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Some short stories from the world of Alkahest, a universe of magic and a multitude of cultures. These stories aren't a part of the main story line, rather snippets into the lives of non-main characters.
Posted every Sunday

On hiatus until mid April! Thank you for your patience!
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I'm primarily happy with this page, though I wish I had enough Copic colors so I wouldn't have to enhance the atmosphere I'm going for digitally xD
@Arison: Thank you very much!! ^_^
Day-early update: It came up a little faster than I thought! Turns out Alkahest Shorts is one year old! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my random, slice-of-life moments of these characters. Please look forward to more!
The last two panels were done after my long hiatus, so a few of the colors are off in Cleia's sleeves and skirt. Whoops! xD
And finally fully colored! :D Noriko's story has started. ;)
Need a bit more time to color in the cover, so here's an ink of it! First page up next Sunday! Thanks for reading!
And Blythe's story finishes with a happier aunt, but a suspicious cousin. ;)
Chu Hua isn't buying the rationale...
Rude awakening this morning!

Really happy with how the sunrise came out in charcoal in the first panel. ^_^
I'm really happy with how the ripples on the puddles came out. ^_^
Not a very convincing agreement from Uncle Rong...
I searched how to spell "chrysanthemums" several times, but writing it now, spell-check on here now tells me I still wrote it wrong... Argh!
Always a bit awkward to see something no one else can...
And the blue swirl is revealed!