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Alt text translation.
@Dreadogastus: Translation:
"Help me!"
"Help me, please!"
"Don't abandon me!"
Thanks to all patreon supporters.
First page of the New Year is... a flashback. The irony.
That is an absurdly large sewer. Did they build the city on top of dungeon ruins?
@Toxicodendron: One way or another, he's still feeling nostalgic about being crucified.
How nostalgic, said he. Nice christmas page, huh?
@man in black: *hint* there's hover over text for this page.
Do you recognize the pawn Jacques is holding?
I'm the one who has designed the chapter covers, the ones with the chess motifs. Normally I just let Rebecca do her own thing for them, but this time, I felt a particular imagery was necessary.
There will be a page on the 26th, so be sure to come in and see.
@Introverted Chaos: You're right. I should have had it completely overcast with no stars or moon to provide light.
Who is riding that mysterious carriage? What is Angela planning? Will Bernadette ever get a clue? Find out next chapter on Anathema!
And I finally fixed the navigation buttons. The images were hosted on my site, so when that went down, so did the images.
@yuugi: If she were hugging him like that, his face would be in her chest. Regardless of his intentions he'd be labeled a pervert.
That's the problem with getting attached to mortal things when you are immortal or at least more long lived; they die and you have to watch them. Unless you run away.
And if their positions were reversed, they'd call him a pervert.
I did all kinds of research for this. Mostly just finding the line in the Bible and then getting someone to translate it.
@tryingtobewitty: I have no idea how that happened. It's fixed now.
So that prickly personality he was affecting earlier must have been to keep people at a distance.
So, after 10 years of sending Rebecca money drafts to pay for her work, her bank has decided they won't accept them anymore because they say it's lacking a signature or something. My bank says nothing like that should be necessary. So now we're trying direct deposit electronically. Because between the weather in the states and the postal strike here, I have no guarantees of getting her a physical draft.
I guess if things go wrong here, my only other option is paypal. But if things go wrong with this at this point that's going to be a lot of time, money and effort spent to get Rebecca what she is owed. Tyche, please smile on this endeavor and let it be a benevolent smile.
Yep, you scout it out first. You only charge in recklessly when something really big with nasty teeth is chasing you.