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It's always more than that. How else would we differentiate ourselves from beasts unless there was some intangible, self-determined quality that we possessed?
Even Bernadette can tell they are being beckoned.
So was this one actually dispatched or another one who just happened to be passing by? And where are the protectorate people?
Cute snek. Snek wanted to 'asp' me a question. Snek wanted to know if I could 'adder' to the comic.
artificer urza
October 3rd, 2017
I'm sure he was looking for a sign.
Did we learn nothing from the last mishap?
@Dreadogastus: And I appreciate it. You should be able to access all the previous things I posted there. I think. I'm not sure how patreon works in that regard.
He might have hit a vein with that shot and it'll bleed out eventually, but 'eventually' wouldn't be fast enough.
She's so shocked that emotion is showing on her face... dang.
Greek country side. Has anyone visited there? I got references, but still.

Had to bring my cat to see a vet about cleaning his teeth. Not cheap, so I'll have to forgo commissioning pages in October. I'm going to see if I can commission other things though, like posters. Since I have a nice hefty backlog, I can still post pages at the regular times, there will be no disruptions.
If you want to help the comic financially, any donations through Patreon are welcome.
@dracone: I almost forgot about that one. I really want to track Outlaw Star down so I can watch it in its entirety.
Doesn't Jinny have the cutest ideas? She even imagines wolf-Angela wearing a hat.
Looks like the lights are on but nobody is home.
It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.
Something about this just screams 'trap' to me.
And now our heroines are in Greece or thereabouts.
I hope everyone is staying safe out there with all the hurricanes, flooding and general bad weather. Rebecca had assured me that she and her family were outside the hurricane's path, so they should be fine.
I'ma firin' mah lazorz!
What kind of batteries does Jupiter run on?
Monster incursions aren't commonplace, are they?
artificer urza
September 8th, 2017
Maybe he needs the angst-splosion? Or she's just making things much worse.
The dead have no need of arms or armour. Why let it sit there and rot? Another adventurer team is just as likely to come along and pick it up anyway.