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Good goals! :3
About a tattoo: it's good to think long and hard about this! Make sure you find a good artist as well. It's good to find someone who's talent you like and you should contact them in advance so you can plan things out. Uhm, it might get a bit expensive, though ^_^;

I'd love to be able to see you do another webcomic, though I'm a bit worried about it delaying Rain updates. I mean, it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, and you shouldn't worry about that too much (especially at first), but I do need my fix of Ky every once in a while! But yeah, Nuzlockes are cool :3

I'm pretty happy to see you confirm that you make Rain "for a living", as I've always been unsure of this. It's nice to see :3 I'm quite curious what your biggest sources of income are when it comes to the webcomic?
November 16th, 2016
@Barnarnar: Hmm, I'm having more luck. All the Google results I get are "what is a deadname" and "why I don't refer to people by their deadname", with one "Why I still use my deadname to refer to myself in the past" in between. There might be something unpleasant about your Google browsing history that the algorithms think you want to see harrassment sites ^_^;
November 16th, 2016
Surely, Rain will change her name to Jocelyn, and then the whole webcomic will change its name to Jocelyn (or "Jocelyn LGBT" on this website). And then everything will be perfect.
Just played through the game. Hadn't heard of it before you showed it here. Nice game, enjoyed it quite a lot. I think I completely missed Frallan, though 0.o
I just ended up marrying Sadbloom, because why not. I wanted to give them more sunlight.
I suddenly want to be out just so that I can have Ky on my everything.
What kind of surgery could that have possibly been!

Oh God, we're now all talking about Rain on the Discord and this comment section is becoming completely quiet :(
I only really hate looking at the last panel... Though at least Channel is bringing some comedic relief..

But yeah, it may not be your artistically strongest page, but it still looks perfectly good. Panel 5 looks amazing, honestly, and the faces in the final panel are really well done!
This is already one of my favorite pages ^_^
Ooh, I was looking forward to this conversation. Didn't expect it so soon :3 This is not exactly a field that gets explored a lot in fiction, so I very happy to finally see someone go at it!
They are very cute, but I am very worried. I wonder who will figure it out first. Well, Fara, quite probably, but after that.
Puddle actually visually moving in the comic is actually quite a groundbreaking landmark (landbreaking groundmark? :p). This was the moment we have all been waiting for.

Anyway, girls: just tell Rudy. You have to trust him if you want to trust anyone at school.
This picture is perfect, and you're a beautiful weeb, Jocelyn ^_^
@v ^-^: I'm glad I could help! Rain really deserves being on your shelf. The power of webcomics :3
@v ^-^: Yosh - I actually had to search for a bit to find it:
A rough draft? That's new. I like it, though :p I'm curious to see how the cover itself will look compared to this.

Somewhat unrelatedly, I wrote a way too positive review on my blog about Rain. It's kinda boring because this is one of my favorite webcomics (so it's hard to say anything really interesting about it), but I thought you might like seeing it.
This is the kind of page some webcartoonists may refer to as "an excellent friday comic".

Dat cliffhanger :3
@Chandelure: I love your work on this; this is really great! ^_^
@Chandelure: Worry less about Emily getting among the main cast and more about Kylie! *Ahem*

@Aroace127: Each number represents the amount of times the character has appeared. Here, Rain has appeared in 465 distinct pages, while Ellen has appeared in only eleven pages.

The idea is that you can figure out the importance of a character in the plot by counting how often they appear.
@Chandelure: I suppose Ryan the totally normal guy is a completely different character.
@Guest: I have book 3, so I wouldn't mind counting the character appearances in that extra chapter, but I wouldn't feel like it's worth the effort if the other books aren't checked as well.

Regardless, I think what you did is awesome :3 And it's a shame that we've only had the delight of seeing Kylie 35 times thus far.
And we need more Holly and Puddle ^_^