Fire is dangerous to everybody. Some are more flammable than others.
@Algorev: Is French your first language or something you are studying?
Splitting up the party is not standard procedure. Happy Valentines Day.
@Algorev: They're born that way.
@Algorev: Online reader? Anything and everything aside form the comic page is provided by smackjeeves itself.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donates to the comic on Patreon. Every dollar helps. I've posted some designs for an upcoming chapter for patrons.
@kokirikid: Bishop Lacivius? Nah, he's dead. Headshot, brains splattered.
Back to the present. Well, relative present. It’s still 1810 or so there.
He's gonna blow, take cover!
emotional equivalent of a nut shot.
Ominous, isn't it?
@Coldesta: There are things worse than death.
Sometimes running away seems like the easiest solution.
artificer urza
January 10th, 2018
Should have saved the exposition for a safe location.
So can you guess whose flashback this is?
@man in black: How suggestive.
New year, new chapter, new page. A year starting with all news. At previous times in my life I look back and I just feel disgusted at myself (not over anything in particular, just unreasonable self-loathing). Let's try something different today; I'm quite a fortunate person. I have a full time job I enjoy and the pay is enough to pay Rebecca to draw Anathema. I found an artist who is consistent, reliable and really dang good at what she does. I live in a home where the rent is affordable and I don't have to worry about much and I get a lot of privacy and personal space. Yeah, let's try this for now, see how it goes.
artificer urza
December 30th, 2017
Glowy red lights and what looks like a detonator. Oh that is not good...