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Speaking of travel, I'm going to be on vacation for two weeks. I'll have it set up for pages to post automatically. See you when I get back.
All's well that ends in fiery explosions of luck induced lightning.
Sleepovers! Nightgowns! Cute girls!Hair pulling!
“Yeah! And we can paint our nails and try out clothes and talk about cute boys like tall, blond and… scraggly over there.”
—Weiss, responding to Ruby’s offer to go shopping
Chapter 24 cover.
This chapter marks the end of volume 4. You can buy it and see the extras here: /product-23088057.html
Final page of chapter 23.
Payment is made.
Those goons are so dead.
This kind of gives the feelings that the kidnappers are in deep doodoo and don't even realise it.
Dun dun DUN!
Despite the fact that she's tied up, I think her position is still good enough to mock Steve.
I was just wondering where did she get that soda?
The exchange rate is getting worse. I'm very thankful for my patreon which helps mitigate some of the cost.
As always, donations are always appreciated and I've put up some stuff as rewards.
Watched Madoka Magica Rebellion this past weekend. So depressing...
This page is not depressing, however.
It's like she hasn't seen him in years. =P
Time's a wasting.
Oh Bernadette, you are such a fangirl.
All you need is opportunity.
Why say anything, when a look says so much?
Look at all the pretty people... abandoning Bernadette. Eh, she's a grown woman, she can take care of herself.
Huh... page 19 out on the 19th of April. Funny coincidence that. Happens sometimes.
Tears? Why tears?