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Oracles were called "Frenzied women from whose lips the god speaks" and were found all over the world in many different cultures. Delphi is certainly the most famous, but there were also Oracles at Dodona, Trophonius and Menestheus. It is theorized that Oracles had their visions because of gases which combined with other materials the Oracles had with them. They were often depicted holding a laurel sprig in one hand and a bowl with liquid in the other.
Authentic Greek translation by Anthoula Moudilos.
He seems far more... eloquent than he was before and during the fight.
Presenting the oracle.
Need to work on your inspirational speeches Caldwell. Keep 'em simpler.
Yes, the 'town' is tiny and the temple is huge.
Our topwebcomics stuff has been updated, so vote here:
And Rebecca has some Anathema related stuff on her tumblr account.
@D: The sort who is trying to get more than a mere servant? One whose loyalty is more assured?
@DarknessShallFall: I don't know how to feel about my comic being used to terrorize siblings...
Hope you haven't gotten sick on too much candy. I posted a new wallpaper for patreons. I'm also working on getting some new stuff up for Top Web Comics
He got loads of intel about her, but he probably doesn't even realize it and doesn't have the psychological training to figure it out.
When you absolutely positively have to scare the beejeezus out of people emerge from a pile of writhing, slithering snakes.
It's always more than that. How else would we differentiate ourselves from beasts unless there was some intangible, self-determined quality that we possessed?
Even Bernadette can tell they are being beckoned.
So was this one actually dispatched or another one who just happened to be passing by? And where are the protectorate people?
Cute snek. Snek wanted to 'asp' me a question. Snek wanted to know if I could 'adder' to the comic.
artificer urza
October 3rd, 2017
I'm sure he was looking for a sign.
Did we learn nothing from the last mishap?
@Dreadogastus: And I appreciate it. You should be able to access all the previous things I posted there. I think. I'm not sure how patreon works in that regard.
He might have hit a vein with that shot and it'll bleed out eventually, but 'eventually' wouldn't be fast enough.
She's so shocked that emotion is showing on her face... dang.