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@MercenaryX: It's a "meanwhile, over the next few nights". I was worried the transition would seem too sudden. Guess I was right.
How... Entrepreneurial of him.
Kind of hard to fight when most of your troops are half dead.
@MercenaryX: Sometimes you just have to wait for a person to do a thing.
Translation in the hover over, though I think you can guess what she's saying.
In other news: ANATHEMA VOLUME 5 IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! ck/product-24205445.html

I still need to set up vol 4 & 5 for digital purchase though. So much to do, so little time.
@MercenaryX: Nope. Decades of mental conditioning through physical and mental abuse and drugs.
German dialogue by Romaric Barreteau and Eva-Maria Deiß

Warum sie? Was ist so besonders an ihr? Sie ist hässlich, dreckig und stinkt…
(Why her? What’s so special about her? She’s ugly… filthy… dirty…)

Er wird mich fallen lassen… nein nein… das kann er nicht tun! Ich bin sein… ich, ich brauche ihn…
(He’ll throw me away… no no… he can’t… I’m his… I need him…)

Wenn sie doch bloß nicht da wäre. Wenn sie verschwinden würde. Wenn sie… sterben würde…
(If she weren’t here… If she were gone… If she died…)

Sie, sie griff mich an. Ich verteidigte mich selbst und sie zerbrach wie ein wertloser Gegenstand in meinen Händen.
(She, she attacked me. I defended myself and she broke in my hands like a worthless thing/item in my hands).

ZORN: Er wird mir vergeben. Er wird bei mir bleiben. Er wird mich lieben.
(He’ll forgive me. He’ll keep me. He’ll love me.)
They're both making excuses. The difference is Ganon is against her while Link is for her.
Given the fashions, there are a lot of things that to us would seem fairly conventional, but to them would be highly scandalous.
Elena is up, in another part of the mansion and not alone.
Almost sounds like Gungnir, which is Odin's spear. Often used as the name for a doomsday weapon project. Probably of no relation whatsoever.
You remember that guy Mia tackled back in chapter 25? That's who she's talking about.
@Zimeta08: Doesn't need to be human children. Blue is a good first child for Otto.
Abendroth likes to show off his doll collection.
His eyes almost looks like he's going blind. I could say something else about that, but...
Do any of you play Fate Grand Order? How lucky do you consider yourselves? Yesterday I got Sherlock Holmes (5* Ruler) through a free summon ticket. My fourth 5* gotten through a free summon ticket..
And this month we're working on compiling Volume 5 together and extras. So volume 5 should be available for purchase in August.
On the one hand, yes, that's true, but on the other, does that make it acceptable?
@DrunkenNordmann: Given how long vampires live, it might very well be THE Guan Yu. But, honestly, would you tell someone who could crush you very easily that they aren't who they say they are?
@man in black: And his lordship is lapping it up.