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I like Kuri too! I don't think she's gonna be a bad guy forever.
Ah yes, the Internets, the bane of my existance.
Oh, snap!
It wouldn't be very exciting if they stayed put.
Haven't been here in a while. O.o I like Hillari's longer hair. She looks totally bad ass.
Oh my god, it's our world!
So... is Arceus god?

When's this chapter over, I might do a gag strip?
Haven't been here in a while. o.O

What's up?

But seriously, wow.
That's so cute! =P P is for Pikachu!
Behind her hand.
Where did Sting go!?
Not excellent, elite.
I love it when tables turn.
I would find it funny if she hadn't mispelled "pwn." T.T
Your comic is indeed 1337.
I think I get it. They're creating Mewthree. The way it was set up in the comic lead me to believe that the group was buried in snow, and were rescued by scary people. So, Mr. Shadow would have his greatest creation returning to him.
I knew he was going to evolve soon! He's even more cuddly and 1337 than before!

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-- Wait. Better not do that again.
Bryan kinda looks like-- *Has a sudden heart attack*

Am I aloud to say his name?
Am I the only one here who doesn't consider Kuri a villain?
Oo, Jaws looks very good!

I forgot that Hillari had Pokemon O.o