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artificer urza
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Would like a pronunciation guide for their names.
In Croatian and Slovenian lore, a person born with a caul (piece of placenta covering their face) was destined to become either a Kudlak or a Kresnik. A person so destined to become a Kudlak would already begin a career of evil while still alive - his soul would leave his body at night in animal form and fly through the air to attack people or to magically do other harm to the community he lived in. Some stories say that they would become vampires or vampire-like beings. But if a person born with a caul became a Kresnik, he became a champion of the community. While he lived, his soul left his body in animal form at night to fight against both living and undead Kudlaks.

Where the Kresnik was the representative of goodness and light, the Kudlak symbolized evil and darkness.
I originally had Jacques using harsher language for this comic, but Rebecca suggested I tone it down a bit.

Speaking of rewriting, I posted a script for a comic I had written years ago. Check it out, I hope you enjoy it: 952
I'm not sure those are 'happy to see you' faces... Then again, are cuiberns expressive in a way that humans can recognize?
I'd say he was going to die soon, if he weren't such a big focus character. So it's more likely others will die in his place.
Jacques was nailed to a cross. He found it mildly inconvenient.
Jupiter must have accumulated a lot of regrets and mistakes over his lifetime.
Not a friendly Undine...
Jacques admits he is a monster and then adds that he is a monster because he is human. And on the first page of the month too.
That isn't a "happy to see you" face.
That's not Elena, but Jacques doesn't seem to mind.
@dracone: Always intend your puns!
It's like Jupiter thinks he's undeserving of making human connections.
Years? How long have they known each other?
Jacques isn't the kind of guy to send a finger in the mail. He'll go the whole way and send you the head. Kind of like The Godfather, except with humans instead of horses.
Jacques calls 'em like he sees 'em.
Thanks to all patrons for your donations!
Why lie when the truth is so much more fun?
That is certainly more convenient than having it in hand whenever you need it.
Jacques knows how to strut his stuff.